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BioWare has confirmed that there will be a large overhaul coming to Anthem in the coming months. Anthem has been plagued by poor performance, boring missions, and extremely long loading screens since it launched last year. The title was highly anticipated by a large portion of the gaming community, but because of its issues, Anthem received very poor reviews.

There were a lot of large problems with Anthem that BioWare has had to struggle to fix post-launch. A lot of players felt that the missions were repetitive, as they were forced to do the same things over and over again. On top of this several players have experienced issues with using the loot that they earned and others have even discovered glitches that give unfair advantages. Fans have encountered so many bugs and problems with the game at this point that it is almost impossible to keep track of them all. Ultimately, these issues have caused a large majority of BioWare fans to turn against the company, and they have levied accusations that BioWare lied and that it intentionally published an unfinished game.

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BioWare confirmed today that the company is committed to ensuring that Anthem is completely overhauled. In a statement on BioWare’s website, Casey Hudson, BioWare’s General Manager, began by thanking fans for their patience and support throughout Anthem‘s rocky run time. From there Hudson writes that the Anthem team has spent a considerable amount of time improving the game over the last year while also introducing new features and content. Hudson goes on to say that fixing Anthem is much larger than an update or expansion, so the company will instead be working on designing the game from the ground up.

Players will still be able to play Anthem while the company is working on its redesign. While BioWare is working on the game, it will be moving away from full seasons worth of new content and instead, the company will “keep the game going with events, store refreshes, and revisiting past seasonal and cataclysm content.” Hudson makes it very clear that they have been listening to player feedback and intend on making those changes to appeal to fans.

Anthem was a huge blow to BioWare’s reputation in the video game community. The company was at one time almost universally beloved because of its work on Knights of The Old Republic, Mass Effect, and Dragon Age. After the monumental failures of both Mass Effect: Andromeda and now Anthem, gamers have lost trust in the once legendary company. The game’s overhaul is integral to making Anthem work. For the sake of BioWare’s future as a developer, hopefully, fans can be made happy with this Anthem rework.

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Anthem can be played on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

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