10 Hilarious Lord Of The Rings Logic Memes That Are Too Funny

So, the Lord of the Rings series is very popular. You might have heard of it – it did run away with all the Oscars there were and grossed billions in dollars. With an audience so enormously big, it would have been insane had there not been memes concerning this franchise.

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Unlike other fandoms, though, The Lord of the Rings fans are rather insane in their fanboyism and consider nothing from the series to be bad. This makes our job setting these 10 memes up for you easy since you know the logic applied in them is all in good fun.

10 His Worst Nightmare

After carrying the ring over to Mount Doom during the course of the series, you can bet your bottom dollar that Frodo had had enough of rings in general. He’d probably do any job in the world than carry another ring around, so if this is what Aragorn had asked of him, we’d have seen Frodo lose his mind.

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Then again, this is an epic trolling of the highest order, making us feel it’s a shame that Aragorn really didn’t ask Frodo to be the ring bearer for his wedding. Can you imagine the hissy fit Frodo would have thrown up?

9 We’re Old Now

The kicker is the realization that we’re one of the older ones left, as the current generation of kids (actually, even this generation aren’t really kids anymore) don’t know what it was like when The Lord of the Rings came out.

These youngsters have only known the series through discovering the movies in reruns or watching it online. For our generation, memes weren’t even a thing when the films came out, but we did start building up the memes when the time came for it – we’re the forefathers of the Lord of the Rings meme history, if you will.

8 Fans Don’t Change Either

Fans were utterly immature where the final season of Game of Thrones was considered and lambasted the series for every minute detail in its end. This hate was all pretty lame and resulted in this meme where a fan claims Game of Thrones changed for the worse.

The meme also conveyed the mindset of a normal Lord of the Rings fan, by showing us how these people can never feel as if the series let them down. Even if they had lifespans lasting hundreds of years, the fans will feel the same way about the series as they did the first time they watched the movies.

7 One Way To Look At It

Now wouldn’t this be something, watching The Lord of the Rings all in reverse? We wouldn’t put past ardent fans to even go through with something of this sort either since they’re known to be a very dedicated bunch.

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Regardless, it is weirdly a very fun idea that’s suggested here, considering just how long the series is. We could potentially have on our hands a new franchise, one that begins on a somber note and ends in the bright pastures of Hobbiton. The only drawback of this meme is that it’s now making us crave to watch a reverse version of the films.

6 Even Aragorn Loves Game Of Thrones

Had Game of Thrones been available for viewing in the Lord of the Rings universe, you can bet these boys would have dropped their quest and remained back in the shire to binge-watch all the seasons. 

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Once you get the show in your head, the world starts looking like you’re living in the Game of Thrones universe, and this must be what is going in the mind of Aragorn in the meme too. Of course, the actual meaning of the meme is how both versions of Sean Bean’s portrayals died horrible deaths, making them interchangeable to some extent.

5 In The Feels

Originally, Gimli and Legolas had low opinions of each other and would compete in battles of one-upmanship in order to come across looking like Mr. Bigshot. This is why when the time called for it and the two would admit that they had become friends, it hit us straight in the heart.

Rather than modify the dialogue that hundreds of others have done with their memes, this one has the reaction of every fan who watched this scene by the side panels. We don’t find any shame in admitting it was an emotional moment, although perhaps we didn’t break down quite as severely as the guy in the picture.

4 Even a Wizard needs to know the Time

To be fair, none of us ever noticed this big fault while we were watching the movies, because we were too busy watching people die left and right. Still, this was a huge oversight by whoever cut the movie, and we just hope the producers didn’t fire him for his mistake.

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In-universe, there might be an explanation in that Gandalf never claimed he couldn’t time travel, and perhaps he hitched a ride to the future and bought this snazzy watch for himself so he’d know the time while he battled orcs. How else do you think he came upon his “never late” speech?

3 Now That’s A Prince All Right

In the last couple years, the idea has floated around that girls shouldn’t watch things that give them the idea that only men can rescue them, making this meme one that the fanatics would love to rage over. 

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Within the context of the Lord of the Rings, however, it’s understandable why any girl would want to marry Aragorn. The guy was chiseled all around in appearance and was even the heir in line for the throne. He was the total package, and that’s way better than the guy from Tangled, who never seemed to learn how to throw a punch.

2 Always Prepared Legolas

Even someone who isn’t a fan of the series no doubt noticed how Legolas would never stand like a normal person and would pose around as if modeling for a cover shoot for Elf Magazine. 

It was never explained why Legolas was so concerned with being so flashy either; even in interviews the actor never answered questions that should have been our query of Legolas’ stance. If nothing else, we would love to believe that social media does exist in this universe and that Legolas has over a million followers to whom he broadcasts his quest live.

1 We Believe You, Chuck

It’s a shame that Chuck Norris doesn’t exist in The Lord of the Rings universe, because he would have made short work of the whole quest. Even if Chuck had fallen into the fires of Mount Doom, it would be the lava below that would have felt the intense pain of having Chuck in it. 

The golden rule on the internet that is prevalent is that nobody can walk into Mordor because Boromir said so. Well, what Boromir didn’t have a clue of was that Chuck doesn’t agree to the logic of this universe, and even logic runs away in fright from Chuck for what he might do to it.

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