10 Sons Of Anarchy Memes That Are Too Hilarious For Words

Sons of Anarchy was the biker drama you never knew you needed until it was here. Starring Charlie Hunnam as the gorgeous, brooding Vice President of the biker gang – Jax Teller – you were immediately hooked after just one episode. Even though there were light-hearted moments throughout the series to try to balance out the dark undertones, sometimes it just wasn’t enough when things got even darker than usual.

That’s why these hilarious memes dedicated to this show will make any fan have a good laugh in spite of the dramatic moments we had to endure for 7 seasons. Here are the 10 Sons Of Anarchy Memes That Are Too Hilarious For Words.

10 Mommy Issues

Ah, Gemma Teller Morrow. The matriarch of the SAMCRO biker club. She not only is the mother of Jax Teller, but the widow of John Teller and later, Clay Morrow, two of the founders of the MC.

Little did Jax know that his beloved mother was the reason for a lot of the biggest issues in his life. Whether it be his father’s demise, problems within the club, or the fact that she ended the life of his wife, Tara, she had her hand in a lot of turmoil that directly affected her son. Needless to say, Jax would have been better off without her in his life.

9 The Disney/SOA Connection You Never Saw Coming

Clay Morrow was like an uncle to Jax for the first part of his life. But unfortunately, much like Scar in The Lion King, Clay killed his “brother,” John Teller – Jax’s father. This was because he was secretly with Gemma behind J.T.’s back, and so the two hatched a plan to end his life once and for all.

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When you realize just how similar the plot of the show is to the plot of The Lion King, it’s honestly almost eerie. Sadly, Jax did not get the happily ever after that Simba got at the end of the Disney classic.

8 Gemma’s Grave Mistake

Okay, this is kind of a hilarious take on an utterly depressing storyline. In the season 6 finale, Gemma did the unthinkable, and when she thought that Tara was a “rat” and had talked to the police, she killed her daughter-in-law in cold blood.

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It was a brutal and devastating scene. And her weapon of choice? A fork. Of course, ending Tara’s life with a fork may not sound as disturbing as it actually was, but trust us, it was awful. But here, we have a different version where Gemma was simply trying to kill a fly…and got Tara instead. Yikes.

7 Gerry Bertier Grew Up Nicely

Who would have possibly thought that the guy who played Gerry Bertier in Remember The Titans many moons ago would grow up to be a bearded, badass biker in Sons of Anarchy?

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Obviously, he seemed to get a lot more female attention after his role on SOA. And we can’t exactly blame them for the attraction. His portrayal of Opie was heartbreaking and he was also arguably one fo the most handsome men on the show. Even so, it was rather shocking to see this transformation from Ryan Hurst, the actor behind both characters.

6 Tara’s “Ride Or Die” Mentality

The relationship between Tara Knowles and Jax Teller was pretty complicated, to say the least. The high school sweethearts rekindled their love years later, but their love story had a lot of bumps in the road along the way.

Even after the many ups and downs they experienced, Tara always stayed by Jax’s side. But what was truly baffling was the fact she stayed with him after he seemed to go to the dark side. If we’re being honest, he was definitely approaching things more like Clay than his dad would have, which is not a good thing. Tara’s logic just wasn’t logical.

5 We Make Time For Jax Teller

It is no secret that Jax Teller was the heartthrob of the biker club, as well as the show, in general. It’s no wonder with his devastatingly good looks and the charm that just immediately draws you in. One smile and most were hook, line, and sinker.

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This hilarious meme shows that even the strongest of us could get hooked on this biker show just because of Jax Teller. Charlie Hunnam played the smoldering Jax and drew viewers in with his portrayal of the beloved biker. He clearly left his mark, too, since so many still can’t stop talking about the man.

4 Ridin’ Through This World…

There are certain television shows that have a theme song so catchy or so good that it just automatically gets stuck in your head the moment you hear it. Or even if you watch the show itself, it comes into your head of its own volition. Sons of Anarchy had one of these theme songs. Once the opening credits began to roll, you likely started your own personal karaoke session as the opening line, “Ridin’ through this world…” sang out on your speakers.

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We’ve all been there, so there’s no way you can just skip the song without belting it out first.

3 Gone Too Soon

Everyone knows that sweet feeling of relief when you finally get off of work on a Friday afternoon or night. All you can think about is either relaxing or hanging out with your friends or significant other. Which is clearly the vibe we’re getting from Jax in the first image.

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But in the second, all of that relief has been washed away with the arrival of Monday. Or in Jax’s case, the humungous semi-truck heading his way. The real question is, did it hurt more to watch Jax perish in this way, or to go back to work on Monday? We may never know.

2 The Opie Love Is Real

It’s true. No matter how many episodes passed after Opie’s tragic and brutal demise on the show, we all still couldn’t stop talking about him. We certainly couldn’t stop missing his presence, either.

Ryan Hurst made SOA fans love and adore him the moment he stepped onto our screens. As time went on, that love only grew, even when he was no longer on the show. It just goes to show you that a wonderful portrayal of a character like Opie will get you a dedicated fanbase for life. Just ask Ryan Hurst.

1 The Loss Of A Great Show

Much like when Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones ended, it was absolutely heartbreaking to say goodbye to an incredible drama like Sons of Anarchy.

The cast behind these one-of-a-kind characters and the writing of the show made it one you aren’t soon to forget. So it’s no wonder that the fanbase felt like their heart had been ripped out when they saw those final moments roll out. Certainly watching Jax die in such a poetic yet tragic way didn’t make the hurt of losing this show any easier. But hey, at least they can always say they went out with a bang.

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