Brie Larson Praises Fan Recreated Captain Marvel Trailer

Brie Larson has praised a new fan-made reenactment of Captain Marvel‘s trailer. The actress, who will star in the upcoming Marvel Studios film, will make her MCU debut in March, just two months ahead of the highly anticipated (and, as of this publishing, still untitled) Avengers 4. In the franchise’s first female-led solo flick, fans will learn the origins of the pivotal character, who’s likely to play a big part in the film that follows.

But that’s not the only thing that’s different about this chapter in the MCU. The film takes place primarily during the 1990s, when Nick Fury (both eyeballs still intact) and a very-much-alive Agent Coulson discover a former Air Force pilot who has acquired some otherworldly abilities. A war between Carol Danvers’ adopted family, the Kree people, and the Skrulls, a race of shapeshifting aliens, is at the center of the conflict, as is the heroine’s journey to discover who she really is. It’s a story many are excited about, and in the long months leading up to its release, some fans have taken to making their own Captain Marvel content.

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Larson herself brought the sweded (a term that comes from when the content of videotapes was erased and then recreated) trailer to her fans’ attention, tweeting, “This is the best thing I’ve ever seen!!” The trailer recreated is not the most recent one, but the first full-length trailer in which she crash lands in Blockbuster Video, which was released in September. And scene-for-scene, it’s exactly the same, even down to the tiniest details, like an emblem on a hat or the “10” in the Marvel Studios logo. And in addition to copying the dialogue word-for-word, the trailer’s sound effects were also recreated, as well as the music mimicked with a human voice.

The channel responsible for the cut, which can also be viewed side-by-side with the original, is Dumb Drum, a company based in Fresno, California. Those involved have created swedes for several other popular films, including Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Some parts of the trailers are very obviously low-budget, such as when a Lego figurine is used for a stunt, but at other times, the professionalism shines through, such as with the quality of the lighting and the cameras used to shoot.

Fan trailers have been just as popular for Captain Marvel as any other MCU film – perhaps even more so. Some fans chose to cut together scenes of the heroine with other female superheroes in order to celebrate the rise of incredible women in film, or simply set the already powerful trailer to music that enhances it, like this “Survivor” cut. And this isn’t the first time that Larson has chosen to chime in when a fan made something involving her character: Her Instagram is filled with fan-made art and re-imaginings of Carol Danvers, and, conversely she’s quick to shoot back at anyone who talks bad about the character. Larson has shown time and time again that she has an appreciation for her fans, and for the role that is important both to her and to comic book fans everywhere.

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