Boy Meets World: 10 Hidden Details About The Main Characters Everyone Missed

Boy Meets World was the quirky classroom-focussed show of the 1990s. It was also a timeless classic. Many viewers recall eating TV dinners while watching the drama of Cory, Shawn, Topanga, Mr. Feeny, and crew unfold.

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There was always love, debate, intrigue, and suspense mixed into the sitcom, which starred realistic characters and featured everyday situations most of us can relate to. The cast became like family. Still, there were some hidden details about the main characters viewers might not have been aware of. Here are just 10 of them.

10 Stacy who?

Shawn has a sister, but she is only ever mentioned once. In an episode entitled “Cory’s Alternative Friends,” Shawn phoned his sister Stacy. Strangely, this Stacy was never mentioned again.

The explanation given for this was that the actor intended to play one of Shawn’s friends was fired from the series, and this caused a change in the script – to the extent that ‘Stacy’ was cut out of the script altogether before she ever had a chance to say much – actually, anything.

9 Could the real Stuart Lempke please stand up?

Stuart Lempke might seem an innocuous name to give a character in a series. However, there already was a real Stuart Lempke living in the particular area of Philadelphia where the show was set. The real deal was not too happy about sharing his name with the fictional character.

Apparently, he put up a bit of a fuss about the whole predicament, and understandably so. The result? Stuart Lempke’s name was changed to Stuart Minkus. This character was performed by Lee Norris.

8 More about Topanga

Remember Topanga, Cory’s beloved girlfriend (who goes on to be his wife)? Danielle Fishel who played her wasn’t the first Topanga. Initially another actress was cast in the role; however, she didn’t work out.

Fishel stayed up all night practicing the role before her initial performance, fearing she would lose out just as the actress before her. Luckily, she got and kept it! The directors loved her for portraying Topanga as calm, as opposed to the upbeat, peppy character portrayed by the actress before her.

7 The longest ‘time out’ ever

It would seem directors were a little unpredictable in their initial casting of characters for the show. Not only was Topanga replaced, but the initial Morgan (the youngest member of the Matthews family), played by Lily Nicksay, was replaced by Lindsay Ridgeway.

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Nicksay did later appear in the third season and directors added a splash of humor to the script when she was introduced. In her reappearance in the series, Cory said to her: “Morgan, long time no see.” To this, she responded that it was the longest time out she had ever had. Sigh! Those directors…

6 Strong ambitions

Rider Strong, bless his heart, had high ambitions, according to entertainment reports, and wanted to quit the series so that he could go to college and study. He was eventually convinced to stay and that it would be possible to also attend college while remaining as a member of the Boy Meets World team.

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It was all about time management, directors convinced him. While he studied, Strong was even given a dorm room as his college required. His determination paid off. He managed to secure an English degree as a result.

5 Fishel reveals all

The final classroom scene is unforgettable and one for the ages. Unsurprisingly, all the tears in this scene are genuine! Still, there are other reasons this episode is worth watching. It is the only scene in the production in which Danielle Fishel’s tattoo is revealed to audiences.

The tattoo, made of Chinese letters, was shown for the very first time when Fishel wore pigtails in her hair. Even some of the writers of the show hadn’t been aware she had a tattoo until this moment.

4 Here’s to another 60 years!

It’s always interesting to hear what happens in the characters’ lives behind the scenes. Actress Bonnie Bartlett, Mr. Feeny’s love interest in the show, is married to William Daniels, the man who stars as Mr. Feeny, in real life. The couple has been married for over 60 years!

This might come as a surprise to viewers – or not. It might explain why their ‘acting’ as a couple on Boy Meets World was so convincing. Here’s to another 60 years for Mr. and Mrs. Feeny!

3 Hair today, gone tomorrow!

Girls loved Rider Strong’s hairstyle, who portrayed Shawn Hunter on the series. However, the young actor hated it! According to interviews with the press, he just wanted to cut his hair.

The show’s creators gave him that ‘boy band’ hairstyle, parted in the middle and with some length; while this look is good for posters and stickers on pencil cases, it didn’t sit well with Strong. Perhaps one of the reasons he longed to leave the show to go to college for his studies?

2 Main characters embrace Girl Meets World

To switch from Boy Meets World to Girl Meets World might have seemed a monumental feat, however, many of the main characters from the cast of the 1990s sitcom agreed to take up the challenge and embrace the new series as a continuation of the previous one.

In this new, slightly more Disneyfied version of classroom and family drama, Corey and Topanga are (still) married and have two children of their own. Other main characters from the show are also parents. Girl Meets World allows fans to continue to experience the Matthews’ family journey.

1 First kiss bliss

The series’ focus was always classroom life, which tends to have its fair share of ‘first.’ Remember Cory and Topanga’s first kiss? It was so cute and reminded viewers of their very first kiss – innocent and beautiful.

However popular Ben Savage might have been with the girls, due to his Boy Meets World fame, this was in fact his very first kiss. Now not everyone gets to have their first kiss on screen for the world to see! But for Savage, it was just another day on the set of Boy Meets World.

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