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We honestly feel sad letting Thanos go; the Titan really made an impression upon us these last couple of years as the villain of the Avengers series. Since he’s done and dusted both in-universe and from the franchise, the interest in this character will wane over time for some people—but not us. 

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Those who have been impacted by Thanos the most will forever keep the Titan’s influence close to our chests, and it’s only fitting we celebrate the life he lived in the Marvel Cinematic Universe by sharing these 10 hilarious Thanos memes that only people with the sense of humor of a Titan will understand.

10 The Second Choice Wins

Before Thanos’ full role in Avengers: Infinity War, he had only been seen in one-shot appearances over the last six years. This had led to the fans terming him as a loser even before he arrived, as all his plans in The Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Avengers: Age of Ultron had resulted in failure.

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When the trailer for Infinity War arrived, fans were even scoffing at the very idea of a grape-y looking character having powers to beat Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. We didn’t get to see the reaction of whoever made this meme, but we’re certain they must have felt really silly after Thanos walked away as the winner.

9 Thanos Likes To Pirate

A majority of the movies that release on DVDs aren’t actually purchased by the viewers. It’s mainly people who have a lot of money around who can afford to buy these expensive DVDs, while most of the people watch them for free through torrent-based websites.

In the ending of Avengers: Infinity War, Thanos spoke to the child soul of Gamora, where he confessed the cost of being victorious cost him “everything.” In regards to watching the HD version of the film, though, the Titan couldn’t bother forking his money out for a DVD and settled to download it for free instead.

8 Doesn’t Count

If Thanos were to be the one to narrate the events of Avengers: Infinity War, then he would make himself out to be the protagonist rather than the villain. In his point of view, he was doing the right thing by killing trillions of people around the universe, and couldn’t fathom that people wouldn’t be grateful.

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But as the main character from Brooklyn Nine-Nine points out, even though Thanos’ ultimate motivations might have been well-intentioned, he did still commit murder. There’s no getting out of jail when you’ve managed to wipe out half of everything that’s lived, you know.

7 Even A Titan Needs His Veggies

The climax of the movie with Thor and Thanos has become one of the moments with the most memes. Here, Thor would throw Stormbreaker in Thanos’ chest, followed by Thor driving it deeper inside, causing Thanos to scream in agony.

Unfortunately for him, this image has caused him to become a big joke, as the people on the internet were quick to manipulate his picture. In this one, Thor isn’t looking to kill Thanos; rather, the God of Thunder is making sure the Titan remains healthy by eating his vegetables. We know that vegetables aren’t very tasty, but even a Titan needs good nutrition once in a while.

6 Busted!

Much interest went Deadpool 2’s way when it was announced that Josh Brolin would be playing Cable in that movie. Since that was also a Marvel character, there was obvious conflict with Thanos, the role Josh also portrayed. 

This meme imagines Cable being part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe rather than the X-Men film series, and Thanos isn’t feeling too comfy when he’s busted for having been Cable all along. For those who might be wondering where the still is from, it’s from the sketch series called Key & Peele, a show we’re suspicious might also have Thanos in disguise.

5 Avada Kedavra, As All Things Should Be

If you didn’t go much on YouTube after Avengers: Infinity War was released, then you missed out on a bevy of funny videos that inferred that Thanos was the one who killed the people dying in those videos.

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There was no other movie more perfectly placed to make it seem that Thanos was responsible than Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2, where Voldemort met his end. You’ll remember Voldy went up and evaporated upon his death, and putting it next to Thanos’ snap gives off a very accurate impression of the Snap affecting the Harry Potter world.

4 A Worthy Foe

There’s nowhere on the face of the Earth where you could go and not have a fly approach and bite you; a place like that just doesn’t exist. You could have the highest apartment in all of the city and still have a mosquito sink itself into your skin with no problems.

If Thanos was the one living the high life, then he might not have treated the mosquitoes with the disdain we give them. Thanos is a man who respects tenacity, and he just might have applauded the mosquito for approaching him. Even so, Thanos is still amused that the fly used all that effort just for a drop of blood.

3 Live Free Or Titan Hard

As Thanos became mainstream popular, there were bound to be memes poking fun at his appearance. Eventually, people always get around to comparing the subjects of memes to famous stars they resemble.

While we think Thanos more resembles Jeff Bridges from Iron Man, the creator of the meme feels otherwise, as we feast our eyes onto a Thanos and Bruce Willis crossover. It’s pretty funny to think about Bruce in that role, although it wouldn’t have been the worst thing, considering how iconic Bruce is for the action genre.

2 Illusion Shattered

Another more recent meme that has picked up momentum is the one where Thanos utters “impossible” with complete disbelief. In Avengers: Endgame, this took place when Thanos found out there were two Nebulas in 2014, deeming it as an impossible scenario.

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Since then, his reaction has been used to convey a lot of shattered beliefs we had in our lives. One of the many ones people have in common is when they found out the moon is also visible in the daylight, as schools had convinced us that the moon could only be seen at night. We bet you can still recall how impossible that felt; now you understand how Thanos was feeling in this scene.

1 Bully Thanos

The shot of Thanos and Captain America struggling against one another as Captain America holds the Titan’s hand in resistance is an iconic part of Avengers: Infinity War, so it was natural that people on the Internet would want to completely ruin the moment for everyone involved. 

Bringing new context to the moment is this narration, where it now looks as if Thanos can’t wait to make Captain America smell his stinky hands, and the Captain tries his hardest to keep himself away from the stench. Poor Cap is fighting a futile battle here, though.

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