Batwoman: Every Main Character, Ranked By Intelligence

In many versions of his story, Batman is often called the world’s greatest detective. His cousin, Kate Kane in CW’s Batwoman, hasn’t earned that exact moniker just yet, but she’s also only in her first season of the television series. As she grows into her new superhero persona, Kate has surrounded herself with people who can help her catch the bad guys, but sometimes, the bad guys are smarter than the good guys in Gotham.

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When looking at the intelligence of the characters in the Arrowverse’s version of Batwoman, it’s important to note that some characters are more knowledgeable in certain areas. Some people are better at strategizing, while others are well-versed in science. To make measuring their intelligence fair, we’ve ranked them by their ability to figure out not only the next moves of Gotham’s criminal underground but also the identity of masked vigilantes. 

10 Jacob Kane

Though Jacob Kane is the leader of Gotham’s Crows, he hasn’t done much legwork in the series so far. In fact, the few times he’s been out in the field, Jacob has had to be saved by his own employees.

Despite having impressive resources, Jacob has not been able to piece together the secret identities of any of the bad or good guys in his town. He willfully ignored the evidence that Alice was actually Beth, and he hasn’t even noticed the glaring coincidence that his daughter moving back to Gotham happened to be when Batwoman showed up. He definitely ranks at the bottom.

9 Catherine Hamilton

Catherine one-ups her husband because, despite her not unmasking anyone in town, she’s actually pretty brilliant. Unlike her husband, Catherine isn’t actually interested in who the vigilantes are. She also pretty quickly accepts the evidence that Alice and Beth are one and the same, even if she doesn’t want to.

Catherine is also adept at hiding her double-dealing in Gotham. It’s only because Alice has a vendetta against Catherine that her transgressions are eventually uncovered. Likewise, Catherine is also pretty skilled at manipulating people around her to make sure the blame falls on her and not the people she cares about.

8 Kate Kane

Kate might be the title character of the series, but she often gets by thanks to a little help from her friends. At least Kate was able to put together the clues to Alice’s identity pretty quickly, and she even had good ideas to narrow down just who the villain Nocturna could be.

Kate has good instincts when it comes to investigations and sussing out people’s true motivations. With time, she could definitely give Batman a run for his money.

7 Sophie Moore

Sophie is a bit of an adrenaline junkie when it comes to love. She’s all in for a romance with Batwoman because it’s secretive and it means she gets to help bust bad guys without following employer rules. Because Sophie is so adept at secrets and lies, she’s also very good at uncovering them.

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In fact, Sophie is one of the first people in Gotham to peg Batwoman as Kate Kane right away. She’s tricked into believing otherwise, but given how quickly she figures it out the first time, it’s pretty clear that not much gets by her.

6 Julia Pennyworth

Like Sophie, Julia figures out Batwoman’s identity fairly quickly. In fact, Julia outranks Sophie because it only takes one meeting for her to figure it out, not several.

Julia has a lot of the same skills that Kate and Sophie do, though she didn’t go through the exact same training they did. She has the potential to be a great investigator and superhero in her own right if the show keeps bringing her back. Julia has already given a helping hand to Batwoman, demonstrating her ability to track down leads and read people.

5 Johnny “Mouse” Cartwright

Even as a little boy, Johnny is very good at reading the people around him. That’s likely a product of having a father who perfected the art of face swapping and being always on his guard. 

As Johnny becomes closer to Beth, he also becomes Mouse. Mouse is incredibly good at getting into places he’s not supposed to be, and he’s still good at reading people. He’s one of the few people who know Batwoman’s true identity, and he’s not fooled when a Beth from another Earth pays him a visit. 

4 August Cartwright

August Cartwright might not unmask many people in the series, but he gets this spot because he’s so adept at actually putting masks on people. Johnny’s father perfected the art of creating masks using skin grafts, something everyone in the series thinks is impossible.

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He’s also masqueraded as plastic surgeon Ethan Campbell for years with no one the wiser. He’s smart enough to get close to Mouse again as an adult and kidnap him, just like he kidnapped Beth as a child. August might be a horrible person, but there’s no denying his intelligence, even if he hasn’t pieced together who Batwoman is yet.

3 Beth “Alice” Kane

Alice is the kind of villain that just wants to have her own special brand of fun. She seems chaotic, and even out of touch with reality. Her overactive imagination, however, gives way to a meticulous planner.

Alice has backup plans for her backup plans. She was also quick to spy that Kate is Batwoman, despite the two not interacting since they were children. Alice is also the one who creates the plan to bring Catherine down. She’s got some serious skills. It’s just a shame she uses them for evil most of the time.

2 Luke Fox

Luke Fox learned about Batwoman’s real identity only because he was there to help create her mask. However, that’s not to say he can’t unmask vigilantes or criminals in Gotham.

In fact, Luke does most of the legwork for Batwoman. He’s the one who finds information and answers her questions on a regular basis. Sometimes, he’s even the one asking the questions. Luke is also the one who creates all of her versions of bat-gadgets. He’s certainly one of the smartest people in the series.

1 Mary Hamilton

Mary, Kate’s stepsister, tops the list because she can actually understand what Luke is talking about when he really gets going, and she’s one of the few people who figured Kate out. Sophie is convinced she made a mistake about Kate as Batwoman. Mary, on the other hand, put all of the evidence together instead of relying on instinct.

Mary is the only person in the series to pick up on all of the hints that Kate is Batwoman. She’s also got some serious skills as a medical student running her own underground clinic. She might not have her stepfather’s resources or Alice’s minions, but Mary puts them all to shame.

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