5 reasons Disney’s ‘Mulan’ Trailer Has Us Excited (& 5 It Doesn’t)

Mulan is a timeless Disney film where we watch as a young girl fights to bring her family honor by pretending to be a man. She learns the ways of her people and how to fight like the best of them. Disney has finally created a live-action film that brings this story to life, and fans can’t wait to see it.

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When we first saw the trailer, we had mixed feelings about what story it tells, as certain parts had us more excited than others. Fans want to love this film, but there are some things that we find it hard to get excited about, and those who haven’t seen it can watch the trailer here. Keep reading to learn about five reasons Disney’s Mulan trailer has us excited, and five it doesn’t!

10 Excited: The Face Painting Brings It To Life

We can all remember the part at the beginning of the film where Mulan has her face painted in the traditional Chinese fashion as she prepares to become the perfect daughter. Watching part of the process during the trailer left us with jitters of anticipation as the idea of this film came to life before our very eyes. It was a feeling that couldn’t be described as the animations came to life on screen, and we can’t wait for the official release at the end of March.

9 Disappointed: The Horse Seen Is Unrealisitc

The animated film had essences magic as we saw the dragon in the temple come to life, but this film is taking it to a whole new level. When we are first introduced to the northern invaders in the trailer, they jump off their horses and run up a wall.

We are confused about why they decided to change this and give them powers that are out of this world. It is not humanly possible to do this, and it ruins our excitement for the film upon seeing this.

8 Excited: It Is Powerful When She Lifts The Sword

We watch as Mulan’s father lifts the sword and practices with it in preparation to leave with the other soldiers. It doesn’t become symbolic until Mulan lifts the same sword and we see her make up her mind to leave.

There is so much emotion swirling within her as she accepts that she will never return home. She hopes to bring honor to her family and reads off the three symbols on the sword that are what she strives to be.

7 Disappointed: Why Is There A Witch?

We are so confused as to why they decided they needed a witch to make the story complete. We loved how Mulan was pitted against the rugged leader of the invaders, but apparently that wasn’t as good as having a woman villain.

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It looks like they added her to help complete Mulan’s character arc, although, it’s just not something we can say we like. If anything, we would have preferred them to stick to the original storyline as an alternative to whatever this witch has in store.

6 Excited: The Training Scenes Look Epic

We love the training scenes, as they gave us glimpses of in the trailer because their progress is evident. They start out unable to shoot a simple bow and end up being in complete sync with one another. It sends shivers down our spine, as we can already imagine the hardships that Mulan had to endure to reach this point in her military career. It looks cohesive and well done, and it is just another reason that has us waiting impatiently for this film to be released.

5 Disappointed: She Already Seems To Know How To Handle A Sword

When Mulan picks up her father’s sword during that powerful moment in her childhood home, she flips it around like she knows how to use it. If any of us tried to flip the sword as she did, then it probably would have ended poorly as we accidentally cut off a limb or two.

Mulan was in training to be a traditional Chinese woman, which is why this scene doesn’t make sense. She shouldn’t know how to flip a sword like a professional or feel comfortable with the sharp piece of metal at all. We are not as excited after seeing this, as it makes it seem less realistic in a viewer’s eyes.

4 Excited: The Animations Are Unreal

There are so many animations throughout the film between arrows flying and the various computer-generated backgrounds. It is easy to understand why they waited so long to make a live-action version because they couldn’t have pulled it off without this technology.

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We even watch as the witch transforms herself into a hawk, and it looks effortless with the animations. The fight scenes wouldn’t be the same without these added effects, and it has us super excited for this film to be released.

3 Disappointed: We Don’t See Hints Of Any Songs

Disney movies are always filled with singing and dancing, but we don’t see any of that in this film. When looking up the film’s soundtrack, it looks as though the actors and actresses don’t sing at all throughout the film.

This was an integral part of the story and a reason why so many people loved it, so it makes it easy to say that we are more than a little disappointed. We had hoped to see these songs acted out before our eyes, but, instead, we are only given background music, which is not even close to the same thing.

2 Excited: They Couldn’t Have Chosen A Better Actress

The actress who plays Mulan in this new film is Liu Yifei, and we love her already. She manages to portray her effortlessly, and we think the casting directors made a great choice when they chose her. The expressions on her face and the voice that goes with it couldn’t be any more perfect. This actress will forever be the true Mulan in our hearts as we remember her performance in this trailer, and eventually the film itself.

1 Disappointed: The End Battle Is In A Field

The final battle is in a field, according to the trailer, and this has us a little bummed out. It is just another thing they decided to change because they wanted to focus on a major battle and show their animation abilities.

We would have rather seen Mulan take down their leader in the city as she did in the previous film rather than whatever this is. It already feels like a different film than the one we had originally signed up to see. It acts as the icing on the cake for what lengths the writers took to make this film all their own.

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