Big Brother: The 5 Best Veto Plays (& 5 Of The Worst)

The veto ceremony can be one of the most exciting parts of Big Brother episodes, where a ton of action happens as someone gets backdoored, or gives a really memorable speech. Usually, it’s not so much the person who uses the veto that causes the excitement, but the HoH’s new nominee that leads to mouths agape.

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Whatever the case, it’s a lot of weight on the shoulders of those playing the game who have to decide if they should take someone off and who, and for the HoH to determine what big, bold game move they’ll make with this golden opportunity. Sometimes, the decision is epic, leading to some seriously entertaining reality TV. Other times, viewers are just left shaking their heads at what terrible move someone just made. Here are 5 of the best and 5 of the worst veto plays in Big Brother history.

10 Frankie Taking Himself Off the Block: Best

The entire house turned against Frankie, but he showed them. In the Battle of the Block competition, two pairs of nominees were named and then had to compete in pairs for the Veto. The winning pair would come off the block, and the losing one would stay. Frankie’s teammate abandoned him in an effort to get him voted out, so he was left to compete in a two-man challenge on his own. Yet he still pulled out the win and earned the Veto.

This caused a rift between Zankie, the nickname given to Frankie and his bromance partner Zach, who was one of the two on the opposing team. In the end, Zach ended up winning the veto competition that followed – a fan favourite, OTEV – and took himself off the block anyway. Nicole went up in his place and ultimately went home.

9 Marcellas Doesn’t Use it On Himself: Worst

The worst veto play ever in Big Brother history, Marcellas won the veto and had a tough decision: take himself off the block, or… wait, is there really another option? There shouldn’t have been. But to Marcellas, there was.

Rather than take himself off, or heck, even his best friend Amy who was seated next to him, he spoke those familiar words, “I’ve decided not to use the power of veto.” Wait, what? Has he ever seen Big Brother or realize he’s playing it? The vote ended up being a tie, and the HoH cast the tiebreaker vote that sent him packing.

8 Dan’s Funeral: Best

After his epic speech, delivered during a mock funeral, Dan was taken off the block by Jenn. How? She was convinced to so do by the HoH Frank, who had already been manipulated as part of Dan’s master plan to twist her arm. Yes, even though Dan was supposed to be the target all along.

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When you’re talking about one of the best players in Big Brother history, if not the best, there is no answer as to how he managed to pull this off.  But considering he’s played twice and has never had a single vote cast again him while on the block, this veto move was only one of many incredible ones he’s made.

7 Danielle Using the Veto At Dan’s Request: Worst

This, one of the most memorable events in Big Brother history, was a great move for Dan but the absolute worst move for Danielle. She trusted Dan that he would put up an enemy and instead, he put up her closest ally, Shane.

The slack-jawed look of horror on Danielle’s face said it all. Yet weirdly, Dan still managed to gain her trust back after that.

6 Swaggy C’s Blindside: Worst

Tyler confused the house when he used his veto on Scotty, leaving the rest of the house with puzzled looks on their faces. It got even crazier when HoH Kaitlyn stood up, bawling her eyes out in highly dramatic fashion, and announced that she was putting up Swaggy C in his place. Swaggy C, who was apparently in her alliance.

Swaggy was totally stunned, and his showmance partner Bayleigh equally so. Even his diary session was just… crickets. He didn’t know what to say. In the end, he was voted out and sent packing. And Kaitlyn realized what a huge mistake she made in turning on her own side of the house.

5 Cody Putting Up Paul: Best

Cody putting Paul up as a replacement for Alex when she was able to take herself off the block by winning the veto was the absolute best. Not only because he shocked the house, including Paul, by doing it. But because he was immediately screwed by the Temptation twist.

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Paul had earlier gotten the Pendant of Protection, which immediately vetoed Cody’s new nomination, leaving him to put up Christmas instead in a quick decision. It spelled the end of Cody’s game, as he not only showed where his allegiances lied, but he had to put up not two, but four different people in a single HoH reign. And he was public enemy number-one from that point on.

4 Clay Saves Himself: Worst

This was an obvious smart move for Clay, but it didn’t exactly turn out well for the HoH. When Clay took himself off the block, he put Vanessa on the spot and she was left to choose a replacement. While she mulled over the idea of putting Austin up, in the end, she shocked the house by selecting Jason, who could only reply with “wow” before spewing some expletives about his supposed friend.

As a professional poker player, Vanessa took a gamble and made a big move. But it wasn’t big enough. She should have set her sights on a much quieter competitor, Steve. He ended up casting the sole vote to evict her, awarding her third place, and then went on to win the final prize.

3 Dan Gives Ollie His Word: Best

Dan, hanging by a rope during the HoH competition, makes a faux deal with Ollie that he will only pick one nominee and Ollie can have the rest of the power as HoH. Ollie drops, and Dan is the new HoH. Dan does hold up part of his bargain and puts up his closest ally, Memphis. But come the Veto meeting, after Memphis wins and logically takes himself off the block, Dan delivers yet another one of his epic speeches.

He says he wants to play a game of replacement nominee roulette, asking four people to disclose who they would put up. Don’t answer, and you go up. Ouch! After all the theatrics, Dan put up Michelle, the very person Ollie explicitly told Dan he wanted to save.

2 Zach Failing To Split Up The Donatos: Worst

Zach had a huge opportunity in the game to split up the dominating Donato dad and daughter team of “Evel” Dick and Danielle, and he totally croaked. It was the final five. Zach won the veto and he could have forced Dick to put up the only other option as a replacement, his daughter Danielle, and he didn’t do it. This would have almost definitely led to her eviction.

Instead, Dick and Danielle both coasted to the final two thanks to their tight allegiance to one another, and Dick ended up winning the game.

1 Jennifer Backdoors Kaysar: Best

After just being voted back into the house by fans for a second chance, Kaysar gives up an HoH win to Jennifer after she promises that James is her target.

At the Veto competition, the Veto is used to save one person on the block, and who does Jennifer put up in her place? Kaysar, of course! Naturally, he was shocked, angered, and upset. And just like that, he was gone just as quickly as he came back in.

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