3Below Season 2’s Ending Sets Up New Arcadia Show Wizards

Warning! SPOILERS ahead for 3Below: Tales of Arcadia season 2

3Below season 2 is the end for the series, and as such, it neatly wraps up the show. But it also sets up the next and final installment in the Tales of Arcadia anthology – Wizards. Created by Guillermo del Toro with DreamWorks Animation, Tales of Arcadia is an animated anthology series about the town of Arcadia and all strange creatures who crop up there – and in the case of 3Below, that means aliens.

Since 3Below season 1, Aja and Krel have continued to live among the humans of Arcadia while also fighting harder than ever to protect their new home from General Morando. In season 2, that fight gets all the more difficult when Morando himself arrives on Earth and Aja, Krel, Varvatos Vex, and all their allies – be they alien, human, or troll – must band together to stop him. 3Below season 2 is an action-packed season like those of Trollhunters before it, still finding time for hilarious asides and heartfelt moments.

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3Below‘s season 2 finale provides a strong closure for Aja and Krel, wrapping up nearly ever major plot introduced on the show and setting the young royals on the next phase of their journey. It also teases the final series in the Tales of Arcadia anthology – Wizards – because while Arcadia may have been saved, there’s another threat that’s coming to end the whole world.

3Below Ends With The Aliens Introducing Themselves To Arcadia

From the beginning, Aja and Krel set out to revive their parents, King Fialkov and Queen Coranda, and defeat Morando. In 3Below season 2’s two-part finale, “A Glorious End”, they accomplish both. It’s an all-out war in Arcadia as Morando and his Omen robots hunt down Aja and Krel, looking to finish off House Tarron for good. Having used Gaylen’s core to become as powerful as a god, the only weapon capable of killing Morando is Seklos’ cannon – a device which they’ve managed to construct, but requires immense energy to power.

Aja and Krel decide to sacrifice their cores to power the cannon, even though it means killing themselves in the process. However, just as they’re about to do exactly that, their parents return to consciousness, and upon seeing what their children are about to do, decide to power the cannon with their own cores instead. In a heartbreaking scene, Aja and Krel are briefly reunited with their parents before the King and Queen give their lives to end Morando once and for all. As a result, the young royals are now the new King and Queen of Akiridian-5, assuming the roles they were destined to have from the very start.

Following the battle, Aja uses the premiere of Toby’s film to reveal to Arcadia the truth about them being aliens. Unsurprisingly, no one really seems to mind. After all, Arcadia has already been home to trolls, why should a few aliens be of any concern? In the end, Aja, Varvatos, Zadra, and Eli – who somehow convinces Aja to let him tag along – all travel back to Akiridian-5, where Aja will take her place as Queen. Krel, however, decides to remain on Earth, realizing that he now thinks of Arcadia as his true home. The siblings share a tearful goodbye, and while they may be apart from one another now, it likely won’t be long before something brings the Akiridians (and Eli) back to Arcadia.

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How 3Below’s Ending Sets Up Wizards

We don’t yet know specific details about Wizards, but 3Below‘s season 2 finale hints at what’s to come. In the episode’s final scene, Toby, Steve, and AAARRRGGHH!!! happen upon a talking black cat wearing glasses who warns them that they are in great danger. The cat – who is actually a wizard’s familiar, though which wizard’s is unclear – explains they must come with him, otherwise the world as they know it will end. Just who is this familiar, who is their wizard, and what, exactly, is this latest world-ending threat are all mysteries that Wizards is sure to explore.

Along with that final teaser of a scene, there’s an earlier moment in 3Below season 2 which may also hint at what will happen in Wizards. The short scene checks in with Jim and Blinky, who after the destruction of Trollmarket’s Heartstone, left with Merlin and the rest of the trolls for Hoboken, New Jersey. It shows them engaged in battle with some mysterious new foe clad head to toe in white armor. No additional information is given, and even Blinky seems unsure of just who this new enemy is, but surely, they must be connected with the world-ending threat the wizard’s familiar warns Toby, Steve, and AAARRRGGHH!!! about.

Does 3Below Season 2 Overlap With Wizards?

The final scene of 3Below season 2 with the wizard’s familiar suggests that Wizards: Tales of Arcadia‘s story will begin immediately following the conclusion of 3Below. However, that earlier moment of Jim fighting with the mysterious knight suggests something else – 3Below season 2 and the first season of Wizards may take place simultaneously. Or, if they aren’t set at the exact same time, then the two seasons may at the very least overlap.

The reasoning for this is two-fold. First, the scene of Jim fighting the knight purposefully reveals very little, which implies that the full scene will be shown later, most likely in Wizards. If that happens, then it’s possible the scene will be presented in such a way as to offer the other side of the video call, this time from Blinky’s perspective. Just such a scene wouldn’t only better highlight what’s happening – potentially even revealing exactly who Jim is fighting – but it would also confirm that some of Wizards season 1 will occur concurrently to 3Below season 2.

The other reason that 3Below and Wizards may overlap is because that’s exactly what happens in Trollhunters season 3 and 3Below season 1. The entire first season of 3Below is happening at the same time as the final season of Trollhunters, with both show’s climaxes coinciding. 3Below season 2 and Wizards season 1 may do something similar, with at the least the first part of Wizards season 1 happening while 3Below season 2 is still winding down.

What Is the Final Threat To Arcadia?

As the culminating series in the anthology, Wizards: Tales of Arcadia will see the characters from both Trollhunters and 3Below unite to defeat this final threat. But just what is it? The wizard’s familiar’s warning and the mysterious foe in white armor are clues, but they don’t reveal the full picture. Our best guess, though, is that the world-ending threat teased for Wizards is none other than Morgana – the evil sorceress who was the main antagonist in Trollhunters. In the Trollhunters season 3 finale, Morgana isn’t destroyed but rather trapped in the Shadow Realm, which leaves it open for her to eventually return.

Ages ago, Morgana was an apprentice of Merlin’s, but she betrayed him and has since been his sworn enemy. Morgana’s goals are to sow chaos in the world, and previously during Trollhunters, she was stopped from enacting an Eternal Night that would have shrouded the world in darkness. It’s likely, then, that if freed from the Shadow Realm, Morgana would seek revenge against Merlin and all his allies – namely, Jim, Claire, and Toby, since they were responsible for locking her away.

With a title like Wizards, it only stands to reason that this Tales of Arcadia series will explore the origins of wizards and possibly even introduce a few more in addition to Merlin and Morgana. In fact, chances are good that the black cat is a familiar of a wizard or witch who is a new character that will be introduced in Wizards. And if the Pale Lady truly has returned, then the trolls, aliens, and humans of Arcadia are going to need all the help they can get in order to stop her.

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