Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: 10 Times FitzSimmons Was Relationship Goals

From their first introduction in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., the audience knew Leopold Fitz and Jemma Simmons had a special bond. Before they were even shown on the screen, they were introduced as one entity: FitzSimmons. Throughout the show’s run, Fitz and Simmons grew from best friends to the ultimate romantic partners.

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Fitz and Simmons will traverse the universe a million times over to get to one another. Neither time nor space can keep them apart. As Season 7 approaches, fans are eager to see how the couple reunites after their last parting. Here are 10 times FitzSimmons was relationship goals.

10 Fitz’s Favorite Sandwich

As Fitz prepares to go on a dangerous mission with Grant Ward to the S.H.I.E.L.D. Hub, Simmons offers him his favorite sandwich: prosciutto and buffalo mozzarella with just a touch of homemade pesto aioli. They both know Fitz is heading into dangerous territory and a gift of food is the way Simmons shows her affection.

The smile that lights up his face when he realizes that she knows him so well is precious as all get-out. That’s why when Ward throws his sandwich away it’s an affront to the scientist.

9 Simmons Jumps Out of Zephyr One

When Simmons contracts a Chitauri virus from a helmet leftover after the Battle of New York with the Avengers, she and Fitz work tirelessly to cure her. But they have seen what happens to those humans that are affected by the virus, and they are running out of time.

Knowing that if time runs out before they cure her, she will explode and bring the whole plane down, Simmons decides to sacrifice her life. She knocks Fitz out and makes a tearful goodbye as she jumps out of Zephyr One.

8 Flirting During an Inhuman Autopsy

After they find Inhumans infected with some kind of virus, Fitz and Simmons conduct an autopsy to further investigate its origins. As much as two genius scientists can, they banter back and forth in what counts as flirting for FitzSimmons.

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Fitz gets squeamish, walks away and distracts himself by asking Jemma if she’s seen any good movies lately. She replies with a teasing smile and asks if he’s asking her to see one. Only these two S.H.I.E.L.D. agents could joke about a normal dating life while cutting open an Inhuman’s head.

7 Fitz Gives Simmons the Only Oxygen Mask

Stuck at the bottom of the ocean after Ward sent them careening out of Zephyr One, FitzSimmons believe it is the end for them. Fitz devises a plan to blow open the containment unit so that they can swim to the surface. But there’s only one oxygen tank to make it.

Fitz tells Simmons to take it and bring him to the surface, knowing he might well die in the attempt. Just before they embark on their escape, he confesses his love for her. Jemma is distraught but fights her way to the surface.

6 Fitz’s Hallucination of Simmons

Barely surviving the escape to the ocean surface, Fitz is left with severe brain damage that causes his mind to lose its edge. As he recovers from the injury, Simmons is off on an undercover mission infiltrating HYDRA. To keep his sanity, Fitz hallucinates a version of Jemma that stays by his side and encourages his recovery.

Every time he feels frustrated and hopeless, his imagined Simmons puts a reassuring hand on his shoulder and gives him a warm smile. She is his anchor to finding his way back to himself.

5 Simmons Fights Through the Framework

Aida the Life-Model Decoy traps the agents in the Framework, a virtual alternate reality where they are different people. In this world, S.H.I.E.L.D. is a subversive organization and HYDRA rules, hunting down Inhumans. The head scientist working alongside Aida’s Madame Hydra is none other than Dr. Leopold Fitz.

Simmons wakes up from a mass grave where her virtual self died, and makes her way to D.C. to find Fitz and bring him back to the real world. It’s a grueling battle to save Fitz from his evil self.

4 Fitz Travels Through the Monoliths

After the monoliths take Simmons to an unknown plane of existence, Fitz works day and night to figure out how they took her and where she went. Coulson tells Fitz that Simmons is gone and the other agents are resigned to the loss of their friend.

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But Fitz never gives up, working until he and Daisy realize that the monoliths work on a specific frequency. Once they get the monoliths to work, without a second thought, Fitz jumps through the portal, never knowing what’s on the other side except Simmons.

3 Fitz Freezes Himself to Travel to the Future

Enoch the Chronicom captures the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents and brings them to the future where Earth is destroyed. But Fitz gets left behind and doesn’t know how to bring them back. He devises a plan to put himself in a Cryo-freeze chamber so that he wakes up in the future to rescue his friends and the love of his life.

He’s willing to let any amount of time pass him by so that he can save Simmons and bring her back to their timeline. Nothing stops Fitz and Simmons from finding each other.

2 Simmons Traverses Space to Find Fitz

Once the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents change their timeline, the new version of Fitz dies during the battle with Ruby. But Jemma knows there’s another version of him out in space with Enoch: the Fitz that placed himself in the Cryo-freeze chamber.

Daisy, Piper, and Davis join Simmons in her trek across space to find the chamber and wake that version of Fitz up. She’s so desperate to reunite with him that she’s willing to risk everyone’s lives on the smallest lead to him. But her gamble pays off as they find him.

1 They Work Through Their Issues in the Cerebral Fusion Machine

Captured by the Chronicoms, Fitz and Simmons are forced to live through one another’s memories and hidden feelings as they’re placed in the Cerebral Fusion Machine. FitzSimmons spend a great deal of time battling inner demons and fighting through their complicated feelings.

Every marriage hits a rough patch, but none more than that of Fitz and Simmons. But they work through their core issues and face their deepest fears together to find that their darkest selves are also passionately in love. They escape the machine together, stronger than ever before.

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