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BoJack Horseman is currently in its sixth season, with the second half of the penultimate installment set to be released on Netflix in January. The first half of the final season has already seen several supporting characters return, as well as other fan-favorites progress further towards a satisfying conclusion for their characters.

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The titular character himself is on a self-improvement quest following a stint in rehab that might finally bring the troubled horse some closure. With the help of his friends, all of whom brilliant characters in their own right, things may be looking up for BoJack… for now. Here are the ten best characters in BoJack Horseman, ranked.

10 Beatrice Horseman

Beatrice Horseman was BoJack’s mother and is responsible for the neglectful childhood that he endured. A bitter woman, Beatrice herself was raised in an oppressive and misogynistic household as the heiress to the Sugarman Sugar Cube Company.

Beatrice’s awful treatment of her son is despicable, yet her frightful childhood story helps shape her into a realistically flawed character who is as loathsome as she is sympathetic. She died before the events of season five, prompting BoJack to deliver an intense eulogy at her (supposed) funeral in “Free Churro.”

9 Wanda Pierce

Wanda was a recurring character in season two of BoJack Horseman and was briefly BoJack’s girlfriend after waking from a thirty-year long coma. The horse was beguiled by her and she is one of the few love interests BoJack was depicted as having genuine feelings for.

Wanda is outgoing and fun-loving but also has moments of depression and confusion due to the years she has lost. She breaks up with BoJack after accepting she cannot cope with his pessimistic and negative attitude, remarking poignantly “when you look at someone through rose-colored glasses, all the red flags just look like flags.”

8 Judah Mannowdog

Judah is Princess Carolyn’s former assistant and one of the recurring characters to return for BoJack’s final season. After reconnecting with his former employer, Princess Carolyn accepts how much she values Judah and offers him his old job again, which he warmly accepts.

Judah’s direct and deadpan humor is a valuable addition to BoJack Horseman as it widens the variety of comedy to the show. Despite his dry tone, he is a kind person who is shown to genuinely care for Princess Carolyn.

7 Hollyhock

Hollyhock was introduced in season four and was originally suspected to be the troubled star’s secret daughter before her true identity as BoJack’s illegitimate half-sister was revealed. The audience sees Beatrice Horseman pressure her young maid, Henrietta, to give her daughter up for adoption after she falls pregnant following an affair with BoJack’s father, Butterscotch.

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Hollyhock is a tenacious teenage girl who is initially immature and struggling with adolescence, but in season six’s “A Quick One, While He’s Away” she appears to have matured into an intelligent and caring person.

6 Sarah Lynn

Sarah Lynn was the tragic teen idol who fell from grace and eventually died from a heroin overdose in season three’s “That’s Too Much, Man!” BoJack’s co-star in Horsin’ Around, the child actress looked to BoJack as a father figure but was ultimately led down a dark path that led to her untimely death.

Sarah Lynn was brash and outspoken, with a colorful vocabulary and a rebellious attitude. Her death continues to haunt BoJack, who blames himself for his former co-star’s drug-fuelled demise.

5 Diane Nguyen

Diane is a Vietnamese-American writer and outspoken feminist who struggles with her mental health throughout the series. Despite having a rocky relationship with BoJack at times, the two characters are kindred spirits who understand even the darkest parts of each other.

Diane is married to Mr.Peanutbutter for the majority of the series before the two divorced in season five. In season six, she moves to Chicago to be with her boyfriend Guy and begins writing a new book for Princess Carolyn, as well as taking antidepressants to improve her mental health.

4 Mr. Peanutbutter

Mr.Peanutbutter is an upbeat Labrador Retriever whose optimism and positive attitude are rivaled only by Todd. The former husband of Diane, Mr.Peanutbutter struggles with relationships throughout the series and has been married – and divorced – three times.

Mr.Peanutbutter was the star of 90s sitcom Mr.Peanutbutter’s House, a rival show of Horsin’ Around. He is depicted as BoJack’s friend and foe, often annoying the horse whilst remaining completely oblivious.

3 Princess Carolyn

Princess Carolyn is BoJack’s ex-girlfriend and former agent and has been aiding his career for years. She is a hard-working and dedicated Persian cat who has sacrificed much for her career, inspired by her drive to succeed.

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Princess Carolyn puts her career first which jeopardizes her own life several times in the show. In season six she finally becomes a mother after struggling with fertility issues, facing a new challenge as she juggles work and motherhood.

2 BoJack Horseman

The titular character and primary antagonist, BoJack Horseman is a troubled star who found fame in the 90s due to his tenure on popular sitcom Horsin’ Around. He is bitter, pessimistic and self-destructive, hurting the people closest to him with his actions often encouraged by drug and alcohol addiction.

The show follows BoJack’s journey and, in season six, it appears as though the former Horsin’ Around star has made peace with his past after a stint in rehab. However, with the reveal of his part in Sarah Lynn’s death as well as his shameful actions in New Mexico, it doesn’t seem like it’ll be smooth sailing for BoJack for very long.

1 Todd Chavez

Todd is the heart and soul of BoJack Horseman as well as the show’s moral compass. Originally brushed off by BoJack as a lazy slacker, Todd proves throughout the series that when engaged in something he is creative and hard-working, as well as being a caring and compassionate person.

Todd’s journey throughout BoJack includes coming out as asexual, writing his rock opera and creating his dating app. He is currently living with Princess Carolyn and helps care for her young daughter, Ruthie.

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