Arrested Development: 10 Best Episodes Ranked, According to IMDb

Premiering 16 years ago way back in 2003 Arrested Development follows the Bluth’s, a well off dysfunctional family who face financial ruin after  George Bluth Sr, the Patriarch of the family, is arrested for stealing his companies money. It’s now up to his son Michael to reluctantly take charge of the ship and steer the family from obvious disaster.

Originally only running for 3 seasons after being canceled in 2006, the show was rescued by Netflix in 2013 and brought back by popular demand. Join us now as we count down the best episodes according to their IMDB rating!

10 Amigos, Season 2 Episode 3 (8.9)

An episode about running away. Michael takes a group down to Mexico after hearing that his father is hiding out south of the border and tries to form a connection with George Michaels’s girlfriend Ann but just ends up talking Lindsay throughout the journey. Meanwhile, Lindsay and Tobias continue their open relationship experiment while Buster tries to escape the army by stowing away.

9 Mr. F Season, 3 Episode 5 (8.9)

Michael tries to find a balance between his work life and his English girlfriend Rita, with whom he sneaks out to see smash-hit British film Love Indubitable on a workday. So he decides to combine the two and takes Rita on a business trip where he discovers one of the companies developments have a mole problem.

Unfortunately due to miscommunication the rest of the family thinks Michael means a spy instead of vermin!

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8 Making A Stand, Season 3 Episode 8 (8.9)

After shooting down G.O.B’s idea of selling company blueprints to “our Mexican friends down in Columbia” for being illegal and insane, Lyndsay reminds Michael of how his father used to make him and G.O.B compete as he believed it would toughen them up. he even recorded these clashes on tapes known as “Boyfights.”

It’s not long until the rivalry starts again when G.O.B opens up a frozen banana stand next to Michaels, and a business war ensues!

7 Exit Strategy, Season 3 Episode 12 (8.9)

Lyndsay and Tobias are hungover from drinking a bottle of vodka, G.O.B decides he wants to perform a U.S.O show in Iraq much to the chagrin of Michael, who believes their father is being tried for treason for building homes there.

Meanwhile, George Michael sets about trying to arrange a super sweet 16 birthday party for his cousin Maeby.

6 Righteous Brothers Season 2 Episode 8 (9.0)

Michael wants George Sr. to leave his hideout in the attic for a few days whilst a building inspector comes to take a look at the house, so G.O.B takes it upon himself to try and construct a scheme to make the family elder disappear as he is being stubborn and does not want to leave. Meanwhile, George Michael decides to join his girlfriend Ann to a protest against Maebys film “Les Cousins Dangeroeux”  in hopes that the excitement may impassion her to kiss him again and save their relationship.

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5 Good Grief, Season 4 Episode 2 (9.1)

In an attempt to find a missing George Sr. Lucielle hires a bounty hunter named Ice to track him down, but George Sr.’s whereabouts might be closer than everyone thinks. Maeby tries to set up her mother with Ice, Michael tries to fix George Michaels troubled relationship, and G.O.B prepares to perform and over the top elaborate illusion.

4 Afternoon Delight, Season 2 Episode 6 (9.1)

As the Banana stand is traditionally destroyed by vandals over the holiday season, Michael tries to find his son to embark on their own family tradition of rebuilding it, but this Christmas George Michael plans on spending time with his girlfriend Ann and her family.

Meanwhile, after being inadvertently roasted at the Bluth Christmas party G.O.B begins to stage mass firings.

3 Meat The Veals, Season 2 Episode 16 (9.1)

Knowing that George Michael is unhappy and that his dating standards are too low, Michael sets up a dinner George Michael’s girlfriend’s ultra-conservative family in hopes of creating a rift and breaking them up. However, this plan seems to backfire as Michael realizes that Ann’s family is just as screwed up as his own…

Also in this episode, G.O.B, George Sr. and G.O.B’s puppet Franklin knock Lucielle out with ether in order to force her to attend church.

2 Pier Pressure Season 1 Episode 10 (9.2)

Buster pays George Michael to buy some medicinal marijuana off of G.O.B in hopes that it may cure Lucille 2’s vertigo. This leads Michael into thinking that George Michael is into drugs himself and he seeks out a way to give his son a lesson. While all this goes on Lindsay tries to punish Maeby for her bad grades by forcing her to spend the day with Lucille. Initially Maeby and Lucille get along but as the day goes by Maeby learns how lucky she is to have an easy-going mom like Lyndsay.

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1 Development Arrested, Season 3 Episode 13 (9.3)

And so the best episode according to IMDB is season 3’s finale, one that many thought would be the last ever episode until the renewal in 2011, five years later.

The Bluth decides to celebrate their recent success by throwing a boat party, but things start to go wrong very quickly.

The show almost ends as it began, with the police on their way across the sea in order to break up the festivities, but everyone goes their own way instead, leaving the door upon for the eventual reunion.

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