Bojack Horseman: 5 Characters We’ll Miss When The Show Ends (& 5 We Won’t)

Since Netflix has started creating its own content (rather than just being a company that distributed other people’s work) the streaming service has produced countless numbers of original series, including the animated dark-comedy Bojack Horseman.

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The show takes place in a world where anthropomorphic animals and humans simultaneously live in harmony and has been a quality addition to Netflix’s list of shows since it came out in 2014. However, the back-half of the show’s sixth and final season is fast approaching, so here’s a list of 5 characters that we’ll miss once the show is over (and 5 that we won’t).

10 (Will) Officer Meow Meow Fuzzy Face

While fans of the show will undoubtedly miss some of the more major characters on Bojack Horseman, the series has a long list of recurring characters that die-hard fans may end up missing even more once it’s all officially over – one of those characters is Officer Meow Meow Fuzz-Face.

Never one to make more than a two or three-line appearance, Officer Meow Meow Fuzzy-Face has been around since the very first episode and always has a funny one-liner to get the audience cracking up. His rough, renegade attitude mixed with his gullibility makes for a hilarious character (not the best cop, though) that we’ll all miss.

9 (Won’t) Beatrice Horseman

Most people can claim that they weren’t the biggest fans of their parents or that their birth-givers were a little rough on them growing up, but nobody even holds a candle to Beatrice Horseman, one of the worst fictional parents to ever grace the small screen.

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The horse-woman who brought the show’s titular character into their make-believe world never missed an opportunity to let her son know how much she hated him and what a bitter disappointment he was. She may have died in season 4, but that was honestly 4 seasons too late for this old crone.

8 (Will) A Ryan Secrest Type

Please don’t embarrass yourself and act like you didn’t keel over laughing the first time you saw this character appear on screen. Bojack Horseman was a show that never shied away from obscure or completely random names, but this one took the cake.

The character is a talk-show host that seems to be based on Ryan Secrest. How do we know that? Well, because the character’s name is A Ryan Secrest Type. The character does a hilarious job of mocking how over-the-top, eccentric, and flat-out fake talk-show hosts can be and we’ll definitely miss him, regardless of how brief his appearances are.

7 (Won’t) Hollyhock

Nothing against her, personally, but what exactly was the point of adding Hollyhock? Bojack Horseman fans would almost unanimously agree that the first three seasons were the series prime, especially because the plot felt as if it were leading to something.

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However, at the beginning of season 4, they added the character of Hollyhock, a young horse-girl who claimed to be Bojack’s biological daughter. It turned out that she was actually just his younger half-sister, taking away any potential father-daughter relationship the two could have had. There wasn’t anything particularly awful about Hollyhock’s character, just nothing special enough that audiences will miss either.

6 (Will) Sarah Lynn

We already miss you, Sara Lynn, and we have for the past three seasons. Fans of the show will know that Sara Lynn died of a drug overdose towards the end of season 3 – they’ll also know that the brief screen-time she got during those seasons were some of the best scenes of the entire series.

Sara Lynn was the party-hard, former child-star-turned-pop-singer-sensation who played the adorable little girl on Bojack’s television show. All-grown-up Sara Lynn was a tad less adorable, but a heck of a lot more fun as she consumed virtually every drug known to mankind (but seriously, don’t do drugs).

5 (Won’t) Mr. Peanut Butter

We’re starting to get into the main characters here and we’re probably going to upset a few people with our choices, but we stand by them. That being said, we will not miss Mr. Peanut Butter. The vivacious golden-retriever was much more enjoyable in the earlier seasons but has since become a tad-bit annoying at the conclusion of the series.

His character originally seemed like a supposed antagonist who didn’t realize he was an antagonist (making his character all the more hilarious) but this lap-dog’s lovable nature has grown boring over the years and audiences are rightfully over it.

4 (Will) Todd Chavez

How could anybody not miss Todd? Arguably the best character on the entire show, Todd has always been the perfect comedic-relief character that every sitcom needs. The character voiced by Aaron Paul has stayed steadily hilarious throughout the shows entire run as the pot-smoking, fun-loving, best-friend to Bojack who always has his back, no matter how many terrible things Bojack does to him.

But not only is Todd’s character comedic and original, but he’s one of the first openly asexual characters to appear on television. Well done, Bojack Horseman, well done.

3 (Won’t) Diane Nguyen

Can anybody please explain to us why Diane Nguyen is still around? As we stated, Bojack Horseman is in the middle of its sixth season and Diane has the lucky role of one of the only main characters in the entire show – but why?

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The first season premise of Diane being an author whose writing a biography about Bojack’s life was creative and brilliant, especially since she gave him a huge middle finger and wrote the truth instead of a sugar-coated fable which Bojack wanted. But after that, her presence became virtually pointless and she seemed to only linger around because of Mr. Peanut Butter.

2 (Will) Bojack Horseman

Was there ever any doubt that the top spot of “will miss” characters were going to go to the titular, self-loathing protagonist of the series? Voiced by Will Arnett, Bojack Horseman is one of the most relatable characters in animation history as the spiraling former-star tends to feel as though he just can’t catch a break (putting the huge Los Angeles mansion and television career aside).

The permanently long-faced character (maybe that’s where his pessimistic personality comes from) gives the audience numerous life-lessons and prophetic quotes, all masked in a shroud of alcohol and bitter-sarcasm – and every fan of the show will miss them when they’re gone.

1 (Won’t) Princess Carolyn

Do we even need to explain this one? Out of all the creative and original characters on Bojack Horseman, Princess Carolyn is just not one of them. Falling right in line with Diane and Mr. Peanut Butter as characters that probably could’ve been killed off, or at least replaced, at the end of season 3, Princess Carolyn always just seemed to be “around” during the show, never doing much and complaining about the very little that she actually did.

She had potential in the first season as somebody who could’ve eventually humbled Bojack, but instead, they took her character in a different direction and allowed her to become just another symbolic door-mat to the alcoholic actor. We’re sorry, PC, but this show could have done without you.

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