25 Family Guy Easter Eggs Even True Fans Missed

There’s plenty of Easter eggs to be found in Family Guy, but even true fans may have missed this list. Created by comedian Seth MacFarlane, the animated comedy has been entertaining viewers for the last few decades. The series is centered around the Griffin family – Peter, Lois, Chris, Meg, and Stewie – and a few other regular friends.

Even though there’s a longer story being told in Family Guy, the main purpose it serves is delivering some edgy comedy to anyone who’ll watch. This has taken the show to some potentially offensive areas, but they’ve also managed to cut some of their more offensive material along the way. When Family Guy does work its jokes in, the show does so with a variety of gags. Some are more straightforward, while others can be pop culture or historical references – but there’s also plenty of additional jokes that may have been missed.

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Screen Rant’s latest video (featured at the top of this post) takes a look at some of Family Guy‘s best Easter eggs that fans may have missed, even if they’re diehards. Some of these include references to Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining, a speech from Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, and a classic scream from cinema, while there’s also plenty of meta-jokes about the people who work on the show or the fact that Family Guy is a show itself. We’ll highlight some more of them below, but check out the video itself for the full list.

As much as Family Guy likes making fun of other things, this list does show how it can have fun with and utilize the people involved with the show directly. There’s been quick mentions of Family Guy being on TV right now thanks to a TV Guide, while there’s even been copies of Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story on sale. It’s also included nods to the composers of the show, created characters named after writers, made fun of the popular Robot Chicken show Seth Greene (the voice of Chris) created, and crossed over with other MacFarlane creations – including bringing his rejected pitch Gumbel 2 Gumbel to life.

These Easter eggs are still just a few of the many references compiled in this video, but they’re also just a select group of countless others Family Guy includes. With Fox already renewing the series for an 18th season, there will be even more time for it to continue adding to the collection. Whether they’re more self-referencial, as simple as a missed visual gag, or even callbacks to previous episodes, the writers of Family Guy have given fans no reason to doubt that this level of Easter eggs will continue.

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