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Let it never be said that Captain America can’t hold his own alongside the likes of super-powered gods, spider-people, and mutants. However, Steve Rogers is first and foremost a soldier of the greatest generation. Marvel’s upcoming crossover event Empyre promises to unleash one of the biggest cosmic threats ever seen in the Marvel Universe. However, Cap won’t be joining the Avengers and Fantastic Four outright in space. Instead, when the fight comes to Earth, Rogers will be defending the planet next to an all too familiar force: the U.S military.

Empyre is going to be quite the large event, with Dorek VIII (aka “King of Space”, aka Hulkling), uniting the Kree and Skrull empires. This is quite the feat, as both the Kree and Skrull peoples have hated each other and been at war with one another for almost as long as the Marvel Universe has been in existence. With both empires under the same banner courtesy of their new emperor, they will be amassing their combined forces to take down a common enemy: Earth. As a gigantic attack fleet heads for Earth, the main heroes involved will be the Avengers and the Fantastic Four. Even so, Empyre promises to touch all corners of the Marvel Universe in some way, shape, or form.

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The event will also initiate more than a few different mini-series, such as Empyre: Captain America. The mini-series will run for three issues, written by U.S. Army Sergeant First Class Phillip Kennedy Johnson. This is fitting as the series will feature Captain America uniting the U.S armed forces when the alien fleet arrives to Earth. Cap will be doing everything he can to rally the troops (as well as ordinary civilians), preparing, leading, and inspiring them to ward off one of the biggest alien threats Earth has ever seen.

In an exclusive with CBR, Johnson says that he feels a tremendous honor writing Captain America. “Cap is the truest representation of the Army values all soldiers strive to live by, and now it’s my responsibility to get him right for all the Cap fans, but especially for the veterans and active duty service members who want to feel that pride, kinship and camaraderie anytime they see Steve Rogers on the page.”

It will be very great to see Captain America return to his military origins, leading the U.S troops into battle, and have that return managed by an actual veteran. There’s no doubt that Johnson will honor the Captain America character well in this scenario. As the solicitation reads, Captain America is going to need allies to fight alongside him. Who better than the U.S military to follow Captain America, the literal super soldier? While this news does somewhat spoil that the alien forces will make it to Earth and begin their invasion, fans now know that Cap and his troops will be ready for them. Who knows, perhaps Rogers will give an emotional inspirational speech, akin to Bill Pullman’s memorable one in Independence Day? Fans will have to wait until Empyre: Captain America releases to know for sure.

Empyre: Captain America comes to comic book stores in May.

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