American Horror Story Cult: D&D Alignments Of Main Characters

More often than not, American Horror Story focuses on stories that are supernatural or surreal, but the season titled Cult is different. The horror aspect in this season is about politics and cult logic which are very much real even in our days.

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Like the D&D alignments of the characters in the sixth season Roanoke and the third season Coven, characters in Cult are quite different. Here are D&D Alignments Of American Horror Story: Cult Characters.

10 Beverly Hope: Lawful Evil

Beverly Hope is a broadcast news reporter who was silenced and had a rivalry with her colleague. Beverly used to be a good woman simply trying to do her job right, but then she had a breakdown and attacked a group of men who were harassing her. She was then sent to a rehabilitation facility, but once she returned, she couldn’t get back on track.

Beverly is a Lawful Evil character (after her breakdown and once she joins Kai). She is a woman hungry for power and willing to use any means to achieve her goals. She is driven by rage and has no remorse for her victims.

9 Gary Longstreet: Lawful Neutral

Gary Longstreet is a supermarket owner who also happens to be a passionate Trump supporter. He strongly believes in the “Make America Great Again” movement, but he also embodies all of the worst stereotypes associated with Trump such as misogyny, homophobia, and xenophobia.

Gary is a Lawful Neutral character. He closely follows his beliefs and even cut off his own hand to be able to vote on the elections for Trump. He even grabbed Ivy by her private area once which was a result of the close following of his ideology.

8 Bebe Babbitt: Lawful Evil

Bebe Babbitt is the woman behind many notorious cult leaders. Once she is revealed to be the one who initially guided Kai, we find out that she used to be a follower of Valerie Solanas and faithfully worshiped her SCUM Manifesto. Bebe is a self-proclaimed radical feminist willing to do almost anything to achieve her goals.

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Bebe is a Lawful Evil character. She hates men and is determined to unleash the “female rage” by various means (initially through the killings that were first credited to the famous Zodiac killer and then through Kai). Bebe does many immoral and terrible things, but even she can’t manipulate everyone which is proven by Kai getting out of her control.

7 Serena Belinda: Neutral Evil

Serena Belinda is an aspiring young journalist who doesn’t get along with her colleague Beverly Hope. Serena was eventually murdered by Kai and his gang after Kai had spoken with Beverly about her.

Serena is a Neutral Evil character. She is willing to sleep with many men to get promoted in her job and doesn’t think that people want news but rather wanted to get distracted from the news. Serena is a mean and revengeful character even though she appears to be friendly while acting as a reporter talking about the latest news.

6 Dr. Rudy Vincent: True Neutral

Dr. Rudy Vincent is the psychiatrist Ally is seeing to treat her phobias. Rudy is the older brother of Kai and Winter Anderson who he tries to protect and care for in numerous scenes. Rudy doesn’t overthink things out of his reach and treats his problems quite pragmatically.

Rudy is a True Neutral character. He loves his siblings, wants Winter to finish college and wants Kai to get better by sending him to a corresponding institution. Rudy covered up the fact that their mother murdered their father and then killed herself so that they can keep the house and ensure that Winter gets a proper education. Moreover, Rudy is always friendly to his patients.

5 Winter Anderson: True Neutral

Winter Anderson is the weird nanny that Ivy and Ally hire to look after their son Oz. Winter is the younger sister of Kai and Rudy. After the death of their parents, it appears that Winter had been self-harming herself. She left college and worked on Clinton’s presidential campaign, and then she got hired as a nanny by Ivy and Ally.

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Winter is a True Neutral character. She does whatever she feels like doing at a particular moment. Winter is afraid of Kai and believes him to be the most terrifying person in the world. She also suffers from pedophobia as she dreads any kind of interactions with children.

4 Kai Anderson: Chaotic Evil

Kai Anderson is a cult leader and a former Internet troll. He is the brother of Rudy and Winter. His followers were initially known as FIT, but as his political prominence grew, his small group of followers did too. He wanted to spread chaos in order to eventually conquer the world.

Kai is a Chaotic Evil character. However, despite his actions spreading chaos and being quite unpredictable, he is first and foremost a cult leader which is not a characteristic of Chaotic Evil characters. Nevertheless, his downfall was brought on by his own ego which is exactly what happens to characters of this alignment.

3 Harrison Wilton: Lawful Evil

Harrison Wilton is Ally and Ivy’s neighbor who is a very honest beekeeper. Despite being gay, Harrison is married to his high school best friend Meadow Wilton (because they made a pact to do so if they don’t get married until they are thirty-five). Harrison also worked as a personal trainer at the gym.

Harrison is a Lawful Evil character. After Kai talks to him, Harrison becomes convinced to follow his cult and starts his immoral journey by killing Vinny, his boss at the gym who constantly harasses Harrison.

2 Ivy Mayfair-Richards: Lawful Evil

Ivy Mayfair-Richards is the wife of Ally and the mother of Oz. She is struggling to make ends meet and keep her family intact while working as the owner of a restaurant called The Butchery on Main.

Ivy is a Lawful Evil character. She slowly grows to hate her wife because unlike her, she can’t give birth and dedicate enough time to their son Oz. After Ivy joins Kai’s cult, she follows all the orders and does everything she can to get her son Oz.

1 Ally Mayfair-Richards: True Neutral

Ally Mayfair-Richards is married to Ivy and has mothered a boy named Oz. She suffers from her multiple phobias that resurfaced recently but first appeared during her breakdown after 9/11. Ally has stated that Ivy was the one who helped her recover from her breakdown.

Ally is a True Neutral character. She is a good person, but her phobias often make her act whiny. She loves her wife and son, but their family falling apart is inevitable and Ally can’t do much to save the situation.

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