Apex Legends Season 1 Wild Frontier: All The Changes In The New Patch

Although we already knew some details about the Wild Frontier battle pass in terms of cost and rewards, the patch notes delve into the nitty gritty. Despite initial excitement, Respawn has already had to defend Apex Legends’ relatively simple approach to Battle Pass compared to Fortnite’s offerings, so a complex look might help assuage fears that the developer is skimping on the latest update.

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Highlights from the patch notes, shared by Respawn via Reddit, include a rundown of newcomer Octane’s abilities. The previously leaked Legend sports a Passive skill that lets him heal while not taking damage (+1 health every 2 seconds). Octane’s Tactical Stim increases his movement speed at the cost of health, but increases his resistance to slowdown attacks. Finally, Octane’s Ultimate lets him deploy jump pads launch characters across the sky.

Respawn has finally implemented a reporting feature for cheating and abusive players as well. People can report offending players either from the spectate view after dying or when viewing team Banner Cards in the Squad menu. Some bugs that have been squashed in the update include Pathfinder’s zipline failing to deploy when jumping, the ability to shoot while downed, and getting disconnected when unplugging a controller.

Quality of life includes d-pad navigation for menus and increased input customization. For example, players can now swap the actions of the bumpers/triggers on controllers. The much-touted hitbox issue has been addressed with better adjusted boxes for Gibraltar, Caustic, and Pathfinder. One neat addition is Apex Legends’ newly added support for Razer Chroma peripherals. Razer’s line of illuminated keyboards will now shine certain colors in reaction to actions performed in game. An example is that the keys will shine the same the color as the player’s skydiving smoke trail. Colors will also flash when an Ultimate is ready, change when firing or taking damage, and more.  

The full patch notes can be read on the next page of this article. Wild Frontier represents Respawn’s first major step in turning the already stellar Apex Legends into a game worth sticking with for the long haul. As the battle royale scene continues to heat up, it’ll be intriguing to see how Season 1 performs and what future Seasons look like after it.

Source: Reddit/IGN

  • Added Battle Pass tab to Lobby.
  • Cost: 950 Apex Coins
  • Earn over 100 unique items throughout the season – everything you snag before the season is over is yours to keep.
    • Updated dashboard images for Season 1 on PC and Xbox [PS4 is on the way!]
    • Updated Main Menu with new Season 1 art.
    • Updated the Lobby visuals for Season 1.
    • Updated Apex Legends site FAQ with info on Battle Pass.

    Introducing the Battle Pass Bundle

    • Get the Battle Pass, plus unlock your next 25 levels for Season 1 instantly.
    • Cost: 2,800 Apex Coins.

    Free Rewards

      Everyone that plays Apex Legends during Season 1 can earn the following rewards:
    • 1 Wild Frontier Legend Skin
    • 5 Apex Packs
    • 18 Wild Frontier themed Stat Trackers
    • Read full blog about Battle Pass with FAQ and video here:

    New Legend: Octane, High-Speed Daredevil

      If it doesn’t involve diving, leaping, plummeting, or racing, then Octane wants nothing to do with it. Always the life of the party, Octane truly believes winning the Championship isn’t enough…not if you didn’t cheat death at least twice to get there.

      Passive: Swift Mend
    • While not taking damage, Octane restores 1 health every 2 seconds.

      Tactical: Stim
    • Move 30% faster for 6 seconds. Costs health to use. While active, Octane is affected less by attacks that cause slowdown. 2 second recharge

      Ultimate: Launch Pad
    • Deployable jump pad that catapults players through the air. Takes 90 seconds to recharge.

    • 12,000 Legend Tokens
    • 750 Apex Coins

    Stability & Performance

      We’ve got some fixes in this patch that will improve stability on PC but we know there are still issues out there we need to address. We also added crash reporting so we can better understand how to tackle the issues we haven’t solved yet and address future ones.
    • 1 Improved stability for various GPU configurations.
    • Capped PC FPS to 300 to balance improving stability but still letting you folks enjoy those sweet frames.
    • Addressed issue with PS4 crashes due to running out of memory.
    • Introducing better reporting when Apex crashes on PC without error message.
      • We really want to fix any crashes people happen to get on PC. We also respect our player’s privacy. So, if the PC game crashes, it will write “apex_crash.txt” to your “Documents” folder. This tiny file is plain text, so you can easily see for yourself that it has no personal information. If you choose to share this file with us, it will tell us whether the crash was in Apex or in third party software. If the crash was in Apex, our programmers can use the information to find and fix it. If you experience a crash, please include this file when you report.
        • We protect your personal information.
        • You can easily see everything in the file yourself; we have no secrets.
        • You’re in control of whether we ever see the file.
        • Please submit the file when you create a bug report on our forums here: https://answers.ea.com/t5/Bug-Reports/bd-p/apex-legends-bug-reports-en
        • Players can now report cheaters they encounter in-game and it’ll be sent directly to Easy Anti-Cheat. You can do this from either the spectate view after dying or when looking at your team’s Banner Cards in the Squad tab.
        • We have lots of other work going on behind the scenes and this remains high priority for us. We won’t be able to share many specifics of what we’re doing but we’ll strive to provide updates on progress for the things we can talk about.
        • As I’m finishing the notes this morning, 499,937 accounts and counting have been banned for cheating.
        • Speed hacking: We do currently have anti-speed hacking in Apex Legends, but it’s not being as effective as intended due to a bug that we believe we’ve identified and will be addressing in our next server update. Will provide ETA for it when I have it. Working to get it out ASAP.
        • You can report players from the spectate view after dying or when looking at your team’s Banner Cards in the Squad tab.

        Quality of Life

        • Added “Swap LT/RT & LB/RB” / “Swap L1/R1 & L2/R2”) toggle in the Controller Button Layout settings.
          • Lets you quickly swap what your bumpers & triggers are set to, with any controller preset.
          • Setting this to “Minimal” can be especially helpful for players susceptible to motion sickness.
          • Customize how far you want to pull the triggers before they register.
          • Fine-tune specific aspects of the look controls for a custom feel; such as Deadzone, Response Curve, Target Compensation (aim assist), and more.
          • Shield bar drains to indicate the remaining health of the shield.
          • When you have a Gold KO Shield and are down, we’ve added an effect to the label that reminds you that you can self revive.
          • Added better color blind support for Blood Hound’s Threat Vision.
          • Colorblind colors per setting are now displayed in the settings menu.
          • Colorblind settings moved from Video Settings to Gameplay->Accessibility. They are now applied on the fly.
          • Enemy pings now use proper enemy color instead of only using red.
          • Turned down volume when Wraith activates a portal.
          • Turned down the end sounds on the Peacekeeper charged shot.
          • Turned down the draw/holster sound slightly for thermite grenades.

          Legend Balance & Hitbox Adjustments

          • Adjusted hitboxes for Gibraltar, Caustic, and Pathfinder to better align with their shapes.


          • Reduced cooldown of Traps 30 -> 25 seconds.
          • Increased radius and proximity radius by about 10%.
          • Removed a 1 second delay on the smoke dealing damage to players.
          • Reduced cooldown of Gas Grenade 2:30 -> 2:00 seconds.


          • Insider Knowledge
          • Increased the number of beacons in the world 10-> 12.


          • Double Time
            • Reduced move speed bonus to 40% -> 30%.


            • Defensive Bombardment
              • Fixed a bug where your teammates wouldn’t be affected by Shell Shock. This was meant to be the same as Bangalore’s ultimate.


              • Fixed players being able to shortcut weapon swap by changing stance
              • Fixed players being able to shortcut Peacekeeper rechamber sequence
              • Fixed inaccurate auto ranging fullscreen (sniper) optics when base FOV is not set to default
              • Spitfire: fixed ADS view on Legendaries partially obscured by custom geo. (The Continuum, The Heavy Construct)
              • Fixed ADS view being blocked when using Caustic legendary skins with certain weapon/ optic combos
              • Digital threat optics: threat highlights are now more visible (slightly brighter; no longer affected by TSAA)
              • Fixed bug where Devotion audio sometimes wouldn’t accurately reflect rate of fire.

              Additional Bug Fixes

              • Fixed rare issue where a player could get stuck on the drop ship and be invulnerable.
              • Patched up the hole we found in Gibraltar’s shield.
              • Fixed issue where Lifeline’s revive shield wouldn’t stay put while on a moving platform.
              • Fixed issue where sometimes players would get stuck in map geometry while skydiving from the dropship or Jump Towers.
              • Fixed bug where players could still shoot even after being downed.
              • Fixed bug where occasionally Lifeline’s D.O.C. drone would stay connected to a player but not heal them.
              • Limited the amount of Lifeline’s D.O.C. drones that can connect to a player to 2.
              • Fixed Pathfinder’s zipline not deploying when jumping.
              • Fixed a bug with the HUD where sometimes the Heal Bar would stay up if the heal was cancelled right after it was started.
              • Fixed a bug where sometimes the audio would continue to play sound FX for the Knockdown Shield even after it’s been destroyed.
              • Fixed issue where sometimes players could get disconnected when unplugging their controller during a game.
              • Fixed the exploit where you could do infinite wallclimb using Pathfinder’s Grapple.
              • Fixed bug where sometimes you couldn’t fire the Peacekeeper after riding a zip line.
              • Fixed issue where sometimes the skybox fog would not appear while spectating after you died.
              • Fixed bug where Banner Cards would show through walls occasionally when viewed through a very high FOV.
              • Fixed some odd light flickering that was happening on the ballon flags attached to Jump Towers.
              • Fixed bug where sometimes a player’s Banner Card would not show up after character select.

              Razer Chroma Support

              • Apex Legends will now detect Razer Chroma peripherals and supported devices will now play animated colors that react to things you do in the game! Some examples:
              • Red lights during banner transitions.
              • While skydiving colors will tune to the color of your smoke trail.
              • Picking up loot.
              • Opening Apex Packs
              • Firing and taking damage.
              • Colors that flash when your Ultimate is ready.
              • And more!

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