Accel World Season 2 Updates: Will It Happen?

The first season ended in 2012 so will Accel World season 2 ever happen? Accel World is based on the light novel series of the same name by author Reki Kawahara (Sword Art Online) and takes place in 2046. The story follows a bullied boy named Haruyuku who escapes from real-life into virtual reality games. His skill brings him to the attention of popular girl Kuroyukihime, who introduces him to a secret program called Brain Burst, which allows users to speed up their brainwaves and essentially stop time.

To earn points for Brain Burst, players have to fight each other in a huge virtual game. Kuroyukihime wants Haruyuku’s help to defeat the faction leaders of Brain Burst and reach the top level to meet the creator of the game. Accel World has also spawned video games and received a spinoff movie called Accel World: Infinite Burst in 2016 that took place after the final episode of season 1.

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The first season covered roughly the first few volumes of the light novel series, which is still ongoing. Fans have been wondering if there will be an Accel Burst season 2 to wrap up the anime series too, so will there be another series to take viewers back to the accelerated world?

Accel World Season 2 Was Never Officially Announced

While the first season performed well, Accel World season 2 has yet to be confirmed. The author of Accel World once spoke of pushing for another season in 2014 but Sunrise, the animation studio behind the show, was busy on other projects. Since then, little has been heard.

Given the amount of time that’s passed since the end of Accel World season 1 without any sign of a second season, it would appear there are no plans to continue the anime series. That said, the franchise has continued on with various video games and other spinoffs, so there’s still hope.

Accel World Season 2 Release Date

Since Accel World season 2 has yet to be confirmed there’s no release date set for it. The franchise marks its tenth anniversary in 2019 so there’s a chance another series might be announced soon, but fans are urged to be cautious considering how long it’s been since the anime finished airing.

Accel World Season 2 Story

If Accel World season 2 moves ahead it will likely cover the rest of the light novel series and continue the main characters quest to meet the game’s creator. Fans were also left somewhat unsatisfied with the 2016 movie Accel World: Infinite Burst, where half of the movie simply reused footage from the series with some new narration. With Sunrise still busy on projects like Mobile Suit Gundam and City Hunter, it seems unlikely the show will return in 2019.

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