20 Wild Fan Redesigns Of Unexpected Video Game Couples

The history of the video game couples goes back to the dawn of gaming.

In the beginning, most people had no way to play video games at home, so they had to pack a pocket full of quarters and strut over to the arcade. Addicted gamers would pony up their quarters on the dash of the game to indicate their turn was next.

However, even those early games had hints of couples — Pac-Man had Mrs. Pac-Man and Mario from Donkey Kong had Pauline.

By contrast, kids growing up today are playing the most sophisticated games ever created, with profits bringing in more money than movies worldwide.

It’s truly a treasure trove of riches, with complex character relationships and rich storylines paired with shockingly good technology. Back in the arcade days, we could never dream that games would become so realistic.

We spend weeks and years with these games, and as a result, become hugely attached to the characters that we play and encounter. To fans, just like in the world of comics and movies, it’s a joy to speculate what might happen to them.

How might they interact behind the scenes? How might they fall in love with each other, even if it’s not in the game script? Also, why limit imaginations to just the characters in-game? Why can’t Kratos fall in love with Princess Peach? Or Mega Man with Lara Croft?

Every fan loves to imagine what could be.

With that said, here are the 20 Wild Fan Redesigns Of Unexpected Video Game Couples.

20 Cloud and Sephiroth – Final Fantasy

Cloud first shows up in Final Fantasy VII, which was released in 1997. In this version of the game, Cloud struggles with antagonist Sephiroth, who cruelly manipulates Cloud’s mind throughout the story.

To call this an unlikely couple would be a huge understatement.

In the world of the game, the most likely scenario would be if Sephiroth were to manipulate Cloud’s mind into believing that he loves him. Sephiroth, whose genetic line is part alien, gaslights Cloud throughout the game and poor Cloud struggles to determine his identity.

The artist depicts this improbable couple in a realistic anime style and in a setting that is about as far away from the fantastical world of Final Fantasy as you can get.

19 Kratos and Bayonetta – God of War and Bayonetta

They’re from two totally different game universes, but should they ever meet, we can totally see Kratos from The God of War and Bayonetta from Bayonetta getting it on.

They are both intimidating warriors from dark mythological backgrounds. Cursed with a tragic past, Kratos was bestowed with ancient powers and magical weapons given to him by the Greek gods of Mount Olympus.

Bayonetta is a witch, whose talents include shapeshifting, summoning demons, and blowing opponents away with small mystical firearms.

For both champions, intense fights with divine beings inside ancient mythological settings are commonplace.

This artist extends Kratos’ scar much further down his face, but the rest of his look isn’t changed.

Together, they make an incredible pair.

18 Luigi and Peach – Super Mario Bros.

Luigi first appeared in the game Mario Bros., in which he and Mario defended New York from evil creatures rising from the sewer pipes.

However, it wasn’t until Super Mario Bros. that Luigi gained massive fame. In the game, Mario and Luigi try to rescue Princess Peach, who has been imprisoned in a castle by the evil King Koopa.

In the game, Mario must find the castle in which the princess is imprisoned. At the end of each level, Mario is unfortunately told: “Sorry, the Princess is in another castle.”

This artist depicts a scenario where it is Luigi who rescues Princess peach, while Mario is probably at the wrong address. 

The artist’s attention to detail is incredible.

17 Sora and Rapunzel – Kingdom Hearts

Disney created an incredible franchise with Kingdom of Hearts, which features almost all of their animated characters in the same universe.

However, the games don’t just include characters from their properties —  depending on the game, they also have characters from Final Fantasy, Pixar, and The World Ends With You.

The story begins when Sora and others quest across different lands to preserve their “hearts” from the evil beings that are referred to as the “Heartless.”

Sora and Rapunzel look like they’re doing a bit of swashbuckling here, with Rapunzel wielding her trademark pan from Tangled.

This artist gives Sora a bit more of a realistic feel than the video game, but Rapunzel is pretty close to how she appeared in her own movie.

16 Link and Prince Sidon – The Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild brought many new characters to the world of Zelda, including Prince Sidon.

Here, Prince Sidon is seen enjoying an intimate meal with Link.

While Sidon looks similar to his video game counterpart, Link appears a bit more feminine here than he does in the game.

The style used by this artist is a bit different from the one we see in the game.

While the two do not end up as romantic interests in Breath of the Wild, it’s interesting to see what the couple would look like if they did get together.

Prince Sidon is known for being cheerful and upbeat, which is something that would definitely mesh well with Link’s personality and positive attitude.

15 Samus Aran and Mega Man – Metroid and Mega Man

How can Mega Man not fall in love with Samus Aran? They both wear armored suits, they both have weaponized arms, and they both have adventures fighting futuristic enemies.

The depictions of Samus Aran vary from game to game, but this artist portrays her here in more of a manga style here.

Mega Man’s face is definitely influenced by manga too, as his two eyes are scrunched up arrows and he’s frowning, with beads of sweat shoot off of his brow. He looks more like Mega Boy than Mega Man here, but it’s still adorable.

Though Samus looks a bit too old for Mega Man, the pairing is still extremely cute.

14 Yennefer and Triss – The Witcher

The Witcher franchise has received much critical acclaim, and one of its defining characteristics is how often the main character, Geralt, gets together with many of the women he encounters in the game.

Yennefer, the brunette, and Triss, the red-head, are both love interests that Geralt can get with depending on the choices that the player makes in the game.

We’re not sure what Geralt would think about two of his former girlfriends deciding to get together.

They are also both sorceresses, which makes them well suited for each other.

This artist draws them with pale complexions, which makes them look almost looking like vampires.

While they’re formidable fighters in the game, here they look like they’re dressed for a fancy night.

They’re definitely a cute couple, though.

13 Tracer and Lúcio – Overwatch

While these two look great together, they don’t really make sense as a couple. One of the biggest reasons behind this is the fact that Tracer is gay.

Blizzard Entertainment confirmed her orientation both in-game and in marketing for Overwatch in late 2016.

However, this probably won’t stop fans from imagining her in a straight relationship.

This artist does an incredible job of drawing Tracer and Lúcio almost exactly how they look in the game.

We can also see other Overwatch characters in the background, such as Widowmaker and Reaper, who appear to be dancing together, as well as Mercy and Symmetra.

While fans will probably never see this pairing happen in the game, both Tracer and Lúcio do work well together, so at least they’ll always be friends.

12 Arno and Napoléon – Assassin’s Creed

One of the most interesting aspects of the Assassin’s Creed games is the mesh of historical and fictional storytelling throughout the series.

Would Napoléon ever ditch Josephine for Arno the Assassin?

Perhaps he would if the dashing Arno had free-climbed up to his window to visit him late at night.

Instead of going with Assassin’s Creed‘s typical style, this artist chooses to portray the two characters a bit differently.

Arno has his hood down in this piece, which might be a reference to the first time the two meet. When they are first introduced, Napoléon remarks that it looks sinister, so perhaps Arno is broadcasting is friendly intentions.

Napoléon, for his part, looks happier than in the game, so maybe there is an attraction here.

11 Lilith and Mordecai – Borderlands

The Borderlands franchise is known for its shoot ’em up mayhem and sense of humor.

Lilith is a siren, a character class that has certain magical abilities, while Mordecai specializes in ranged weapons and has a pet named Bloodwing that acts as his literal wingman.

It makes sense for the two to end up together. Mordecai and Lilith are both vault hunters — they’re well-armed adventurers seeking treasure.

In the games, Lilith ends up with Roland, the commando, but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t also share a connection with Mordecai.

This artist provides us with a vision of what it would look like if Lilith and Mordecai got together with this intimate moment.

Mordecai never removes his mask and goggles in the game, but he does it here for Lilith.

10 Michael and Trevor – Grand Theft Auto

Michael De Santa and Trevor Phillips were criminal cohorts in Grand Theft Auto V. They met during a heist that went wrong.

After realizing that they worked well together, they decided to become partners in crime — or perhaps just partners, as we can see here.

They are an unlikely pairing. Michael De Santa is married with two children, but he resents his family and is going through a mid-life crisis.

Meanwhile, Trevor has anger issues and has lived a life of crime ever since he was young.

Since the two spend a lot of time together, a romance might be possible.

This artist depicts Michael and Trevor in a tender setting, with Trevor leaning over to make the first move. Though he’s preoccupied and worried in the game, Michael looks twice as worried in this piece.

9 Gordon and Alyx – Half-Life

Gordon doesn’t say much of anything in Half-Life 2, but that doesn’t stop Alyx from taking a shining to him, as we can see in this artist’s reimagining.

The romance doesn’t occur in the game, but it’s hard to imagine the two never getting together.

Both Gordon, the hero, and Alyx are a key part of the resistance fighting off the alien occupation of Earth by The Combine.

It looks like Alyx is making all the moves here, by both giving Gordon a gift as well as sporting some mistletoe behind her ear. A smooch is definitely forthcoming.

This artist depicts both characters in a much softer and heartwarming illustrative style, as opposed to the harsh kitchen-sink reality of the game. They also look remarkably upbeat despite the total conquest of Earth.

8 Ico and Yorda – Ico

Fans praised Ico for its breathtaking landscapes and minimalist game mechanics.

Young boy Ico is the hero of the story, though he is an outcast because he was born with two horns. He meets Yorda, the daughter of the Queen, while he is in exile.

After he discovers that the Queen is intending to use Yorda for nefarious ends, he sets out to help her escape.

Most fans would probably want these two to end up together, as Ico risks everything for Yorda, who saves him in return.

In this piece, this artist makes gorgeous use of light. This work looks very similar to what we see in the game.

It’s obvious that the two trust and care about each other deeply.

7 Adam Jensen and Frank Pritchard – Deus Ex

The Deus Ex games play like a conspiratorial spy thriller. Adam Jensen is the bio-augmented super-soldier.

In Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Frank Pritchard is a systems engineer who acts as Adam’s remote hacker and IT guy.

They don’t like each other at first, but over time time, Frank helps Adam save the world.

Adam has no romantic options at all in-game, but this doesn’t mean that something can’t happen behind the scenes.

This artist decided to draw the two Frank’s computer lab. The setting is perfect, as it is isolated and can be locked from the inside, providing both Frank andAdam with a private moment.

Frank is missing his trademark black and orange leather jacket that he is always wearing in the game. He probably took it off before embracing Adam.

6 Shepard and Thane – Mass Effect

Commander Shepard is the main character of the critically acclaimed Mass Effect series. In this piece, this artist imagines Shepard and Thane getting together.

As a former assassin, Thane has a rough time dealing with the lives that he claimed. He decides to join Shepard’s mission as a way of settling his conscience, as he hopes that he will also perish during the journey.

Though players can romance Thane in Mass Effect 2, the Drell is in the final stages of Kepral’s syndrome, and thus doesn’t have much time left.

Because of this, many players were scared to get too close to the warrior.

However, it’s obvious that both Thane and his siha make a great couple.

5 Lara Croft and Nathan Drake – Tomb Raider and Uncharted

Is there any video game crossover couple that should belong together more than Lara Croft from Tomb Raider and v from Uncharted?

These two are absolutely perfect together.

Both come from adventure games with settings and plots similar to Indiana Jones movies. The two are also more than capable in a fight, a puzzle, or an emergency.

In addition, Lara and Nathan are both are prone to getting into deep trouble.

This artist depicts these lovebirds in a jungle. It seems like they were both fighting for their lives, as the two are bruised and beaten.

Together, they look ready for a crossover.

4 A Protoss Couple – Starcraft

Starcraft is a military strategy game that features four different races, including the humans, that battle for control.

The Protoss are a psionic race that feeds on light. The hair-like tentacles on the back of their heads are actually nerve cords that are essential to their psionic abilities, which include mind reading, telepathy, as well as charging weapons and shielding.

This artist decided what it would be like to see two Protoss together.

Since the gameplay is focused on battle, romance often gets ignored in the story.

Also, most gameplay involves controlling groups from a bird’s eye view, so it’s unusual to see an intimate pair up this close. We’re grateful for it.

3 Lucca and Magus – Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger was a popukar role-playing game in the ’90s that focused on a team of time travelers trying to save the world.

There are six playable characters, including Lucca, the spectacled mechanical genius, and Magus, the mysterious sorcerer with long hair.

Magus and Lucca never get together in the game, but there are lots of fans who have imagined them together.

This artist imagines what it would look like if Magus and Lucca got together, and it’s hard to ignore how adorable they are. Lucca is looking up lovingly at Magus as he embraces her.

This piece definitely brings out the more expressive and tender side of these characters.

2 Master Chief and Samus Aron – Halo and Metroid

Here are two characters that seem extremely well suited for each other should their universes ever overlap.

Both Samus Aron from Metroid and Master Chief from Halo specialize in the exact same thing: blowing away aliens in their armored suits.

Metroid and Halo have vastly different artistic styles in gameplay. This artist uses a photo-realistic painted style to show what Samus and Master Chief would look like together.

Here, we can see Samus and Master Chief fighting an unseen enemy together.

Since they’re both trained soldiers, trusting one another to have the other’s back would be of the utmost importance in their relationship. 

If ever in a spot of trouble, we’re sure that these two would make a great team that could blast their opponents away.

1 Ryu and Chun-Li – Street Fighter

The Street Fighter games were button-smashing hits at the arcade in the late ’80s and early ’90s.

Street Fighter is one of the most simple and iconic fighting games, though there’s not much backstory that plays out in the first few games.

There’s certainly no reason why Ryu and Chun-Li couldn’t be together. While she is a law enforcement officer for Interpol, Ryu was an orphan who decided to dedicate his life to the martial arts.

This artist uses a finely drawn manga-like style to depict the two characters together, putting them in rarely seen civilian clothes, as opposed to their fighting costumes that are seen in the game.

From what we can see here, it seems like the two have been in a relationship for a long time.

What do you think of these unexpected video game couples? Are there any other unlikely couples you hope could get together? Let us know in the comments!

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