Awesome Live-Action PUBG Short Film Debuts from Kong: Skull Island Director

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is finally coming to PlayStation 4, and they have released an epic live-action trailer to prove it. Directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts, the trailer is comprised of just over two minutes of hilarious, action-packed goodness. Vogt-Roberts may not have the longest Hollywood CV, but he has taken a considerable leap in recent years. Following his directorial debut – 2013’s indie, festival darling The Kings of Summer – the young director is best known for helming the second installment of Legendary’s MonsterVerse franchise: Kong: Skull Island. Opting to move away from that world, Vogt-Roberts has since turned his attention to adapting Metal Gear Solid for the big screen.

Commonly referred to as PUBG, the fellow video game property was first released in 2017. Inspired by the popular Japanese film, it kickstarted the Battle Royale genre of games, selling over 5 million copies in three months. A version of the game was eventually released on Xbox One. However, it has been frequently plagued by performance issues, bugs, and aggressive monetization tactics, including insanely expensive DCEU skins. Despite that, and the fact it has since been surpassed by Fortnite in terms of popularity, PUBG still boasts a solid fanbase. In an effort to reclaim and expand on that base, the game will next release on the PS4. Although many fans were pleased with the announcement, there are also those that consider the move far too late.

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In celebration of the imminent launch, a trailer was released on the official PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds YouTube channel. Although billed as a trailer, the video plays more like a short film, with Vogt-Roberts’ big screen sensibilities shining through. The video stars Nick Robinson and Jason Mitchell, who previously worked with Vogt-Roberts on Kings of Summer and Kong: Skull Island, respectively. After parachuting into a real-world version of the game’s environment, Mitchell is beset by numerous gun-toting threats with only a frying pan (and some perfectly punctual allies) for protection. Check it out below:

Screen Rant spoke previously with Vogt-Roberts, at San Diego Comic-Con, regarding his inspirations for Metal Gear Solid. He also shared his thoughts on video game adaptations in general. Believing that movies have a tendency to absorb elements from games, Vogt-Roberts opposes the view that there are no decent video-game films. Citing Snowpiercer and Edge of Tomorrow as examples, he believes that such adaptations work best when not directly adapting them.

That belief can be seen not only in Metal Gear Solid concept art but this new short film-style trailer. Nothing seen in the trailer can actually be executed in the game, after all. Well, except wiping out your opponents, that is. Instead, the trailer retains the general themes and concepts represented in the game. It also emphasizes the epic, tense, and amusing scenarios that can arise in the game – all of which serve to make the genre so addictive. With a big screen Resident Evil reboot coming, Hollywood isn’t giving up on mining material from games. Thankfully, Vogt-Roberts is helping to pave the way and show them how it’s done.

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is available now on the PlayStation 4, as well as PC, Xbox One, and mobile devices.

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