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Back in 2013, no one would have believed that a convoluted game about high-tech space ninjas would become one of the best examples of free-to-play video games. However, here we are seven years later, looking at the memes born out of the collective consciousness of the Warframe community after slaying hundreds of thousands of Grineer, Corpus, and Infested combatants.

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Suffice to say, Warframe is a huge hit and continues to surpass expectations, even several years from its inception. This is all thanks in part to its dedicated developers and the undying love of the community. Now, since you’re here, you’ve probably played the game enough to know, accept, and joke about some of its idiosyncrasies (whether good or bad). Here are ten of those turned into memes for better mental digestion.


In a game where the fastest way to traverse an environment is to do a spinning bullet jump that would have made gymnasts and ballerinas look like infants, having the ability to run becomes an afterthought. Such is the case in Warframe where everyone’s favorite mode of traversal involves the least amount of contact of your warframe’s foot on the ground.

This begs us players to question why in the world would the developers still leave the sprint system intact in the game? That, and there is also the fact that there is also a walk and sprint button for no discernible reason. It’s an old system that was never improved upon, though it’s probably on the developers’ list.


The funny thing about survival missions in Warframe is that players were never really supposed to stay there too long. Otherwise, the rewards would have been made fairer or more proportionate. In any case, survival missions have mostly lost their meaning as they have become a playground of infinitely spawning and scaling enemies to see which warframes and weapons are the most broken and overpowered.

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The reward for it? Nothing but the bliss you get from committing an intergalactic genocide in the span of several minutes and the fact that there is no threat the game can throw at you that you can’t handle. It’s also one of the best ways to engage in Warframe‘s “endgame.”


We did mention before that Warframe is a free-to-play game done right, right? That’s mostly due to how generous and fair its developers are. The gambling aspect of Warframe is notably less severe. Plus, the developers give you the option to earn Platinum, it’s the game’s premium currency for purchasing stuff that lets you grind less.

However, being a free-to-play game, Warframe’s market is designed to make you spend Platinum… voluntarily, of course. Most of everything sold by the in-game market is purely cosmetic but they are so well-crafted and artistic that it’s hard to resist purchasing until you find yourself with 0 Platinum and an abundance of regret.


One of the most annoying mission types ever in Warframe is when you have to babysit the artificial intelligence (AI). That’s because the AI is no smarter than a pile of rocks and will only act as your weighted chain during the mission. Sadly, there is one mission where the AI just makes it difficult and that’s Rescue.

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You end up having to hack several jail cells only to be greeted by the most exasperating dead weights ever who will continuously keep asking for your sidearm even when they have a visible pistol in their hands. Plus it’s not like they can kill anything competently with your sidearm anyway.


You haven’t really faced the real endgame boss of Warframe until you’ve tried parkour-ing in a claustrophobia-inducing tileset. It’s one of their old design elements that have yet to be overhauled in the old planetary missions. One notable tight area stands out more than the rest, though and those would be Corpus tilesets with grates and vents.

That’s because in Warframe, minimizing grind means minimizing travel time with as much bullet jumping and parkour as possible. The problem is these Corpus grates just don’t care about fluid motions and will block your way if you so much jump through them a few inches off. Hence, they are one of your worst enemies in the game, along with bugs and glitches.


In Warframe, some of the more significant stuff you do in-game does not always come without consequences. Killing bosses, for example, will put you under the crosshairs of one of the most sinister and persistent characters in the game: Stalker. He’s like Swiper from Dora the Explorer except more psychotic and edgier, and he won’t listen to words.

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From time to time, he will interrupt your missions and hunt you down because a boss you killed or defeated put a bounty on your head. Stalker will happily oblige them and will try to kill you, but more often than not, you end up killing the incompetent brat. The items he drops are also must-haves.


Crowd control is basically stunning or incapacitating your enemies if you can’t kill them yet and it’s the difference between life and death in certain high-level situations in Warframe. As such, knowing your Warframe‘s specific skill sets and how they can be abused and min-maxed is paramount to high-level missions.

Looking back though, it’s hilarious to see enemies being unable to do anything depending on how well you broke your crowd control skills. Some of them you can even petrify or render stuck in suspended animation for dozens of seconds. From an enemy’s perspective, it’s likely one of the most boring and uneventful deaths ever.


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, Warframe is a game for twitchy trigger fingers and digital impulse murderers. That’s why there are so many inept players in Spy missions because those require thinking and patience. Of course, it’s also just easier to kill everything mindlessly, much to the chagrin or disappointment of a certain Cephalon who likes to play collector.

That’s the one and only Cephalon Simaris who will randomly give you a synthesis target that you must capture in missions where your mindset is all about mass murder. In fact, Simaris even has the gall to get angry and hysterical if you accidentally kill his low-level synthesis target… if only you could kill him too, that’d be the day.


Back in the days before Warframe‘s relic overhaul, The Void was the proving grounds for all veteran players. It was where everyone went to test all their knowledge of builds and their skills where most return even more insane. That’s because a certain place in The Void called Mot jacks up the enemy damage way too high; it makes certain enemies way too overpowered, like that one pictured in the meme above.

Nowadays, people don’t really have much reason to go to Mot or high-level Void areas because they have little to no rewards. Still, there are those of us who remember the days and crave the slaughter or the feeling of getting slaughtered by a urine-colored butcher wielding a cleaver.


Warframe is a co-op game and that means players ought to help one another when they play in squads. For some reason, however, there are sociopathic outliers who think that the elevators in-game are their personal Ubers prompting them to leave others waiting for the elevators to come back up or down again before being able to proceed in the mission.

Don’t be like this. That is unless you want to be embarrassed big time after you get downed and need revival from your faraway teammates. In any case, those who wait for their teammates before punching the elevator buttons deserve a spot in heaven or Valhalla or wherever heroes go to. They are what make Warframe a community.

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