BONDING Official Trailer (2019) Comedy, Netflix TV Series HD

BONDING Official Trailer (2019) Comedy, Netflix TV Series HD
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2019-04-23 16:59:27

42 replies
  1. Mucky Manzatti
    Mucky Manzatti says:

    Millennial girls can't play the role of a dominatrix. They all have that fucking Disney vibe. I would grab that whip, beat her ass, and yell, "that's how you whip somebody bitch." No fun. All women (especially millennial's) are submissive by nature. This is faggotry horse shit at its finest.

  2. M
    M says:

    If this is honestly about dispelling stereotypes about BDSM and doms instilled by harmful dreck like 50 Shades, I’m all for it but I think it’s more in service to an exploration of the friendship between the two mains. Don’t make things worse, Netflix!

  3. 0Flow0
    0Flow0 says:

    The movie seems pretty good and funny. I like that this subject isnt taken too seriously but the female lead does what she wants.

    KEEYTA says:

    I got a notification for this from Netflix. Not even subscribed. They obviously pull some strings. Spreading more trash as usual. Glorifying this lifestyle is hilarious. But little kids won’t know the difference.

  5. theoretically09
    theoretically09 says:

    I thought this show was okay. Decent entertainment. But I am a bdsmer, so that might be why. I cringed when she tied that guy up though (not in the trailer, second episode). Soooo wrong.

  6. ambeh ak47
    ambeh ak47 says:

    More bullshit to brainwash the masses into confusing lust with love. Sugarcoat any shit with comedy and it will pass off. They'll eventually sugarcoat pedophile storylines with comedy soon and the gullible masses will accept it and then accept pedophilia.


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