10 Iconic Horror Movie Villains Sorted Into Their Hogwarts Houses

Perhaps.Perhaps.Who is your favorite iconic horror movie villain? There are a lot to choose from between Jason, Michael, Freddy, and beyond, but we’re taking a look at ten of the most iconic villains in horror movie history.

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Have you ever been curious about what Hogwarts house these baddies might be sorted into if they ever had the chance to find out? It’s easy to assume they would all go to Slytherin but that’s not necessarily true. Find out which house Jigsaw, Ghostface, and more would be sorted into below!

10 Jigsaw – Ravenclaw

Jigsaw is the horror villain and stuff of nightmares from the infamous Saw franchise. If you’re a fan of films with a lot of psychological games and torture, then you’ve probably seen all the Saw films and been haunted by Billy the Puppet. No one can ask you if you’d “like to play a game” without you feeling chills down your spine. So what Hogwarts house would Jigsaw fit into?

While certainly cunning like a Slytherin, the fact Jigsaw is always coming up with new and increasingly deadly contraptions is certainly something that would take a Ravenclaw mind to devise. It takes a great deal of cleverness to understand how the human mind works and devise torment befitting each of his victims.

9 Michael Myers – Hufflepuff

Michael Myers is perhaps the most notable slasher of all time. Sorting him into a Hogwarts house isn’t an easy task. But we can safely rule out Gryffindor and Ravenclaw. While Meyers is no slouch in chasing people and appearing out of nowhere to stab someone to death, he’s not necessarily known for devising intricate plans.

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Myers is likely a Hufflepuff due to his outstanding patience. The guy knows how to bide his time better than anyone to ensure he appears at the opportune moment for the kill. Plus, no one can say he doesn’t work hard to achieve his intended results of plenty of carnage.

8 Chucky – Gryffindor

It might be hard to imagine anyone on this list being a Gryffindor, given what we know about them being brave and noble and what not. But think about it, Chucky is literally a doll.

Yes, he might have a serial killer’s spirit inside of him, or be a toy if you watch the new version, but ultimately, he’s still tiny and easily destroyed if someone was so inclined. It takes a lot of guts to go on a rampage while knowing you’re in a bite-sized package. That’s not to say Chucky isn’t fearsome or capable of great evil, but his streak of wildness is certainly straight from Gryffindor.

7 Norman Bates – Hufflepuff

Norman Bates is one of the original psycho killers. He stars in the iconic film, Psycho, and we all know how attached he is to his mother. His dedication to her, despite her death, could be touching if it wasn’t so creepy. Bates is also very susceptible to forces outside his control.

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His mother eventually takes complete control of his mind. Hufflepuffs have been considered too nice for their own good. While Bates would never be called nice by the average person who encounters him, from his mother’s perspective, he is something of a pushover. His intense relationship with her seems fitting for a Hufflepuff.

6 Ghostface – Slytherin

It’s a little difficult to fit Ghostface into a Hogwarts house mainly because there have been several different Ghostfaces over the course of the Scream franchise. That said, they do have one thing in common, they’re all sociopathic and downright cruel.

No other house could truly fit that type of carnal insanity. If we go back to the original Scream, is there any other house that someone like Billy Loomis would fit into? He was manic and terrible but he also knew exactly how to act to keep everyone off guard. He had his own girlfriend fooled for a while.

5 Samara – Gryffindor

Poor Samara. Out of everyone on this list, she probably has one of the saddest backstories. Samara wasn’t even intended to be evil but it happened due to circumstances out of her control.

Now we all know her as the girl from The Ring who will crawl out of your television screen and scare you to death. But we’d all be a little bitter if we were shoved down a well, right? Gryffindors know how to hold grudges and Samara is certainly holding one that culminates in a deadly videotape that claims the lives of many.

4 Hannibal Lector – Slytherin

Could Hannibal Lecter truly be anything other than Slytherin? He’s the star of Silence of the Lambs and his own short-lived television show not to mention a series of notable novels from which all that is based. Hannibal is known for being a serial killer with a taste for human flesh.

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He’s extremely cunning. His brilliant mind makes him a truly formidable adversary, perhaps one of the most dangerous killers on this list even if he’s not your typical slasher. While his brains might make him a suitable fit for Ravenclaw, his ability to manipulate and his Machiavellian mind make him a surefire Slytherin fiend.

3 Annabelle – Slytherin

Annabelle is another doll but, unlike Chucky, she doesn’t technically do anything herself. She doesn’t actually have limbs that move, that we know of, anyway. But Annabelle is a tether that attracts demons and can make all the supernatural entities in the area go haywire to do her bidding if she so wishes.

That makes her none other than a Slytherin. What other house would have people do all their dirty work for them. Annabelle simply bides her time and then lets her demon minions do all the terrifying for her while she stares lifelessly into the abyss.

2 Jason Voorhees – Hufflepuff

Jason Voorhees is yet another iconic horror villain with serious mommy issues. In fact, he didn’t even get his start on killing until the second movie because his mother was doing all the dirty work in the first and original film of the series. Does that mean Jason might have never picked up a knife had his mother not done it first? Perhaps.

Either way, like Michael, Jason has a knack for supreme patience. He is truly able to wait for long lengths of time if it means eventually ensuring he gets his mark. That type of fortitude and perseverance is certainly a Hufflepuff trait.

1 Freddy Kreuger – Ravenclaw

A Nightmare on Elm Street is yet another extremely popular horror franchise featuring the rather hideously deformed monster that is Freddy Kreuger. Not only is Kreuger a menace who haunts the dreams of children, but he also has a very shady past and long claw fingers he uses to slash and kill.

If you die in a dream while being hunted down by Freddy Kreuger, you die in real life. The thing is, Kreuger is known for being rather intuitive. The dream angle is a smart move. What better way to trap your victims than by doing so when they’re at their most unassuming?

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