A Quiet Place Sequel Gets A 2020 Release Date

Paramount has officially dated A Quiet Place 2 for summer 2020. Released earlier this year, A Quiet Place became one of 2018’s biggest hits, receiving widespread acclaim and grossing $322.5 million at the worldwide box office. Critics and audiences alike were highly impressed with director John Krasinski’s suspenseful and emotional thriller, which utilized its memorable concept to great effect.

For Paramount, the film’s success was much-needed. With Transformers in a state of flux and questions about the future of Star Trek, they were in a position where they could use a new, reliable IP. Shortly after A Quiet Place opened in theaters, it was reported a followup was being developed, and now it’s taken a major step forward.

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Per The WrapA Quiet Place 2 will premiere on May 15, 2020. No details about the plot were available at the time of the announcement.

One thing that has been confirmed about the sequel is that Krasinski is “definitely” involved in some capacity. He will likely be staying behind the camera for this round, seeing that his character, Lee Abbott, died in a self-sacrifice at the end of the first film. There’s no telling what story A Quiet Place 2 will tell, but Krasinski has no shortage of ideas. He’s already said in the past that the sequel could focus on other survivors of the franchise’s mysterious alien apocalypse. The creative team may also opt for a continuation of the original movie’s narrative, which ended with the tease of Evelyn Abbott (Emily Blunt) preparing for battle against the monsters that terrorize the world. Either route has potential, so it’ll be interesting to see what they do.

Paramount knows they had something special with A Quiet Place, so the filmmakers are going to work diligently to ensure the sequel lives up to the high bar set by its predecessor. Back in July, the studio started piecing together an early Oscar campaign for Quiet Place, hoping to compete in some major categories. Assuming the Academy moves forward with their controversial Best Popular Film award, A Quiet Place could be in the running for that category, and some have even named it as a possibility for Best Original Screenplay. It’s apparent it was able to transcend its genre by telling a powerful story of how far parents would go to protect their children, so hopefully the sequel can deliver another thrilling experience. It would be a shame if the inventive premise wore thin so soon.

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A Quiet Place 2 opens May 15, 2020.

Source: The Wrap

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