Arrested Development: 10 Worst Things George Bluth Has Done

George Bluth is the head of the Bluth family in Arrested Development. He’s also the character that begins the series, as he is arrested as his final days in the family business approaches. George is untrustworthy and a criminal throughout all the series of the show.

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He’s done some pretty terrible things throughout the series that have hurt both the business and his family. However, everything he does seems to be at the very least, in the financial interests of his family. He is greedy and abusive of his power though and it’s a surprise that he isn’t behind bars more often! Here’s the 10 worst things George Bluth has ever done.


George has made some questionable business choices in his career. He’s done some really dodgy deals with a variety of companies. However, one of the most dangerous business decisions he made was by entering a deal with some Chinese businessmen.

They were involved with the Chinese government and they weren’t happy when George couldn’t follow through on his end of the deal. He was putting his whole family at risk by starting this deal, while also being dishonest to the people he made the deal with!


When George was initially arrested he spent quite a long time in prison. However, he came up with a plan to eventually escape. He faked a heart attack and pretend to have died from the ordeal. He then escaped to Mexico to live his life.

However, when the authorities found out he had to think on his feet to avoid capture again. So he used his twin brother instead, sending him to prison. This is an awful thing to do to any family and what’s worse is that he even shaved Oscar’s head to make sure he would be confused for George.


Ahead of Donald Trump’s proclamation that he would build a wall in Mexico, George Bluth promised many people, including the Chinese, that he would build a wall first. They even ran their own election campaign with the slogan build the wall.

This wall was not only a terrible business decision but it was also an awful thing to do to incite racism and separation. Not only this, the wall that ended up being put up was mainly a publicity stunt and hid the dead body of Lucille 2!

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George Bluth was never a very successful father. When the kids were younger he was so disapproving of them that many of them suffered later in life because of it. He’d even pit them against one another in talent competitions, to see who was the best and set down many strict rules.

As they grew older he was still good at fighting his family and causing them to have conflict amongst themselves. He tortured Michael Bluth in particular by constantly undermining him in his own business decisions, no matter how hard he worked.


One of his worst parenting decisions is allowing Buster to be broken by his wife Lucille. George never supported Buster and sent him to a terrible boarding school which only broke him further. Buster never had a chance at a proper life.

George allowed his ‘boy’ to be ridiculed and humiliated throughout most his time with his family. He never gave Buster any more opportunities because he thought he would fail at them, although there may have been a bigger reason for this behavior.


The reason for George’s behavior towards Buster is probably that Buster isn’t his son at all. Lucille had an affair with George’s brother, Oscar. Oscar is actually Buster’s true father, which George is jealous of as it demonstrates his brother’s betrayal.

This also means that George tried to keep the secret from Buster for as long as possible. This was damaging to Buster who still has quite a youthful mentality. It also means that George actually had Buster’s real father imprisoned for his own crimes!

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George Bluth is really good at keeping his money close to him. He’s so obsessed with cash that he’s hidden it all over his own house and other places he owns. Most of this money is actually cash earned through criminal enterprises, which is why he’s hiding it.

One of the ongoing jokes in the series was that there is always money in the banana stand. However, he doesn’t make it clear to Micheal that he’s actually hidden money in that stand. The stand goes up in flames and so does all the money; money that Micheal really needed!


While Lucille certainly hasn’t been faithful, neither has George Bluth. He’s cheated on her on a number of occasions. Every time this significantly damages their relationship and more importantly the family itself.

Some of these women are actually people who he has power over. One of which is a secretary for instance, showing that George Bluth is happy to use his position of influence to get what he wants, no matter who it hurts; especially his own wife.


One of the key crimes that George Bluth has committed is fraud. While he’s also been involved in theft and perhaps even treason, fraud follows him throughout most of his businesses and his career. It’s this fraud that has actually endangered the family.

By involving the family business in such dangerous accounting, most of the family that had worked for the company could also have been arrested. Micheal Bluth continuously uncovered more fraudulent business decisions and such as the disastrous model homes that George had built.


Speaking of model homes, this was a major part of the Bluth business. These poorly made houses were created for an even worse person than George Bluth however. This is what had garnered George with the prospect of being charged with treason!

The reason that his actions are potentially treasonous is that he had actually built houses for Saddam Hussein in Iraq, aiding and abetting the international criminal and one of history’s worst men. He also had no regret over helping out Hussein despite how unpatriotic it is.

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