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Ansel Elgort reveals he’s seen a script for Baby Driver 2. Released in 2017, Edgar Wright’s Baby Driver received widespread critical praise for its standout action set pieces (which were edited in-sync with the excellent soundtrack) and terrific performances. To top it all off, it was the most commercially successful film of Wright’s career, tallying $226.9 million at the worldwide box office against a production budget of just $34 million. Though there’s never been a sequel to one of Wright’s films, there’s been constant talk about a Baby Driver 2.

Next up for the auteur is another original project, psychological horror film Last Night in Soho, but Wright’s also been developing a followup to Baby Driver. After multiple teases, Wright confirmed earlier this year he had completed a Baby Driver 2 script draft, indicating he definitely intends to make it at some point in time. Elgort, who earned raves for his turn in the first film, believes he’ll be reuniting with Wright in the near future.

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Sitting down with MTV News, Elgort was asked about the status of Baby Driver 2. Not only does the actor think the film will eventually happen, he’s seen the script. Check out the interview clip in the space below:

Though Elgort couldn’t reveal many details, the fact he’s seen the script is a positive sign for those hoping to see more Baby on the big screen. Whatever idea Wright has, he’s passionate enough about it to share it with the Baby Driver star and have initial conversations about the film. Granted, if Baby Driver 2 comes into fruition, it’s still a few years off, but it’s nice to see it’s still in development. What’s mosts interesting is Elgort’s tease that the sequel has a different title, which does make a fair amount of sense. By the end of the original film, he’s no longer a driver for Doc’s criminal operation and was set to start a new life with Debora. Even though Baby is renowned for his driving skills, the plot would probably be a little different from its predecessor.

And with someone as unique as Wright at the helm, nobody should expect Baby Driver 2 (or whatever it ends up being called) to be a rehash of the first film. As fun as it would be to see more insane car chases and heists, Wright likely wouldn’t return to this world unless he had something interesting and fresh in mind. Baby Driver works perfectly as its standalone story, without any overt dangling threads that demand resolution in a new movie. Frankly, a Baby Driver sequel that’s something of a departure from its predecessor would be a welcome turn of events, keeping the audience on their toes like only Wright can do.

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Source: MTV News

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