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American Horror Story’s upcoming season 10 could be the show’s final season. Paying homage to the slasher movies of the ‘80s, last year’s AHS: 1984 featured a fresh batch of twists, turns, and toils for fans of Ryan Murphy’s FX anthology series. Hailed as the most grisly season to date, many fans felt AHS:1984 was the best in the series and took the show to new sinister heights, leaving many fans wondering what to expect from season 10.

Created by Murphy and Brad Falchuck, AHS is a supernatural horror series which follows different sets of characters, settings, and storylines each season. Beginning with Murder House in season 1, American Horror Story has spanned a versatile list of settings including a criminally insane institution, a supernatural hotel, an American freak show, and a coven of witches. Infused with a slew of freaky characters, complex stories, and tangled tales, American Horror Story has been praised for its slate of raw talent, and AHS’s repeating cast has featured Sarah Paulson, Emma Roberts, Kathy Bates, Evan Peters, Billie Lourd, James Cromwell, and Jessica Lange. Sans Paulson’s and Peter’s American Horror Story appearances, 1984 ended on a satisfying note and explored the deeper themes of moving on. Now, Murphy has revealed the series could be moving on for good.

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As reported to Deadline, Murphy declared American Horror Story season 10 is the last one under contract with FX. The prolific television producer is keeping the details of season 10 under wraps, but states that he plans on reuniting fan-favorite actors for at least one last time. Teasing the idea of AHS season 10 in space, Murphy has been reaching out to alumni cast members, saying, “The people who helped build this show into what it is, who believed in it from the beginning, have been contacted and are interested.

Having recently partnered with Netflix, Murphy plans to negotiate with the streaming giant to pick up American Horror Story in the event FX doesn’t order additional seasons. Murphy has expressed he would like to extend the life of American Horror Story past season 10, although he has already been keeping a packed slate of high-profile projects. In addition to AHS, Murphy currently has The Politician season 2, The Prom, American Crime Story: Impeachment, and Ratched in the works.

AHS:1984 celebrated the show’s 100th episode and closed another chapter in the anthology’s phenomenal run. Despite Murphy’s padded schedule, American Horror Story has always been one of the producer’s top priorities, even claiming the divisive AHS: Asylum was Murphy’s favorite. However, the flagship show for FX horror has seen a steady decline in viewership over the past couple of seasons, firing up the opinion that AHS should be canceled. Should the creative collaborators behind these twisted tales opt to end the show, no doubt the final season of American Horror Story will be peppered with familiar faces and, hopefully, deliver a satisfying end.

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