Big Brother Germany: How To Watch Coronavirus Reveal Live Online (With Subtitles)

Apparently, housemates in the Big Brother Germany mansion have no idea about the Coronavirus outbreak. It was revealed that they will be revealing to the contestants the severity of what’s happening in the world. Viewers can tune in and watch the online reveal with English subtitles. Finding legal ways to watch German TV is not easy, but there may be some options for international viewers.

The spread of the Coronavirus has essentially left the world at a standstill with many being told to self-isolate and quarantine for 14 days. The WHO upgraded the virus to a Pandemic and people have been hoarding toilet paper ever since. Several major television networks have made the hard decision to stop production on some major fan favorites such as Survivor and The Amazing Race that runs on CBS. The Bravo network has also postponed many of the Real Housewives’ franchises.

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Fans are wondering what a production crew does with a show like Big Brother. As reported in a previous article Big Brother Canada contestants had no idea what is going on outside their walls until just a few days ago and it looks as if Big Brother Germany is in the same boat as they are presently airing their 13th season. The Guardian recently reported that the crew of Big Brother Germany were in an information blackout that could only be disregarded for a family illness. Currently, there are 19 men and 14 women who have no idea that this virus exists. The group of housemates was last seen hanging out in their out tub in Cologne which is in the western part of Germany. The producers of the show have adamantly defended their decision to not inform the housemates of the epidemic.

German audiences know that the group has been locked in the house since February 6th, which was right before the coronavirus news snuck out of Wuhan, China. Only one other housemate was introduced on March 6th, which happened to be three days before the country announced its first death. In a turn of events on Saturday, the German television station announced that they would have a live viewing of the Big Brother contestants finding out about the global epidemic which can be viewed Tuesday, March 17th. The producers had received immense backlash from the public and even said they would allow the cast to ask questions as well as being given video messages from home. Viewers interested in watching the reveal who do not speak German can download the German TV stations, ARD and ZDF, in the form of apps. If all else fails, fans can watch the inevitable clips that will be run on YouTube the day after the announcement.

Fans of the franchise will recall that back in 2011, Big Brother decided to tell their contestants about 9/11 but only after they knew one of the housemate’s family members was missing. Big Brother Germany has been off the air for five years and this was their comeback, guess they will have to hope next year is their year.

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Source: The Guardian

2020-03-17 18:22:52

Jennifer O'Brien