American Horror Story’s Coven Sorted Into Hogwarts Houses

Every season American Horror Story brings fans a new take on horror. In season three, that take was inspired by witches. American Horror Story: Coven followed a group of witches as they fought for survival in New Orleans, Louisiana. That fight included facing off against witch hunters, but more often than not, it involved facing off against other witches.

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The witches of Coven had their own magical school to attend. Miss Robichaux’s Academy taught them the basics and allowed them to harness their natural gifts, preparing the students for one of them to become the next Supreme: the most powerful witch of all. Because of the Academy, there would be no need for this group to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, but it’s still fun to imagine where they would fit in Harry Potter’s world.

10 Cordelia Foxx: Hufflepuff

Over the course of American Horror Story: Coven, Cordelia rose to the role of Supreme for the witches. Though she ended up in a leadership role, it’s not necessarily the one she always wanted.

Cordelia spent a lot of her time in her mother’s shadow, running the school in her absence, and smoothing over conflict between her mother and the witches’ council. She was a born peacemaker. Cordelia didn’t think of herself as Supreme material, but she was willing to try for the good of the coven. She was also willing to give it up for the good of the coven, proving herself a Hufflepuff at heart.

9 Madison Montgomery: Slytherin

Even before she learned that she was a witch, Madison Montgomery was someone used to getting what she wanted without worrying about the consequences. Discovering she had magical abilities only made her more likely to go after what she wanted.

When learning about the history of the Salem witches, Madison thought she had what it took to become the next Supreme. Like Fiona, she was willing to get it by any means necessary to gain more power. Also like Fiona, however, she was sidetracked by selfish reasons, refusing to resurrect someone who had the chance to steal her spotlight, cutting her chance at performing the Seven Wonders short.

8 Marie Laveau: Gryffindor

Despite Marie Laveau’s climb to power and her willingness to do whatever it took to stay there, Marie wouldn’t be sorted into Slytherin. Instead, she leans closer to the Gryffindor end of Hogwarts.

Marie led with her emotions. If Slytherins are calculating planners, Gryffindors are impulsive fighters. Despite her long life and firm hold on her followers, Marie was definitely the latter. It’s her anger at her lover being taken from her that got her to act out against other witches. She also broke the truce with the Salem witches by hiring someone to wipe them out. Marie also, however, was willing to pick up some nefarious allies, like Fiona Goode, if it suited her. She’s emotional, but she knew when she could use backup in a fight.

7 Myrtle Snow: Hufflepuff

Myrtle Snow had a bit of Slytherin in her. After all, she’s cunning and tried to get Fiona out of power every chance she got. Those Slytherin-like actions, however, come from Hufflepuff motivations.

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Myrtle only wanted what’s best for the coven. If that meant she wasn’t in it, then she’s okay with that. She also wanted the coven run fairly. Because she believed Fiona came to power by nefarious means (and she’s not wrong), she thought someone else should be the Supreme as soon as possible. Her staunch belief in fairness, and the good of the many, made her belong in Hufflepuff.

6 Queenie: Gryffindor

Unique amongst the witches in Coven, Queenie was a descendant of both voodoo priestesses and the Salem witches. That meant she had the powers of both and was able to complete voodoo rituals as easily as she was able to cast spells at the Academy. Feeling the pull from both sides of her magical history, Queenie was someone who led with her heart more than her head, which made her a pretty great fit for Gryffindor.

Queenie was ready to be a full member of the coven – as long as they appreciated her. Her constantly being roped into their schemes and trying to save the day got tiring when they didn’t, and she temporarily left them to pursue life as a student of Marie Laveau. When Coven ended, though she’s made a member of the Witches’ Council, she also struck out on her own, leaving the other witches behind to live her life. That’s a bold move.

5 Nan: Ravenclaw

The only Ravenclaw in Coven comes to us in the form of Nan. Nan gets the least amount of attention of the coven members in the series, partly because she dies early in the storyline. There’s definitely more to her than meets the eye.

Nan was the only one of the witches the audience saw demonstrate telepathic abilities, as well as what we would consider psychic abilities. Not only could she “hear” thoughts, but she could also see into people’s pasts and catch glimpses of the future. That allowed Nan to put pieces of puzzles together much faster than other members of the coven. She also picked up on different lessons much faster than the other girls, demonstrating a better understanding of witchcraft than anyone else.

4 Anna Leigh Leighton: Hufflepuff

A former coven member the audience only saw a few times in the series, Anna Leigh Leighton reigned as the Supreme before Fiona. What we know about her is that she was extremely powerful, but Fiona killed her as soon as she confirmed that she would make sure Fiona never became the Supreme.

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Anna Leigh was the Supreme for over 30 years. During that time, she negotiated a peace treaty with the voodoo priestesses and tried to rule with a fair hand. The only reason she even tried to hold on to her seat of power was because she feared what kind of leader Fiona would be. Fiona’s lust for power frightened her, and she wanted to do what was best for the coven. Anna Leigh was definitely a Hufflepuff.

3 Zoe Benson: Gryffindor

If the sorting hat based its opinions on Zoe Benson solo on the first episode of the Coven season, they might be tempted to sort her into a house like Hufflepuff as someone who just wants to avoid conflict. Zoe, however, has a lot of potential early on and she grows into her abilities as a witch, eventually becoming a council member with Queenie. She showcased a lot of strong Gryffindor traits throughout the series.

As all the Gryffindors in the series do, Zoe thought with her heart before her head. She acted on instinct more than knowledge, which led her into some sticky situations. Zoe became someone ready to stand on the front lines and kill for her Academy classmates and coven sisters. She’s the Neville Longbottom of the coven.

2 Misty Day: Hufflepuff

Misty Day was one of the sweetest characters in the series. In a show where witches would just as soon kill one another as they would their enemies, Misty is the one person who abhors violence. She just wanted peace – and to be left alone in nature.

Like Marie Laveau, she didn’t technically belong to the coven. Unlike Marie, however, Misty had no place in the voodoo world either. Instead, she lived alone in the swamp after having mysteriously resurrected herself. She avoided conflict, loved Stevie Nicks, and didn’t understand witchy politics. Her own personal hell involved dissecting a frog in high school biology for all eternity, so I think it’s safe to say she’s a true Hufflepuff.

1 Fiona Goode: Slytherin

Fiona Goode is the Supreme for most of the American Horror Story season. Her entire story throughout the season involved her trying to keep a tight hold on that power. That’s all she ever really wanted. Fiona couldn’t be anything other than a Slytherin.

When Fiona was young, not only did she murder the Supreme to take over, but she used the position to live a life of luxury. In her old age, cancer signaled to her that it’s time for someone else to take her place. Fiona tried magical and scientific means to hold on to her seat of power, and when that doesn’t work, she just started killing the witches she thought might be next in line. It’s only when she discovered that her daughter is the next Supreme, carrying on the Goode legacy, that she stopped trying to hold on.

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