Birds of Prey: 10 Other Female Comic Villains Who Should Get Their Own Movie

With Harley Quinn finally getting herself out of the Joker’s spotlight and claiming a movie for her own, it makes sense that DC would want to move forward with other female-led projects. What’s more, villains are all the craze at the moment!

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With such a rich history of characters and a roster depth almost unparalleled in comics, there’s plenty of female villains that could find themselves on the shortlist for this opportunity. Here are 10 of those iconic evildoers who could and should get their own movie.


The Flash villain has gone through a variety of changes in the comics and the TV show. From a malicious murderer to seemingly a savior, Killer Frost has been on quite a journey in her career thus far in the various forms of the DC Universe.

However, the focus has never been put on this interesting character. There’s a lot of compelling traits about her and a number of personal struggles, including that of her family, which would make for a dramatic cinema experience.


Poison Ivy’s power set is one of the most interesting on here. It’s visually stunning, inventive and could lead to some exciting action set pieces. Not only this, but Ivy’s personality has come a long way in the last ten years, jumping between hero and villain regularly.

The character has been more deeply developed than ever before. A pal and sometimes girlfriend of Harley Quinn, Ivy has a fundamental message about humanity versus the Earth. There’s a relatability to her mission, even if it is a little misguided.


Sure, Catwoman is about to get a little bit more big-screen attention, starring in yet another film alongside Bruce Wayne. However, Selina Kyle is much more than just a love interest to Batman and a talented cat burglar.

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Her story is one of struggle, as she’s tried to survive on the streets for so long. There’s certainly greed and bitterness there, but Selina also has an extremely strong moral compass. Her family is just as interesting, with Kyle’s sister, for instance, suiting up as the unstable Sister Zero.


There are very few size changers in the DC Universe, and there’s a good reason for that. If many other villains had the same power as Giganta then the Earth would probably crumble pretty quickly due to their destructive capabilities.

The origin of this character has been mixed, however the one that lends itself to cinema the most is a doctor struggling to find the cure to a rare blood disease. A compelling part of the narrative; however, is that she can lose her intelligence as she changes size, creating some internal conflict.


The Wonder Woman villain will be making her own cinematic debut, however the character deserves much more than just playing a supporting character in a DCEU film. Minerva’s downfall is a brilliant and Faustian story.

Her ambition gets the better of her as the archaeologist goes searching for magical artifacts. In different interpretations of the story, Minerva becomes cursed, doomed to live out her life as a monstrous Cheetah. Of course, this only leads to events spiraling out of control.


Her association with the League of Assassins is not the only thing that makes Talia interesting. However, a story about her rise to glory and taking over the League would make for a great narrative. We’ve seen the character go through many trials and tribulations.

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Whether it’s her love and conflicts with Batman or the difficulty of impressing her father, Talia has a deep emotional spectrum to draw from. Fans know the character well now, so a movie would be able to skip any kind of origin and show her development, perhaps in later life.


Silver Banshee is one character that the general public is now so familiar with. She’s fought Supergirl on the CW show a couple of times, although it’s hard to say what kind of impact this has had. The character we saw on the small screen is not comparable to the comics.

The Silver Banshee from the source material has her origin steeped in mystery. She’s essentially a ghoul brought back from the dead with an unbelievable set of powers that could allow her to even take on the man of steel. There’s a lot more to explore with this villainess.


The evil magic wielder has not actually been featured in live-action, which is surprising considering how cinematic her abilities could be. Based on legendary myths, the character would make an interesting movie without any links to the DC Universe.

It’s easy to pull from other Greek mythology in order to craft this story, however watching an ancient being like Circe enter the modern world and lobby for power and wealth would be extremely unique compared to the average villain solo film.


Enchantress has been the main villain of a previous DC Extended Universe movie. However, she wasn’t exactly given a fair shot. All the ingredients were there that should feature in a solo film about the character.

However, the performance was off, as was the execution. What’s more, there was never a personal connection made between the character and the audience. It would make more sense for Dr. June Moone to have to investigate the creature that lives inside of her.


There are plenty of Green Lantern villains that could help bring Hal Jordan into the DCEU. However, by giving Star Sapphire a solo film, it allows their paths to not only crossover but presents audiences with an even more emotionally-driven tale.

Star Sapphire was a former friend and sometimes flame of Hal Jordan. However, her path has not always been linear. She’s gone from villain to hero as she’s struggled to cope with her heartbreak; her journey to the leader of the Star Sapphire corps would broaden this universe massively and contribute to a great movie.

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