10 Quotes From Community That Are Still Hilarious Today

During its run, Community was one of the most consistently funny shows on television. It featured an incredibly versatile and talented cast including Joel McHale, Alison Brie, Donald Glover, Ken Jeong, Danny Pudi, and more. Though it never picked up big ratings, Community managed to make it to six seasons but fans know we’re still waiting for the movie.

There are a lot of shows, especially comedies, that don’t stand the test of time. You go back to watch old episodes and it just isn’t as funny. With Community, that isn’t the case. The series is still just as clever and amusing as ever. Listed below you’ll find 10 quotes that remain just as hilarious today as they were when they originally aired.

10 “Is There Any Room In This Pocket For A Little Spare Chang?”

Ben Chang is often the main antagonist on Community. He began the show as their insane Spanish teacher. Chang would give them ridiculous amounts of work, tests that made no sense and played mind games with them. His qualifications as a teacher were false and he was fired at the end of season one but returned as a student the following year.

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Despite the way he treated the study group, he wanted nothing more in season two than to join them. In the premiere, “Anthropology 101,” his offer was posed as the question listed above. It marked one of the first times that Chang used his name as a pun and that would become a recurring theme throughout the rest of the series.

9 “It’s Like God Spilled A Person”

Season two’s “Intro to Political Science” centered around Greendale electing a student body president when word broke that Joe Biden was visiting the school. Annie wanted to win to better the school, while Jeff was blocking her path in an attempt to mock her idealism.

Most of the episode took place at the debate. Along with Jeff and Annie, candidates included Vicki, Pierce, Leonard, Magnitude, Starburns, and Garrett. Troy and Abed hosted a television portion of the debate and ran down information about each candidate. When they got to Garrett, they read his profile and everything he was allergic too. Garrett was such a mess that Troy used this quote to perfectly describe him.

8 “Look At His Shadow!”

One of the most fun episodes during a stellar third season was “Contemporary Impressionists.” Each member of the study group was brought in to play lookalikes of celebrities. That included Shirley as Oprah as well as Britta and Troy as both versions of Michael Jackson. Jeff was brought in to portray Ryan Seacrest.

The problem was that Jeff’s new anti-anxiety medication failed to keep his ego in check and his narcissism grew out of control. When he began wearing shades, Dean Pelton spotted Jeff and lost his cool. He convulsed on the floor because of how handsome Jeff looked. As he twitched on the floor, he screamed that even Jeff’s shadow looked good.

7 “Pop Pop”

This one isn’t a one time only quote. This was the catchphrase of Magnitude. We first meet him in season two during a Valentine’s Day party thrown by Jeff. Magnitude was a guest who was introduced as a “one-man party.” He entered the room and proceeded to shout, “Pop pop!”

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Magnitude started as just a random Greendale student but he soon grew into a consistent character. He appeared across several seasons and always brought the laughs. Shouting his catchphrase combined with his “raise the roof” gesture made him a fun and likable guy. Whenever he said this, it was funny and a welcome boost to any episode.

6 “Don’t Eat The Crab Dip”

Troy Barnes is often the supplier for many of the funniest moments in Community history. Sometimes, it’s just his struggle to be as cool as he wants to be that makes him hilarious. During season one’s “The Politics of Human Sexuality,” Greendale throws an STD awareness fair that opens an opportunity for Troy to nail a joke.

Pierce revealed that he was bringing an escort to the fair and Troy realized there was a joke there. As the study group conversed for the next minute or so, we caught glimpses of Troy with a pen and paper cramming to get the line just right. He finally does and his delivery of the line is fantastic.

5 “I Hope He Transfers To Hell”

Throughout season one, there were a handful of times where Shirley mentioned that she had a friend named Gary. Though we never see Gary, it becomes clear that the rest of the study group doesn’t like him. Britta called him boring and a buzzkill. When Britta feels that way about someone, you know they’re bad.

At the end of the season, Greendale threw a transfer dance to celebrate the students moving on to new schools. Shirley noted that Gary was transferring and the entire study group was glad to hear it. While most of the responses were, “Good” or “Finally,” it was Troy’s that ended things with a bang. “I hope he transfers to hell” was just a vicious, yet hilarious line.

4 “How ‘Bout I Pound You Like A Boy. That Didn’t Come Out Right”

For many, this was one of the earliest comedic home runs for the show. It was a simple setup and could’ve just been a throwaway moment but it worked too well. In the third ever episode, “Introduction to Film,” the study group were talking at the table when Troy sneezed.

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Everyone stopped what they were doing to comment on the unusually high-pitched sneeze. Jeff flat out said Troy sneezed like a girl. In an attempt to sound tough, Troy responded by threatening to pound Jeff like a boy, before quickly realizing that sentence didn’t sound the way he wanted it to.

3 “My Whole Brain Is Crying”

It should come as no surprise that this is yet another Troy Barnes quote. In the episode “Accounting for Lawyers,” Jeff abandoned the study group to get back in with the lawyers he used to work with. The study group followed him to one of their parties when they discovered the former colleague who got Jeff disbarred.

While at the party, Troy and Abed searched for evidence of this but were caught in the act by a janitor. Suddenly, Annie popped up behind him and knocked him out with chloroform. The three began to panic, with Troy hilariously prancing around and screaming this quote. Again, it was a case of Donald Glover showing off his impeccable comedic timing.

2 “I’ll Make Your Ass Sense”

Though Shirley Bennett wasn’t always the biggest source of comedy, she could shift from a sweet tone of voice to a menacing one in an instant. It led to plenty of great moments. Another consistent trait of Shirley’s was her insecurity about her age. In “Cooperative Calligraphy,” one of the series’ best episodes, Shirley got offended when Britta called her Mother Hen.

Shirley argued that she and Britta were almost the same age, to which Britta responded that it would only be the case if time was linear. “I’ll make your ass linear,” was Shirley’s comeback. When Britta said that didn’t make any sense, Shirley brought out that menacing tone for a quick, “I’ll make your ass sense.”

1 “You’re The Opposite Of Batman”

Of course the funniest Community quote comes courtesy of Troy Barnes. In the season three premiere, “Biology 101,” Britta introduced Abed to a new show that he quickly became attached to. However, it only lasted a few episodes. Britta knew this ahead of time but still let Abed watch the show. When the characters all died, Abed was broken.

Troy, always ready to defend his best friend, was quick to pounce on Britta for setting Abed up for failure. He went on a short rant calling Britta the worst. “You are human tennis elbow. You are a pizza burn on the roof of the world’s mouth. You are the opposite of Batman.” He said Britta was the human equivalent of two terrible things and the opposite of one of the coolest. Ouch.

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