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Full House, which aired from 1987 to 1995, was one of those feel-good series that you hated to love. Every episode brought predictable laugh tracks, sappy moments, and cheesy humor. But it was fun to watch Danny Tanner try to raise his three young daughters with the help of his goofy comedian best friend and egocentric rock band brother-in-law.

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And while the series has spawned a sequel, Fuller House, centered around the eldest Tanner daughter DJ, some questions still remain.

Here are 10 things that make no sense about the show.

10 The House Has No Attic… But People Live In It

After Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky get married and have the twins, they proceed to build up and move into the attic of the Tanner home. In Fuller House, Kimmy Gibbler moves up there. Except if you look at the design of the house, especially the exterior shots in the opening sequence, it’s clear that the house doesn’t have an attic.

Some have suggested that the actual home does have a pointed roof, you just can’t see it in the show. Even so, attic or not, how or why would Jesse and Becky, who both had seemingly good jobs at the time, decide to raise twin boys in an attic of someone else’s home? Sure, you have plenty of built-in babysitting help. But no kid wants to grow up in an attic!

9 Why Jesse Didn’t Move Out

We understand the importance of family and why Uncle Jesse decided to move in with his brother-in-law Danny after the death of his sister. He wanted to help him out with his three young children. Plus, as a struggling musician and exterminator working with his dad, money was probably tight for him anyway.

But as the girls got older and the house more cramped, why didn’t he just move out? We get it that they had this awesome family bond and relationship. But a grown man living in a home with three young girls, his brother-in-law, and his brother-in-law’s goofy best friend for longer than a few years to help them get on their feet just seems weird.

8 How Joey Made Money

Joey was a comedian, yet it seemed that his primary job was helping Danny take care of his kids. So how did he actually make money? Was he simply a 20- or 30-something-year-old moocher who lived in his friend’s basement and never really contributed anything but comic relief and childcare?

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Surely he had to help contribute towards the mortgage, food, and other household bills? He reportedly held various jobs through the series, including working on advertising jingles with Jesse (through a company they started that Danny helped them with as a silent investor!), as a character Ranger Joe on a children’s variety show, and again with Jesse on a radio show. But with seemingly no steady income for any significant length of time, was he really paying his way?

7 How Danny Afforded to Support Everyone

Danny was a big television personality, hosting a popular local morning show. So he probably brought in pretty big bank. Enough, at least, to support his three young children. But how was he also able to keep his kitchen stocked, lights on, and mortgage paid without dealing with some serious debt when he also had to feed the mouths of two other adult men?

Not to mention Kimmy Gibbler popping by often, Steve coming by and grabbing food as he pleased, and the girls frequently wearing fashionable clothing and taking up expensive hobbies.

6 The Two Staircases

If you look closely, you’ll notice that the house has two sets of stairs, both of which lead up to the upper level. One is openly visible in the living room area, seen any time the family is hanging out on the couch, or hovering by the front door. The other is seen in the background of the kitchen, where many a child has come running down in the morning to see what’s for breakfast.

Yet in views of the upper level, there is only one set of stairs that lead up there. How do these two sets of stairs in very different spots of the home magically lead to the same staircase going up?

5 That Joey Stayed So Long

Maybe it seemed cute and innocent back then, and really was cute and innocent. But an oversized man child with a hand puppet and pajama onesies living in a home with teenage girls he isn’t related to would raise eyebrows under any other scenario.

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Of course, it was all completely innocent, and Joey was like family. But still, at some point he must realize ok, these girls are teenagers now and I’ve overstayed my welcome and maybe need to start working on progressing in my own life. And why didn’t Danny ever try to encourage his friend to do just that?

4 The Series Was Despised by Critics Yet Was Popular

Despite critics absolutely despising both Full House and its spin-off Fuller House, both shows have been universally loved by fans. Perhaps the cheesiness, catchphrases, and laugh tracks are all part of its charm, as is the predictability and life lessons served up at the end of every episode alongside a healthy dose of sappy music.

Nonetheless, it’s a wonder how the series not only managed to stay on the air for as long as it did, but also spawn a spin-off, even when critics turned up their noses.

3 Why The Tanners Put Up With Kimmy

Sure, Kimmy was DJ’s best friend. But she was clearly annoying, inserting herself into every family issue, showing up whenever she pleased, and making herself one of them. Why did they all let this happen?

Sure, there was always a reluctant eye roll when she showed up or said something corny or weird. But at some point, didn’t anyone discuss with Kimmy, or at least DJ, that some things are meant just for family? The family does have that “it’s always open” policy about the front door. But still, guys, boundaries.

2 They Made Light of Mental Illness and Disorders

Danny clearly had a severe case of OCD, yet he was constantly being made fun of by his family members instead of them trying to help him through his issue, or urge him to get help. When Joey got caught up with the police after buying DJ a car (again, how did he afford this?) not realizing it was stolen, Danny and Jesse pretend that Joey has mental deficiencies.

Perhaps the most nonsensical take on serious issues was when DJ displayed characteristics of an eating disorder in one (yes, just one) episode, starving herself to be able to fit into a bikini for a pool party. This was made even worse when it was revealed that actor Candice Cameron-Bure actually suffered from the eating disorder bulimia for some years after appearing on the show.

1 That DJ Suffers The Same Fate As Her Dad

As viewers of Fuller House know, the story is that DJ has just become a widow as her firefighter husband passed away on the job and moves back into her childhood home. Just like in the original, her best friend (Kimmy) and family member (sister Stephanie) decide to come live with her to help her with her, you guessed it, three kids.

There are some slight changes, such as that DJ has three boys, not girls. But the ages are almost identical to those of DJ, Stephanie, and baby Michelle when the original series began. It’s a great way to make a modern interpretation of the show. But for fans of the original, it doesn’t make any sense that DJ would be living the same life as her dad under the same dire circumstances.

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