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The romantic Netflix movie To All The Boys 2: P.S. I Still Love You once again allows its viewers to return into the special world of its main heroine, Lara Jean (portrayed by Lana Condor) whose life completely changes when her younger sister Kitty sends out five love letters Lara Jean wrote to her crushes, both current and former.

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Lara Jean starts dating one of her crushes, Peter Kavinsky, but when John Ambrose, another of her crushes, comes back, she faces a dilemma and has to choose between them. Overall, the film was pretty amazing, but there were still things about it that didn’t make any sense.

10 Peter Lies To Lara Jean

On paper, Peter may look like the best boyfriend any high school girl could ask for. He’s funny, good-looking, attentive, and clearly in love with Lara Jean. But he also lies to her multiple times, which is a big no-no in any relationship, and it doesn’t matter how old you are.

If it wasn’t enough that Peter gives a poem to Lara Jean which he didn’t write, and lets Lara Jean believe he did, but he also lies to her about the tape which Lara Jean’s former friend and Peter’s ex-girlfriend Genevieve filmed and released into the world. For someone who claims to love his girlfriend, Peter does his best to hide the truth from her.

9 Being Cruel To John Ambrose

Similarly to Peter, Lara Jean usually acts sweet to her friends, family, and other people (maybe except Genevieve), but she’s not as innocent as she may seem at a first glance. In fact, whether she realizes it or not, she spends the greater part of the film toying with Jon Ambrose’s emotions.

Even a blind person would notice that John is in love with Lara Jean, or is at least crushing on her really hard, and Lara Jean is far from blind. Yet she keeps the truth about her real relationship with Peter from John, and she keeps encouraging him even though she’s with someone else, which doesn’t really fit her usual character.

8 Margot Is Absent

Considering how big a part Lara Jean’s older sister Margot played in the first film, her sudden absence in the sequel doesn’t make that much of a sense. Lara Jean and both her sisters are very close so the viewers could reasonably expect them to spend a lot of time together.

Or at least talk to each other often, either via their phones or Skype, since Margot is studying abroad, in Scotland. Yet Margot appears only in one scene in the film and she doesn’t really move the story forward in any way.

7 Josh Disappeared

However, the biggest mystery of To All The Boys 2: P.S. I Still Love You, at least where missing people are concerned, isn’t what happened to Margot. It’s what happened to her former boyfriend and one of Lara Jean’s best friends, Josh Sanderson, with whom she also used to be in love.

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Josh was the main reason why Lara Jean started fake-dating Peter in the first film, and he played a significant part in both Lara Jean’s and Margot’s lives. He doesn’t appear a single time in the sequel and there’s not even a mention of him, so it’s like everybody forgot his existence, even though he lives directly next to Lara Jean and her family.

6 Peter Prefers Gen

Throughout both of the films, Lara Jean repeatedly wonders whether Peter really likes her or is just spending time with her to make Genevieve jealous and make her want to get back together with him. Lara Jean also isn’t certain whether Peter isn’t still in love with Gen since the two had dated for a long time, certainly longer than Lara Jean and Peter, before they broke up.

Peter doesn’t exactly help to calm Lara Jean down since his behavior towards Gen doesn’t often make sense. He assures Lara Jean that she’s the only girl for him but he still goes running to Gen whenever she asks him to.

5 The Plot Doesn’t Move Anywhere

The second film may feel like a breath of fresh air, but it’s actually surprisingly unoriginal at moments when you think about it really hard. Especially it’s ending closely mirrors the previous film, which makes the sequel end in a somewhat lackluster way. Just to remind you, the first film ended up with Lara Jean deciding to be with Peter even though she knew that his connection to Gen was still strong and that their relationship had many problems.

The second film finishes with Lara Jean deciding to get back together with Peter even though she knows his connection to Gen is still strong and their relationship has many problems. So, in a way, the plot didn’t move anywhere.

4 John Ambrose Has A Different Face

Recasting is a normal process both in the world of film and television. Sometimes the fault lies in the scheduling conflicts, or creative differences, or another large number of fancy words. And sometimes, there’s really no reasonable explanation, at least not a publicly known one.

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That’s also the case for this film, in which John Ambrose is played by another actor. John Ambrose briefly appeared in the post-credit scene of the first film where he was portrayed by Jordan Burchett, but in the sequel, Jordan Fisher plays John instead.

3 John Isn’t Related To Stormy

In the books, John Ambrose is related to Stormy, one of the residents of Belleview who later becomes Lara Jean’s good friend. Stormy also appeared in the second film but she has a much smaller part in it than she had in the book series by Jenny Han – partially because she and John Ambrose aren’t a family in the film.

John is Stormy’s grandson, even though she prefers it when he doesn’t call her grandma and wants to be called Stormy. The actors Jordan Fisher and Holland Taylor don’t look very similar but the film’s creators still could have made John Ambrose Stormy’s grand-nephew or something, which would explain his presence at Belleview which feels somewhat random in the film.

2 Gen And Lara Jean Become Friends Again

Throughout the first two films, Genevieve and Lara Jean spend a lot of time at odds. Gen seems to hate Lara Jean for reasons unknown and only later reveals that her dislike for her former best friend became when Lara Jean kissed Peter during a game of spin the bottle while they were all kids.

Gen does her best to sabotage the relationship between Lara Jean and Peter, first by undermining Peter in Lara Jean’s eyes and then by filming the video of the two of them making out and claiming they slept together. That doesn’t stop Lara Jean from becoming friends again with Gen in the sequel, even though there’s no real reason why they should have overcome their differences so quickly.

1 Lara Jean Stays With Peter

In the end, the biggest story point which doesn’t make sense in the sequel To All The Boys 2: P.S. I Still Love You is the fact that Lara Jean and Peter stay together. As said above, Peter lied to Lara Jean multiple times, and that’s not something you should be doing if you want your girlfriend to trust you.

They also don’t have that much in common as they have completely different characters, and Lara Jean is actually more similar to John Ambrose whom she pushes aside for Peter’s sake. Nobody can deny the way they feel but this couple, ultimately, just doesn’t seem like a good – or sensible – choice.

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