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Apple has yet to launch its AppleTV+ streaming service, but the tech giant is already busy marketing one of its first shows, For All Mankind, with a new video tied to the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 moon landing. This summer has seen the historic event remembered with a number of documentary films, both in theaters and on television. In addition to the IMAX-enhanced Apollo 11, National Geographic recently aired its feature documentary Apollo: Missions to the Moon, which not only recounted Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin touching down on the lunar surface, but it also covered the history of the Apollo program in total. 

Now, AppleTV+ and co-creator/showrunner Ron D. Moore are taking an alternative history approach to the space race, contemplating what NASA and humankind might have looked like if human exploration of space didn’t stop at the moon. The new series is one of many ambitious (and apparently very expensive) new original series Apple has stockpiled as the streaming wars begin to heat up in advance of not only AppleTV+, but also Disney+, and WarnerMedia’s HBO Max. And as one of the only shows that Apple has released a proper trailer for, it seems fitting that the company give audiences a better look at what’s to come by comparing For All Mankind to the event being remembered this summer. 

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It’s a smart bit of marketing on Apple’s behalf, as the new featurette not only gives viewers a sneak peek at the new series, but it also gives co-creator Ron D. Moore a chance to explain the impetus behind For All Mankind. Thought it’s just a small peek behind the curtain, the short featurette demonstrates the show’s commitment to creating a version of NASA that’s as realistic as possible, even though the space administrations mission and progression through history to the present day will conceivably be dramatically different from the one most viewers know today. Take a look at the video below:

Since WWDC 2019, Apple has been showcasing For All Mankind as its flagship program for the  streaming TV service that is expected to launch this fall. Whether or not that means the space race series will be the only series available at launch or not is not entirely clear, but it sure seems as though the maker of iPhones is positioning the the alternative history drama as a prestige-worthy series, one that may well net the fledgling TV service the positive reviews (and possibly awards recognition) that will get subscribers signing up. 

But if watching Joel Kinnaman lead a new generation of astronauts into space isn’t enough, viewers can still look forward to the Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston-led TV news drama The Morning Show, as well as the reboot of Amazing Stories, and the Jason Momoa fantasy series Sight. 

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For All Mankind and AppleTV+ will premiere later this fall.

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