10 Beloved Disney Characters Who Are Actually Kinda Mean

How many of us can honestly say we don’t have at least one favorite Disney character? The magical empire has been creating spawns of wonder since the 1920s and we still can’t get enough. Some of us enjoy our princesses, others enjoy the various anthropomorphic animals that frequent Disney’s theme parks, and the rest enjoy a bit of everything.

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Hero, villain, princess, or pirate, Disney has made some of the most beloved characters on earth. But even the cheeriest of faces have their limits. Sometimes the most delightful of creatures can be an absolute pain in the patella. Think we’re wrong? Have a look at 10 Disney characters with a serious mean streak.

10 Donald Duck

What better way to get our list started than getting the most obvious character out of the way? We’re talking about the original angry bird with some seriously nuclear temper tantrums. Who gets stuck with all the bad luck? No one but Donald Duck!

Donald’s explosive temper is one of his most defining features, and he’s been one mad mallard since 1934. Not only are his rantings and ravings incredibly volatile, but his violent outbursts can also cause some major destruction in the process. He’s definitely not someone we’d like to provoke easily.

9 Grumpy

Every team of pals needs a tough guy, right? Well, Grumpy is one of the Disney originals, and he lives by his namesake. For almost the entirety of the film, Grumpy is set with a permanent scowl and a sour attitude. He takes jabs left and right at his fellow dwarfs and even wants to kick Snow White out upon first meeting her.

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Grumpy probably isn’t exactly the best representative of the happiest place on earth, but he’s still a lovable curmudgeon. Snow White can certainly melt through that stone-cold exterior any day of the week.

8 Peter Pan

He might be a magical little boy in green tights, but Pan the Man definitely has a razor edge underneath that charming smile. Even if we put the original version aside, Disney’s Peter Pan has some shadowy motives we tend to often overlook, and we’re not talking about borderline kidnapping the Darling children.

From sneaking around bedroom windows at night to emotionally manipulating his tinkling winged sidekick, Peter Pan isn’t all fun and games. Do we also need to mention that he mercilessly cut a guy’s hand off and threw it to a crocodile right in front of him? Things get a bit dark once the pixie dust settles, don’t they?

7 Oswald

We’re not gonna lie, we do kind of sympathize with Oswald’s plight in the first Epic Mickey game. How would you feel if you had to live in the shadow of Mickey Mouse for most of your life? Still, Oswald wasn’t exactly all smiles when he was finally introduced to his more successful counterpart.

Upon our first introduction to Oswald, he’s not exactly happy to see that Mickey has come onto his turf — far from it, actually. Oswald’s short temper and jealous nature are duly noted right out of the gate. It’s only after we dive further into the Wastelands that we see the consequences of the mouse’s magical meddling.

6 Rabbit

Sure, he’s one of the cute and cuddly residents of the Hundred Acre Wood, but Rabbit isn’t exactly what we’d call the most welcoming member of the Pooh crew. He’s a bit on the crotchety side and heaven help you if you step one foot in his beloved garden.

Rabbit is the type of character that takes absolutely no guff from anyone, especially from Tigger. Rabbit is a bunny of thin patience and an even shorter fuse. In The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, he even goes to ridiculous lengths to keep his striped nemesis in line. Not exactly the kind of guy we’d expect Pooh to hang with.

5 Scrooge McDuck

He may be the richest duck in the world, but he didn’t get that way by sharing his wealth. Though Scrooge is smarter than the smarties and tougher than the toughies, he’s also a bit of a skinflint and a miser similar to the Dickensian character that inspired him.

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It’s not only greed that warrants Mr. McD on our list, but his flint-sharp personality and dagger-like wit. He’s tightfisted as can be, but sometime’s he’s a bit hard-hearted. As much as we love him, Scrooge isn’t the easiest nut to crack. Even in the DuckTales reboot, he’s hard to open up.

4 Woody

Woody is one of the most popular toys in Andy’s room, but his jealous side is nothing short of toxic. Our favorite cowboy has shown the lengths he’ll go to for a little extra playtime in both the first and fourth entries into the Toy Story franchise. This may be hard to hear, but Woody has some issues.

It’s no secret that he has a bit of a power complex and that anything that comes between him and his owner is at risk of being a target, but what might surprise you is how devious Woody can be. Anyone who’s seen the “Black Friday Reel” knows that. Remember, he did knock Buzz out of the window.

3 Timon

Speaking of small characters with big egos, no one fits that description better than Timon. Granted, most of the guy’s loud and obnoxious attitude comes from the legendary Nathan Lane, but sometimes Timon’s snarky and cynical nature can get a bit sharp for some viewers’ tastes.

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While Timon is one half of Disney’s dynamic duo, but sometimes he gets even past Pumbaa’s patience with some of his antics. Timon’s brassy and blunt demeanor can be a source of some seriously good humor, but can also veer towards insulting when the desire arises.

2 The Beast

Yes, he’s a big softy underneath the fangs and fur, but what some people forget is that there was a reason he was turned into the Beast in the first place. Before Belle tamed his ferocious heart, he was a spoiled, arrogant, and brutish animal locked away in his castle.

Taking a young woman’s father, constantly frightening her, and keeping her in a creepy castle isn’t exactly the way we’d start a relationship, but it worked for this ’90s Disney classic. Belle definitely had her work cut out for her when taming with this walking carpet.

1 Stitch

Stitch is easily one of the most beloved Disney characters in all of their media, definitely in their top ten at the very least. But beneath that cute and fluffy exterior is a creature designed to be “irresistibly drawn to large cities where he’ll back up plumbing, reverse street signs, and steal everyone’s left shoe.”

Jumba’s analysis aside, Stitch is capable of causing major damage if properly provoked. Even in his own spin-off series, the little ball of blue can’t stay out of trouble. Not only that, but he’s the only Disney character we know to vandalize Cinderella’s castle. Take it from us, mayhem is this guy’s favorite pastime.

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