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While the Marvel Cinematic Universe has perfected the art of the Post Credits scene, the House Of Ideas isn’t remotely the first movie to ever have one. That honor goes to the Dean Martin pic, The Silencers from 1966. This post-credit scene featured Martin’s Matt Helm with a bevy of beauties and the caption that “Matt Helm Will Return.” There are all kinds of ways to do a post-credits scene. Some movies do bloopers, some do outright teases for the next movie, and some are callbacks to other scenes in the movie (eating shawarma in the original Avengers).

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Often times, the post-credit scene is set up to build to the next movie. But when there is no next movie, then the scene is just there and goes nowhere. Here are 10 Movie Post Credits Scenes That Went Nowhere.

10 Skeletor Lives – Masters Of The Universe

As far as comic book and fantasy type movies go, Masters Of The Universe was the first of its kind to feature a post-credits scene. Both Eternia and our world are set right after He-Man seemingly destroys his arch-enemy, Skeletor. But after the credits rolled, fans who stayed saw a pool of some sort of red substance, and then the dark lord popped his head up to scare the bejesus out of fans. Skeletor bellowed “I’ll be back,” but since Skeletor was played by Frank Langella and not Arnold Schwarzenegger, he didn’t come back at all.

9 The Legion Of Doom – Justice League

Thanks to the increasingly poor reviews, we’ll never get to see where Zack Snyder’s plans of the DC Extended Universe were going to go. One of the casualties of these movies is the possible amazing cast. Jesse Eisenberg was starting to make a decent Lex Luthor and uber-geek Joe Manganiello was signed on to play Slade Wilson, aka Deathstroke.

In the post-credits scene of Justice League, Slade meets Luthor aboard his yacht to discuss the formation of their own league, clearly the Legion Of Doom.

8 Bullseye Lives – Daredevil

If you could stomach sitting through Daredevil, then you know that the film’s most fatal flaw is that it tried to cram decades of story into two hours. Colin Farrell pulled off a unique take on Bullseye as some sort of punk. In the film, Daredevil heaves Bullseye off of a church steeple breaking just about every bone in his body. In the film’s mid-credits scene, we get a preview of how Bullseye is convalescing – still having perfect aim, he kills a fly with a needle.

7 “Who’s Zuul?” – Ghostbusters 2016

Unfortunately for the cast and crew of Ghostbusters: Answer The Call, the reboot/sequel didn’t live up to the grandiose expectations fans were hoping for. Everything more or less felt flat – except for Kate McKinnon’s riff on Egon. That being said, they were gearing up for more movies in this franchise. The film’s post-credits scene was brief but die-hard fans knew immediately where the team would be headed next. As the team is working in their lab, Patty is listening to a tape and is a little flummoxed by what she hears. She asks her new friends and coworkers, “Who’s Zuul?” Signaling the demon and Gozar might be coming.

6 The Essex Corporation – X-Men: Apocalypse

Since the very beginning of the X-Men film franchise, plenty of fans have been clamoring for the debut of Mr. Sinister into this world. In the comics, the mad scientist is also a genetically altered human, obsessed with DNA, biology, genetics, and the Summers family. He runs the Essex Corporation. The very same Essex Corporation that visited the Weapon X facility at the end of Apocalypse. Between the next film being Dark Phoenix and the franchise heading to Disney, whatever had been planned for Mr. Sinister fell by the wayside.

5 Sinestro Grabs The Yellow Ring – Green Lantern

Ryan Reynolds, along with the rest of the world seemingly loathes all that is DC’s first attempt to launch their own Cinematic Universe – Green Lantern. The movie was supposedly set to become the Star Wars of comic book movies, but after all kinds of cuts that were made, it became a meandering and muddling mess.

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Similar to other comic book movies, that didn’t mean they didn’t film the seemingly requisite post-credits scene. In Lantern, it’s Mark Strong’s Sinestro, once the most revered Lantern that ever lived, succumbing to the yellow impurity and putting on the yellow power ring.

4 The Frost Monster – Thor: The Dark World

Every so often, Marvel’s post-credit scenes don’t have a lot to do with the overall plot of the film or help to inform the next movie. Captain America’s PSA spots at the end of Homecoming is a prime example. The Frost Monster running around London at the end of Thor: The Dark World is not. Since Marvel never even filmed a one-shot to explain what happened to it, are we supposed to assume that it’s still just running around London? Thankfully, this loose end isn’t terribly egregious.

3 The Infection’s Still There – Slither

Before he became a household name with Guardians Of The Galaxy, James Gunn was working on some pretty funny cult horror movies. In Slither, an alien parasite infected a small town, first infecting Michael Rooker’s Grant and then extending to the town. Like a lot of horror movies, a sequel was planned, but this one didn’t make a lot of money. The post-credit scene showed the parasite still alive. We’ll never know what happened to the town of Wheelsy.

2 “Go Home” – Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Sometimes, a post-credits scene isn’t meant to go anywhere. But plenty of Ferris Bueller fans were certainly hoping for it to mean something.

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After his big day off, Ferris addresses the camera in a robe and tells us all to head home, the movie is over. But the movie was so fun that no one wanted to leave.

1 Batman And Waller Meet – Suicide Squad

After the wild events of Suicide Squad, Amanda Waller enlists the help of Bruce Wayne to help keep things quiet. He agrees in exchange for a dossier on as many metas as she could grab. Again, thanks to the lackluster appeal of Zack Snyder’s DCEU, awesome clandestine scenes like this are erased from DC movies’ existence.

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