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Dance is reflected on television and film as an artistic element that allows interesting stories to develop through movement.

All the specialties in the world of dance manage to transmit an additional passion, which is reflected on the screen and makes the spectator live through the characters. There are many great productions that have stayed with dance lovers forever: everyone knows that ‘nobody puts Baby in a corner’ (Dirty Dancing), that work and passion are indispensable elements (Flashdance), that talent breaks down stereotypes (Billy Elliot) and have enjoyed the presence on the big screen of excellent dancers like Mikhail Baryshnikov.

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Dance lovers not only enjoy watching live shows, they also tend to look to television and movies for stories in which the characters flow along with the music. So that dance fans don’t miss out on anything, Netflix has a great selection of productions on its platform, which viewers can watch at any time.

10 Let’s Dance (5.9)

Those who are attracted to hip-hop and dance-battle movies, will love Netflix’s new production set in France. In the story you can enjoy wars of musical genres, where ballet and hip hop can find the perfect union point.

The film shows betrayals, broken alliances, the rejection of convention and of course a love story set in the best city to fall in love. The plot emphasizes passion and how to live it through dance, trying to make every movement make sense and allow the audience to enjoy a complete show.

9 Battle (6.0)

A free dance style makes Amelia understand new ways to relate to her art. The film is based on Maja Lunde’s book and takes place in Oslo, where a radical change in lifestyle makes Amelia develop her talent to the fullest, not without first going through complicated situations.

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Battle is inspired by classics, in which dance is very much present in a story where it is not only about art, but also explores ambition, social differences and romance. Although the film is targeted at a younger audience, anyone who enjoys dancing can identify with the plot.

8 Alive and Kicking (6.7)

The culture of the swing dance style is revealed through this American documentary, which follows professional dancers through different competitions around the world. The film shows an international community, with real stories told on camera with a sense of intimacy and support.

Alive and Kicking is an exaltation of joy, but contrasted with the reality of the people dancing and modern society. Comradeship is essential for this group of people who share triumphs, defeats, joys and passion, where human warmth is more important than luxury and fame.

7 Center Stage (6.7)

A group of ballet students must prove their worth at the American Ballet Academy, to realize the dream of entering the most prestigious companies. The fiction features performances by professional dancers such as Amanda Schull, Ethan Stiefel, Sascha Radetsky and Julie Kent, so many of the choreographies demonstrate the true work of the dancers with a lifetime of preparation in ballet.

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The drama takes place in New York and is wrapped in music of various styles, which allows for the exploration of choreography where the dancers examine dance from various angles. It also highlights the personal problems that arise in a career with so much sacrifice, where, to reach a professional level requires a lot of hard work.

6 Leap (6.8)

Ballerina or Leap! is a French computer-animated film, with the Paris Opera ballet school as the main scene. The children’s film is perfect for all those kids who enjoy ballet and for all the adults who join the little ones in appreciating a good animated film.

The story follows Félicie, an orphan girl who wants to be a great dancer. She is accompanied by Victor, a very creative boy who wants to become an inventor. To achieve her dreams Félicie must find a tutor to help her, because in addition to the desire and talent, she realizes that she also needs a lot of training.

5 Dance Academy (7.0)

The film continues the story of Australia’s popular Dance Academy series, which followed the life of a group of teenagers as they studied to become ballet dancers. The film focuses on a personal journey, where the protagonist (Tara) has to understand what she wants for her life, accept her reality and let go the things that hold her back.

Dance Academy shows a very real scenario, where rejection is very common and injuries can end all the years of hard work. When all her friends seem to be living their dreams, Tara must rethink her life and make important decisions, that can change the path she had planned since she was a child.

4 Restless Creature: Wendy Whelan (7.1)

The famous dancer of the New York City Ballet, Wendy Whelan, opens her soul to reveal the difficult decision to stop dancing. The documentary was filmed in the last year of her career at the prestigious company, where board decisions and injuries began to affect her.

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With 30 years of professional career, plus all the years of learning during childhood, it is clear that dance is her life and she does not know how to separate herself from this identity. Whelan goes through a process of frustration and acceptance to find a new purpose, but always linked to dance. During the documentary, the dancer struggles with all her strength to return to the stage after a hip operation, which makes her doubt her abilities, but after facing the pain she is allowed to retire as one of the greatest dancers of all time.

3 Girl (7.2)

The Belgian drama shows the difficult reality that a transsexual girl is going through, who is not only undergoing hormonal treatment, but must fight to become a dancer, in the face of the harassment she suffers from her classmates because she is different from them.

It’s difficult for Lara, at 16, to accustom her body to working in a different way and her feet to wearing the pointe shoes, but she tries in spite of all the problems that arise. Director Lukas Dhont was inspired by the story of the dancer Nora Monsecour and the idea was hanging around his head until he was able to make it happen a few years later.

2 Yeh Ballet (7.6)

The newly discovered talent of two teenagers, by a ballet teacher, triggers a series of conflicts over intolerance, religious prejudice and class disparity in a society like Mumbai. The fiction captures the beauty of dance, but also explores the depths of the struggle faced by all those who dare to do anything beyond what is dictated by social and cultural conventions.

Netflix’s original film delivers many messages for those who are pursuing their dreams, hoping to break through all barriers to achieve their goals, and are facing unfamiliar situations in new locations that allow them to develop a stronger career.

1 I Dream of Dance (7.6)

Undoubtedly, a documentary that inspires and transmits a unique energy is I Dream of Dance, where each person shows an immense passion for dance, especially Denise Wall, who makes the lives of children change through dance, motivating them to be better, at every step, regardless of the sacrifices.

Incredible dancers are appearing on screen every second, those preparing to compete and celebrities like Allison Holker, tWitch and Stacey Tookey, who have inspired many to perfect the art and overcome obstacles. Also present in the documentary is Denise’s son, Travis Wall, who is an Emmy winner and well known in the dance world for his great artistic beauty and quality.

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