Bravo’s New Series Family Karma Explores Life in a Traditional Indian Family

Bravo’s new series Family Karma will explore life in a traditional Indian family. The pressure and drama for the young adults will be off the charts thanks to their parents’ opinions.

For years, Bravo has been producing hit shows such as The Real Housewives franchise, Project Runway and Southern Charm. Each franchise has its own set of characters who lend some kind of drama to the show’s atmosphere, reeling in fans by the thousands. The network even started its very own BravoCon in 2019, where fans were able to meet their favorite reality TV stars and take pictures with them. It seems that Bravo isn’t going to slow down there, as they continue to expand their empire.

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Fans of the network will soon be able to peer into the inner workings of a traditional Indian family. The latest docu-series was unveiled back on Jan. 28, which will be the first reality television show to feature an Indian cast. Bravo revealed that the show will take place in Miami and narrate the lives of seven Indian American friends. The group will not only navigate the struggles of everyday life, but also show how it all comes together in their tight-knit, traditional family unit.

One of the stars, Amrit Kapai, is a lawyer who started his professional career in Chicago. He told cameras that his parents formed their community in the city. Kapai explained all of their parents had arranged marriages, which in turn caused “arranged friendships.” The frat boy of the show, Brian Benni, details how extreme the pressures are from their parents to live the traditional Indian way. During the trailer, fans could see Vishal Parvani’s mother badgering him about setting a wedding date and indicate that she would like to become a grandmother. Anisha Ramakrishna recently returned from the Big Apple after 10 years away but moved home to start her own fashion business.

Much like the films of Bollywood, the new series promises to be colorful and entertaining. The parents seem every bit as controlling as their offspring are westernized. With 20 percent of the world being Indian the new reality stars are proud to show off their heritage as all their families migrated from India. Fans will get an in-depth look at customs such as temple classes, dancing lessons and the fact that multiple generations of one family continue to live in the same household. The gossip may be the strongest ever noted in a Bravo show. Not only do the mothers talk, but they play an intricate game of telephone with the other family members, wreaking havoc on their children’s lives.

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Family Karma airs March 8 on Bravo.

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