90 Day Fiance: Can Ash & Avery Work Despite Her Drug Use?

How will Ash and Avery coexist on 90 Day Fiancé with different lifestyle habits? The couple seems to have a strong connection, but will their differences tear them apart?

Avery and Ash are two of the newest members to star on the 90 Day Fiancé franchise. Avery currently lives in Seattle with her two daughters from two different relationships and enjoys infusing her food with cannabis. Ash works as a relationship therapist in Melbourne, Australia. The two met after Ash commented on one of Avery’s Instagram pictures and he messaged her. The two chatted online and eventually started dating.

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Fans have watched in recent weeks as the mother of two enjoys hot yoga and sprinkling weed all over her food. While Ash, who was originally from Mauritius enjoys his morning ritual of sitting below the ocean waters to feel the vibrations connect his soul to the earth. The two are thousands of miles apart but feel that they can make it work. Fans noted that Ash has a young son and would not necessarily be able to take him out of Australia away from his mother.

There are some major red flags regarding their lifestyles. Avery enjoys a glass of wine and to smoke, while Ash has no use for the recreational stuff in his life and chooses to live a more spiritually centered lifestyle. While the couple does agree on living a life surrounded by wellness memes and products, many believe that Ash has some tricks up his sleeve as he is a relationship coach who seemingly knows the right words to say at any given time. When the two first met, Avery admitted she was in a dark place and Ash’s positivity overwhelmed her with feelings that she could come out of the dark and into the light. But the lack of trust caused them to break up several times before she made the journey to Australia. They broke up, something viewers learned was over holistic bracelets as he posted them on social media while she wanted to keep these gestures private.

The other major lifestyle difference is Ash looked as if he lived beyond his means, hiding his financial past from his girlfriend. Originally, Avery wanted Ash to visit the United States but was told he was not allowed a U.S. visa due to his past that held a bankruptcy charge.

To TLC viewers, it is highly unlikely that the two will be able to make the long-distance relationship work along with their misgivings. Avery will not uproot her two children from Washington state and many doubt that Ash will be able to control himself from flirting with his clients. Fans of the show will have to keep watching to see the inevitable outcome.

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90 Day Fiancé airs Sundays at 8pm EST on TLC.

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