10 Must-Own Gifts Every Disney Fan Wants

It’s hard not to love Disney. Most of us are fans, though some more mouse-eared than others. These gifts are great for Disney lovers young and old who you want to send a little joy to. The timelessness of these characters and stories makes for touching gifts that bring out the kid in everyone.

From nostalgic books to a spaghetti recipe worthy of both Lady and the Tramp, these gifts will bring a smile to a loved one’s face on a special occasion. They also wouldn’t hurt as gifts to yourself, for when you need a little help believing in magic.

10 Disney – The Simple Family Cookbook

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Recipes in this book are easy enough to follow for both older kids and adults (or little kids with a bit of help from adults). It contains 100 themed recipes, such as Lady and the Tramp spaghetti, Frozen snowballs and Lilo & Stitch Hawaiian pizza. Every recipe uses 5 ingredients or less, so it’s not only simple for cooks and aspiring chefs of all ages, but it’s budget-friendly as well.

It’s not much fun to receive a cookbook that breaks the bank – this is a low-pressure gift that can be used and explored with ease. The colorful pages feature photographs of the dishes alongside cartoons from Disney films. The layout is clear and very kid-friendly, designed to be shared with the whole family.

9 Disney Classic Little Golden Books

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Little Golden Books are nostalgic for children of the 40s, 50s, 60s, all the way through to today. They’re a wholesome series that maintain their vintage appearance, with a distinctive gold spine. These Disney Classic books were originally published in the 50s and 60s, and the box includes 12 stories: Alice in WonderlandBambiCinderella, Dumbo, The Lucky Puppy, Mother Goose, Peter PanPinocchio, ScampSnow White and the Seven DwarfsThree Little Pigs, and The Ugly Duckling. 

The stories age well, so a parent can begin by reading these to their child until the child becomes an independent reader. These are timeless editions and will be relatable no matter what a child’s particular interests are. For parents, it’s heartwarming to have a gift that they remember from their own childhood.

8 Disney Codenames Card Game


Codenames is a team guessing game where players try to help their teammates guess code words on cards, using one-word clues. This Disney version includes both images and words from Disney films. It’s an easy game to pick up quickly, so can be taught to a group at a party within minutes and can include players of all ages. It’s a great get-to-know-you game, as it’s lightly competitive and teams are required to talk to each other.

In contrast to the original Codenames, the Disney pictures on the cards brighten up the game and add a spirit of playfulness. It’s possible to play this game with a smaller layout option, which is a good variation for younger groups that have a bit more trouble keeping up with the speed of a 25 card game.

7 Frozen Deluxe Edition Soundtrack

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This soundtrack features that darn catchy song that wouldn’t get out of anyone’s head all throughout the winter of 2013-2014, “Let it Go”. Featured artists include Idina Menzel, Demi Lovato, Kristen Bell, Jonathan Groff, Katie Lopez, and Josh Gad. The film was the 2014 Academy Award winner for Best Original Song and Best Animated Film. The music made this film, which any Frozen fanatic can attest to.

The 2 disc deluxe version includes the original score as well as all the familiar hits from the movie. The first disc is the original soundtrack, and the second disc has additional scores and demos missing from the non-deluxe version. With Frozen 2 on the horizon, this gift will pump up a loyal Disney fan to hit the theatres for Elsa’s next adventure.

6 Mary Poppins Returns

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The revival of such an iconic character was an important moment in history for every Poppins fan. This is also an amazing watch for a musical fan, a fantasy fan or anyone for whom the magic of Disney is irreplaceable. This is a sequel to, rather than a remake of, of the original Mary Poppins. It stars Emily Blunt as Mary Poppins and Lin-Manuel Miranda as Jack, a former apprentice of Dick Van Dyke’s original chimney sweep character, Bert.

Like in the original masterpiece, there is a sequence in this film that combines live-action and hand-drawn animation. The idea of protecting the original spirit of the film by taking away modern CGI options was a nod to fans and how magical the first adventure with Mary was.

5 Ariel Little Mermaid Funko POP!

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Look at this Funko, isn’t it neat? Give it to a friend, their collection’s complete! Funko POP! figures always make a great gift. They’re toys and they are fun to play with for younger fans, but they’re also an attractive decoration for adults who like owning cool toys too. Ariel is vinyl and 3 3/4″ tall, with her tail flipped up behind her, mid-motion.

She’s a key character to add to a Disney Funko POP! collection, or to perch on the shelf of any Little Mermaid fan. Her tail is a little sparkly, which gently references the sparkling dress worn by Ariel at the end of the movie, and adds a nice detail to the paint job. This is an affordable gift that’s still very special and appropriate as a present, and if not for a collector, something people wouldn’t get for themselves as often.

4 Stitch Bobblehead Plush

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As a genetically-engineered, dog-like, koala-ish alien life form, Stitch is a relatable character for all of us who don’t quite fit in. After finding his best friend, Lilo, who has the patience for his mischievous behavior, Stitch learns about love and family.

This plush is an authentic Disney store product, with embroidered features and a soft exterior. His head bobbles, giving him more life than a still stuffed animal. The toy can sit propped up on display or be used as a cuddle buddy by little ones. His large, rabbity ears are padded for easy hugging. Everyone can use a little more softness in their life, and this plush is a great friend for a Disney fan.

3 Villainous Board Game

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This game, based on the glorious villains of Disney, is a light strategy game for up to 6 players. Ravensburger is a German company that makes amazing toys and games and specializes in puzzles – so their strategy games are a lot of fun and always a nice challenge. Each player takes on the role of a different Disney villain – either Maleficent, Jafar, Ursula, Captain Hook, Queen of Hearts, or Prince John. Each villain has their own objectives, strengths and path.

Players strategize to create the most effective plant to win. The game includes a Fate Deck, featuring Disney heroes like Robin Hood and Peter Pan, to throw a wrench in the villains’ plans. This is a fun game for a family and is simple enough for average Disney fans, but still fun enough for serious strategy gamers.

2 The Complete Toy Story Collection

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Toy Story 1, 2 and 3 are all included in this box set.  This trilogy is rare in that it contains three well-liked films – there wasn’t one movie that Toy Story fans generally felt was a flop. It’s a great deal for all three films and will get your fan ready for the much-anticipated arrival of Toy Story 4.

In true Pixar fashion, Toy Story films are full of details and easter eggs, so they can be watched again and again without getting dull. The films follow a group of sentient toys and their adventures during the time when they aren’t being played with by their owners. The stories are full of friendship and love, wholesome and endearing.

1 Aladdin Genie Face Mug

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This is an officially licensed Disney mug, sculpted into the shape of the original cartoon Genie, voiced by Robin Williams. This character is an important icon of Disney and of children’s movies in the 1990s.

The face of the genie is incredibly animated, turned up in the beginnings of a smile or laugh. The mug holds about 20 ounces, a little larger than an average cup, and works for cold or hot beverages. Genie’s hair loops back to create an easy-to-grip handle, and his head is made of shiny blue ceramic. It’s a great way to prep for the new Aladdin movie, as fans are jumping out of their seats in anticipation.

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