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One of Arrow’s most prominent characters that lasted a majority of the series was Quentin Lance (Paul Blackthorne), father of Laurel (Katie Cassidy) and Sara (Caity Lotz) as well as a  member of Team Arrow. While he began as someone who was against what the Arrow (Stephen Amell) was doing to eventually trying to take him down, Quentin would eventually find his place within the series as a permanent ally once he knew about the real identities of the vigilantes he was trying to take down. While he was primarily Laurel and Sara’s father, he was pretty much the dad of the series in so many ways. Being the more experienced and wiser member of the team, Quentin always helped ground the heroes when they needed it the most.

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As Arrow has come to an end, there are a lot of big moments for Quentin during his time in the series both pre and after Crisis on Infinite Earths. With that said, it’s time to look at 10 of his best moments and events in the series.

10 Helping Team Arrow Stop The Undertaking

Season 1 was rough between the Hood and Quentin as the long-time SCPD detective was against vigilantism. However, over time, he began collaborating with Team Arrow as he realized that they were doing things that SCPD never could.

The season 1 finale was one of many finales to put Starling City (later known as Star City) in danger. The first time was thanks to Malcolm Merlyn (Malcolm Merlyn) as he was unleashing the Undertaking by leveling the Glades. Together with Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) guiding him through his ears, he managed to stop one of the Earthquake devices. Mask or no mask, Quentin was already a hero from this moment forward.

9 Collaborating With Joe West

While it was during an episode of The Flash, Quentin got to have some fun crossover action when some of the Central City characters came to visit Arrow. Even though Quentin wasn’t taking part in the larger crossovers; his collaboration with Joe West (Jesse L. Martin) was a lot of fun.

As he helped them work on an important case connected to Harrison Wells, the two veterans got to work together, it’s a shame they never got to share the screen again after that episode.

8 Admitting His Team Work With Damien Darhk

Season 4 was one of the rougher years for Quentin as he found himself aligning with the big bad of that season: Damien Darhk (Neal McDonough.) Initially, he didn’t know who Damien really was when they first began working together. But once he had threatened to go after Laurel if Quentin didn’t comply, the former police captain was in a compromising position.

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In the fourth episode, Quentin confesses to Oliver that he was working with the foe which led to one of the best scenes between the two actors. While it was a lot of emotions, it was still one of Quentin’s better moments with Oliver.

7 Coming To Terms With Laurel’s Death

The episode after Laurel’s death was one of Arrow’s most emotional episodes in the entire series. As everyone was processing the Black Canary’s death, Quentin took the loss the hardest.

While hoping that there was a way to bring her back; Quentin eventually has his breaking moment where he is forced to accept that Laurel is gone.

6 Never Giving Up On Laurel From Earth-2

While Quentin lost one Laurel, it didn’t take long until he had another version in his life when the Earth-2 version came into his life. Season 6 was a lot about Quentin trying to save his daughter’s evil doppelganger while he processed the concept of the Multiverse. But it was easier said than done for Quentin.

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In the twelfth episode, Quentin begins to realize that this Laurel is following him and not necessarily for evil reasons. This is where he begins to commit to trying to save the Earth-2 version of his fallen daughter in any way necessary. During a scene where he lures Laurel to a room where a projector is waiting for her, he shows Black Siren the life of Earth-1’s Laurel, making it clear that he is never giving up on her.

5 Taking A Literal Bullet For Black Siren

The season 6 finale was a major one prior to the episode’s airing as it had been revealed previously that Blackthorne was set to exit the series. The biggest theory amongst fans was that this would be the time when Quentin bit the dust.

While he does eventually pass away in the episode, Quentin goes out as a hero as he takes a literal bullet for Black Siren after being shot by Ricardo Diaz.

4 Helping Oliver Accept Quentin’s Death

Quentin may have died, but that didn’t stop Blackthorne from returning for the final season. His first episode back was, however, not what viewers had expected at first when Blackthorne’s character reemerged.

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Leading up to his battle in Crisis, Oliver, Laurel, and Diggle get sent into a manipulated reality by the Monitor. In an effort to help them get truly ready for their big Multiverse mission, Quentin is alive in this reality. But his ultimate task is to, eventually, help Oliver which he does as the perfect surrogate father that he always was to the hero.

3 His Final Moment With Oliver

While viewers never got to see Quentin die on-screen, the season 6 finale at least let the two characters have one final moment together before his inevitable passing. Amell and Blackthorne had, up to that point, had plenty of powerful moments together whether it was screaming at the top of their lungs or being amazing scene partners.

In their final scene, Oliver tells Quentin that he was always inspired by him, bringing out all the tears.

2 Quentin Being Alive Post-Crisis

Despite dying in season 6, Oliver’s ultimate heroic deed rebooted the universe which came with many changes. One of them was bringing back several deceased characters and thankfully, Quentin was one of them.

After everything he had gone through, Quentin was definitely someone who deserved a second chance at life.

1 Quentin’s Best Father’s Speech To Laurel

The series finale not only gave Quentin a worthy resurrection, but also one heck of a father’s speech to Laurel.

Even though the Earth-1 Laurel didn’t get resurrected, Quentin ends up helping this Laurel being able to come to terms with it. Similarly to him and Amell, Blackthorne and Cassidy were also terrific scene partners starting all the way back in season 1.

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