Captain Marvel: 10 Things Confirmed To Happen (And 11 Possibilities)

At the end of Avengers: Infinity War, right before the end of the dusting, Nick Fury calls the one person who he believes can save the world. Ever since then, we’ve all waited for Captain Marvel to swoop in from the dark corners of space and take down the Mad Titan. Well, the time is almost here and we’re all getting ready.

The MCU has introduced us to some of the most amazing superheroes of all time. However, now it’s time for the women to take the lead. Captain Marvel will focus on the story of Carol Danvers, a former US Air Force pilot, as she uncovers her past to discover her destiny. Just like any other MCU film though, the movie is shrouded in secrets, mysteries, and NDAs. Disney and Marvel Studios have been extremely secretive about the details of the film and only want us to know what they want us to know.

However, this hasn’t stopped the rumors. From leaked photos and videos to comic book storylines and general speculation, fans have created fan theories and rumors galore. Some of these rumors have been confirmed by the Russo Brothers and the movie’s trailers, but many of them still remain unanswered.

So, join us as we sort through the truths and the mysteries, because here are the 10 Things Confirmed To Happen In Captain Marvel (And 11 Possibilities).

21 Possibility: Jude Law is playing Mar-Vell

We all saw Jude Law in the Captain Marvel trailer, but we still don’t know exactly what character he’s playing. According to Funko and Hasbro released box art, Jude Law’s name is attached to a toy for the villain, Yon-Rogg. However, Funko immediately revised the name and changed it to “Star Commander.”

Disney also posted an image of Jude Law on their site with a caption that identifies him as Mar-Vell. This image was also immediately taken down, but not before fans started spreading rumors. Although Jude Law looks like a villain in the trailer, the secrecy behind his character makes it seem as though he could be revealed as Mar-Vell, the original Captain Marvel.

20 Confirmed: Skrulls will invade Earth

In the trailer, we see Captain Marvel beating up an elderly woman. Now, she’s not hitting ladies for the fun of it – it’s because the woman is actually a Skrull. Skrulls are shapeshifting aliens that can take the form of any human. According to the trailer, Skrulls have invaded Earth and it’s up to Captain Marvel to sniff them out.

We also learned that the movie will focus prominently on the Kree-Skrull War. This war was an iconic storyline in Marvel comics and features a battle between two galactic populations. The Kree arrive on Earth to set up a base against the Skrulls, who are using their shape-shifting abilities to create paranoia against the Avengers.

19 Possibility: Captain Marvel’s cat will take out Nick Fury’s eye

In Captain America: Winter Soldier, Nick Fury says that the last time he trusted someone, he lost an eye. Could we have seen the thing he trusted in the Captain Marvel trailer?

At the end of the trailer, we see Nick Fury cozying up to Captain Marvel’s cat, Goose. We haven’t seen Nick Fury trust anything or anyone as much as he seems to trust this little kitty cat. In the comics, Captain Marvel’s cat is actually a dangerous alien species known as a Flerken. So, with sharp claws and a window of opportunity, the cat seems like the perfect candidate for Nick Fury’s eye snatcher.

18 Confirmed: Ronan the Accuser and Korath the Pursuer will return

In the dark corners of the trailer, you may have noticed a familiar blue figure standing off to the side. This blue blurb is none other than Ronan the Accuser.

We last saw Ronan being defeated by Peter Quill and the rest of the Guardians in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 1. However, since this movie is set 20 years before Guardians, Ronan is still alive and kicking. We may even get to see part of his origin story. Ronan will also be joined by Korath the Pursuer, who was also in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1. Korath can be seen in the trailer as part of the Star Force, alongside Carol Danvers.

17 Possibility: Captain Marvel is a Skrull with the memories of Carol Danvers

We’ve all been told that Captain Marvel’s story will be quite different than her origins in the comics. Therefore, some people have been theorizing that it’s because she’s actually a Skrull.

In the trailer, Carol Danvers is struggling with her past memories. However, what if this is because the memories aren’t actually hers? She could simply be a Skrull that was injected with parts of Carol’s memories. It seems as though she goes by Vers in the trailer, which fans have theorized is because that is the only part of her dog tag that the Skrulls were able to find when she crash-landed on their planet. Therefore, that’s the name the Skrull took.

16 Confirmed: Captain Marvel’s cat’s name will change from Chewie to Goose

At the end of the Captain Marvel trailer, Nick Fury meets a new feline friend. As he reaches for its nametag, you’ll see the cat’s name is Goose. Now, the cat looks a lot like Carol Danvers’ pet in the comics. However, the cat’s name in the comics is Chewie. According to the trailer, the directors decided to swap out a Star Wars Easter egg for a Top Gun reference.

In the comics, Captain Marvel encounters the Guardians of the Galaxy and Rocket Racoon identifies her cat as a Flerken, a dangerous alien species. Therefore, it would be interesting to see if this cat is the connection from Captain Marvel to Avengers: Endgame.

15 Possibility: Cull Obsidian will defeat Mar-Vell

In The Art of Avengers: Infinity War, artist Wesley Burt explained his design for Cull Obsidian and said that some of his clothing represents “custom add-ons and trophies or medals” from his previous conquests. This caused fans to look for clues in Cull Obsidian’s outfit, and the sash the villain wears around his waist looks a lot like Captain Marvel’s costume.

After this realization, fans started to generate theories about Cull Obsidian’s relationship to Captain Marvel. One theory suggests that the villain actually defeated the original Captain Marvel, Mar-Vell and stole part of his costume for his trophy collection. This would give Captain Marvel an incentive to take down Thanos in Avengers: Endgame.

14 Confirmed: Captain Marvel will not be an origin story

Marvel Studios has confirmed that Captain Marvel will not be an origin story. Instead of focusing on the transition from Carol Danvers to a being with super powers, like most solo movies, Captain Marvel will focus on an already-powered superhero finding answers to questions about her past.

The story will start in space and then come back to Earth to see Carol Danvers meeting a young Nick Fury and battling the shapeshifting Skrulls. Throughout the journey, it seems as though Danvers will suffer from memory problems that will cause her to look to her past and allow audiences to see her full story.

13 Possibility: One of the Skrulls will shapeshift into one of the Avengers

Skrulls have invaded Earth with the ability to change their image into any human they want. This can be seen in the trailer when Captain Marvel takes down a Skrull impersonating an elderly lady.

The Skrull’s shapeshifting ability has generated a lot of different fan theories. If they can impersonate anyone, who else could be a Skrull in disguise? Some fans believe that we could even see one of the Skrulls taking the form of an Avenger in Captain Marvel. This could mean that one of our beloved superheroes could be a villain in disguise in the future.

12 Confirmed: Captain Marvel will take place in 1995

Many of us knew that Captain Marvel was a prequel that took place in the past. However, it wasn’t until recently that the exact year was confirmed. An official Disney website confirmed to fans that the movie will be set in 1995, featuring a younger Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Phil Coulson.

This places the movie over 20 years before the events of Avengers: Infinity War and 17 years before the events of The Avengers. So, how will Captain Marvel fit in with the timeline, and why did Nick Fury take over 20 years to call her?

11 Possibility: The movie will involve P.E.G.A.S.U.S and the Space Stone

In the Captain Marvel trailer, we see one of the first prototypes of the Quinjet. However, eagle-eyed fans saw something more than a quick nod to the Avengers. If you look closely on the side of the Quinjet’s wing, you’ll find a logo that says “P.E.G.A.S.U.S.”

P.E.G.A.S.U.S. was the project used to study the Tesseract and ultimately, the Space Stone in The Avengers. This could mean that Captain Marvel will have a connection to the Space Stone and other-wordly teleportation. This might be the reason why Nick Fury contacts Captain Marvel in Infinity War and could be the reason why the movies are connected.

10 Confirmed: We will see the Kree’s homeworld of Hala

According to Entertainment Weekly, the movie will start on the Kree home planet of Hala. Hala is located in the Large Magellanic Cloud that circles around the star Pama. The Skrulls first came to Hala looking for trade partners. However, after a contest between the two species on the planet – the Kree and the Cotati – the Kree lost and tried to eliminate the Cotati. They then stole the Skrull’s technology and started the Kree-Skull war.

Hala has been mentioned as an Easter egg in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. However, this is the first time we’ll actually see the planet in an MCU movie.

9 Possibility: Captain Marvel will be the reason why the Soul Stone is in Vormir

For years, fans have been wondering where the elusive Soul Stone was hiding. It was finally revealed in Infinity War that the stone was on the planet of Vormir, being guarded by Red Skull. This was a very anticlimactic way of introducing a piece of the MCU that fans had spent so much time theorizing about. Vormir was simply mentioned and then pushed aside for the rest of the events of Infinity War.

However, fans believe that this is because Captain Marvel will reveal more information about Vormir and how the Soul Stone ended up there. In the comics, Vormir is in Kree space and would therefore be a great place for Danvers to hide the Soul Stone.

8 Confirmed: Captain Marvel will be a part of Star Force

As we saw in the trailer, Captain Marvel will introduce fans to a new team known as Starforce. In the comics, this elite Kree military unit served the Supreme Intelligence, also known as the absolute ruler of the Kree people. Unbeknownst to them, Starforce was being used by the ruler to bring back the Kree race and reestablish their evolutionary path. This ultimately sparked the war against the Skrulls.

In the trailer, we find out that the MCU’s Starforce consists of Ronan the Accuser, Korath the Punisher, Att-Lass, Bron-Char, Minn-Erva, Carol Danvers, and whoever Jude Law is playing.

7 Possibility: Captain Marvel will come across Norman Osborn

Fans were impressed with the MCU’s Spider-Man. However, as the character was already introduced having his abilities, we never got to see his origin story. We never see how Spidey gets his powers or his arch nemesis – the Green Goblin. In fact, most of the characteristics of the Green Goblin were fulfilled by the Vulture in Homecoming.

So, some fans believe that we’ll see a different origin story for the Green Goblin. One theory suggests that Captain Marvel will come across a Skrull in the movie that takes the form of Norman Osborn. Skrulls in their pure form look like the Green Goblin and he could’ve been planted to take out threats like Spider-Man.

6 Confirmed: Agent Coulson will return to the big screen

Since Captain Marvel will be set in the past, we’ll get to some favorite characters that are no longer living in the current MCU timeline. One of these is the S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, Phil Coulson. During the movie, we’ll likely see the first meeting between Fury and Coulson, and according to Clark Gregg, the actor who plays Coulson, “This might be the rodeo.”

Of course, he’s referring to Coulson’s line in Iron Man where he tells Stark, “This isn’t my first rodeo, Mr. Stark.” Marvel Studios used computer technology to “de-age” both Clark Gregg and Samuel L. Jackson so that the movie can realistically look like it’s set in the past.

5 Possibility: Captain Mar-Vell is a villain

Towards the end of the trailer, Captain Marvel seems to be squaring off against an out-of-focused enemy. She clenches her fists as if she’s going to attack someone who looks a lot like Jude Law’s character in the movie.

This has sparked many theories about Law’s character. Since many people believe that Law will play the original Captain Marvel, Mar-Vell, one theory suggests that Mar-Vell will actually be a villain in the movie. The theory also states that Mar-Vell will actually be the major villain of the film, and the threat of the Skrulls will simply serve as a side plot to link the movie to the rest of the MCU.

4 Confirmed: Carol Danvers will deal with memory issues and the movie will focus on her past

The movie will start off with an empowered Captain Marvel serving as a part of the elite team, Starforce. However, she will eventually return to Earth with questions about her identity.

In the trailer, we can see Captain Marvel struggling with memory issues. It seems as though she arrived on Hala and the Kree found her with no memory of who she was. However, as she states in the trailer, something about her past is “the key to all of this.” As she learns about her life on Earth, we’ll also learn more about Carol Danvers and how she became the hero we know today.

3 Possibility: Captain Marvel will end up in the Quantum Realm

Nick Fury calls Captain Marvel at the end of Infinity War, but what has she been doing for the last couple of decades and why hasn’t she been involved with any of the Avengers previous adventures?

Some fans believe it’s because Captain Marvel will end up in the Quantum Realm at the end of her solo movie. This might be because Nick Fury sent her there so that she can travel through time and space, taking down imposter Skrulls. In Avengers: Endgame, we could see her come into contact with Scott Lang in the Quantum Realm so that the two of them can escape together and save the universe.

2 Confirmed: Skrulls will invade S.H.I.E.L.D.

We all saw a Skrull impersonating an elderly lady in the trailer, but you might not have noticed that a Skrull has also infiltrated S.H.I.E.L.D. Talos, the Skrull leading the Skrull invasion of Earth, is seen in the trailer in his pure, green Skrull form. However, we also see his human form – he is working undercover as Nick Fury’s S.H.I.E.L.D. boss.

One theory suggests that Talos will actually be the one that takes Nick Fury’s eye. In Captain America: Winter Soldier, Fury says, “the last time I trusted someone I lost an eye.” This could reference Talos and the scarring around Fury’s eye could be a result of the Skrull’s alien technology.

1 Possibility: Captain Marvel will be dusted at the end of the movie

Nick Fury calls Captain Marvel at the end of Infinity War, leading the entire world to believe that she will be the person who defeats Thanos and saves the universe. However, this is too simple and convenient for the MCU.

One theory suggests that Captain Marvel won’t be the savior of the universe and, instead, she’ll end up getting dusted at the end of her solo movie. This would completely blow the mind of every MCU fan and also set Avengers: Endgame up to be an extremely interesting film. No one will go into it with any expectations, and the Russo Brothers will truly leave us in the dark.

Have you heard any other Captain Marvel rumors? Let us know in the comments!

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