10 Hilarious Waluigi Memes That Will Have You Saying “Wah!”

Waluigi is well-known in the gaming industry. His skinny appearance, pointed chin and edged mustache make him memorable, alongside his penchant for mischief and trouble-making. He is a part of the Mario franchise and utilizes the famous catchphrase “Wah!” He is Luigi’s rival in the same way as his partner (sometimes listed as his friend or his brother), Wario, is Mario’s rival. There are plenty of memes out in the world featuring Waluigi, having taken the internet by storm and many of which we would definitely exclaim “Wah!” over. Without further ado, here are the memes to make you “Wah!”

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10 Waluigi Says “Wah!” For 20 Years

It’s been close to twenty years since Waluigi made his first appearance. Since then, he’s caused all kinds of chaos and mayhem in Mario’s world and smiled about it. It’s safe to say Waluigi has made his cultural impact and has ingrained “Wah!” amidst pop culture. Especially in the gaming community. Simple but effective, this meme demonstrates just that. Waluigi’s cult following is here to stay.

9 Ladies Please Control Yourselves

Part of Waluigi’s cultural impact includes his appeal. Of course, Waluigi is definitely of a certain type. This meme is hilarious just because it portrays Waluigi in a comfortable, romantic position complete with a rose in his mouth and the request for the ladies to control themselves at the very sight of him.

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This may be arrogant and aggressive, but it wouldn’t be right any other way. After all, this is Waluigi. He’s not known for being subtle.

8 The Ideal Body

Memes oftentimes contain distinct senses of humor. This meme is definitely one of them. It states that yes, Waluigi is the prime example of peak performance, despite what people may think. This could be true or this could be an example of sarcasm. It depends on our own personal takeaways of the meme. Everyone has their version of peak performance. This is Waluigi’s. And it’s part of his image. It’d just be weird if Waluigi traded in his signature look for a more Hulk-like physique.

7 Luigis Everywhere!

This meme is possibly Waluigi’s worst nightmare. Who wants their rival to outnumber them, especially in an overwhelming state like this one?

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This meme even features its own edge, utilizing both Waluigi and Wario of the Mario franchise alongside the Toy Story franchise by fusing their heads to the bodies of famous Toy Story lead characters, Woody and Buzz. The manner in which Waluigi’s face is portrayed looks as though he’s already given up; point one for all the Luigis.

6 Please Don’t Pick Rainbow Road…

Mario Kart players are well aware of the course that is known as “Rainbow Road.” It’s nearly impossible to master, what with the sharp turns and the high likelihood of falling off the course and ending up back at the end of the line, only to catch up in time to fall off all over again. This meme exhibits the pain of anyone who’s failed at Rainbow Road, utilizing Waluigi to do it as he drinks “your tears.” Yeah, this image definitely makes us all want to scream “Wah!”

5  5. Here Lies Waluigi’s Hopes And Dreams…

This meme is both funny and somber wrapped into one. Combining Waluigi with Spongebob Squarepants, this meme is of Waluigi grieving for all his lost hopes and dreams. That, we feel sorry for. The thing is, Waluigi is the villain, Luigi’s rival, and a notorious troublemaker always armed with ulterior motives. With that in perspective, Waluigi has brought his lost hopes and dreams upon himself. We’ll leave him to grieve and “Wah!” as long as he pleases.

4 Waluigi In Smash

There are plenty of memes out there similar to this one. Like the meme above, someone has again utilized Spongebob Squarepants to get a point across. This time, their point being Waluigi’s absence in Super Smash Bros., Ultimate. 

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Players vehemently protested, demanding that Waluigi be added to the roster alongside other playable characters. Well, point made. And we’re still laughing at this meme.

3 Favorite Waluigi Face

When the meme of a beloved video game character captures your everyday mood, life feels complete. Whoever created this meme brilliantly utilized one of Waluigi’s many facial expressions and turned it into something that can be of everyday use. When someone asks how your day went, it’ll be hard to resist showing them this meme. Even harder to resist mimicking it yourself. Look up at the sky and exclaim “Wah!” We all have one of those days.

2 Send Your Cutest Delivery Boy

How would you feel if you saw a Waluigi look-alike appear at your door with a couple of Pizza Hut boxes? Maybe you’d be thrilled, maybe you’d be freaked out. Waluigi doesn’t have the cutest face. In fact, it’s probably among the creepiest. If anything, this meme can probably serve as a good lesson. Next time you’re requesting the cutest delivery boy in the “special instructions” section of your order, be careful what you wish for. Your idea of cute is probably not their idea of cute.

1 Waluigi And Dick Dastardly

How did everyone instantly not connect the two together? From their devious ways to their oddly shaped noses and chins, alongside their notorious mustaches, these two could be relatives. It’s hilarious how similar these two characters are not just in looks but in nature, especially considering they come from two different backgrounds (videogames and cartoons). Then again, both are animated, so it’s not totally inconceivable. Nevertheless, try seeing one without the other after seeing this meme. Not so easy to forget.

Waluigi definitely has his moments. Hanging out with Mario’s rival, Wario, challenging Luigi, causing mayhem and destruction. It’s what he does best. The purple shirt and hat, the pointy mustache, the nose, the pointed shoes that Santa’s elves might utilize are all part of his image (even if he does resemble Dick Dastardly, Waluigi has a certain look and vibe all his own). Waluigi may be a nefarious villain but at least he’s always trying to make himself better. If ever you need a good laugh, check out Waluigi’s memes or just exclaim “Wah!” whenever you like as tribute.

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