Captain Marvel-Inspired Menus Take Over Dine-In Movie Theaters

Menus inspired by Captain Marvel are taking over dine-in movie theaters. The film hit the big screen this weekend and dishes based around Marvel’s newest hero are already cropping up.

After 20 movies, the MCU finally has its first female-fronted solo film, as well the first to be co-directed by a woman. Captain Marvel was expected to make $350 million globally during its opening weekend, which would’ve already seen the studio turn a profit, considering the movie’s $152 million budget. However, Carol Danvers has fired a photon blast right through that number, shattering expectations by raking in a whopping $455 million. This is the box office’s sixth-largest worldwide opening weekend, not to mention the second largest global debut for a comic book film, only outpaced by Avengers: Infinity War. Already a commercial success and well-received by most critics, it seems safe to say that Marvel has another hit on their hands.

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Creative movie theaters have quickly jumped on the Captain Marvel bandwagon, crafting drinks and dishes inspired by the film. Alamo Drafthouse Cinema has a Binary Brie Pizza, which is described as being “feminine and bold.” The theater is also serving up two Captain Marvel-themed cocktails, as well as a milkshake known as, Our Blue Ancestor’s Shake. Meanwhile, AMC Theatres are serving up a couple of “Marvelously Mixed Cocktails,” christened Supernova and Mach 3. Brooklyn’s Nitehawk Cinema also have a featured food and drink special. Their menu includes a Skrull Doughnut, which is listed as “Shapeshifting savory doughnut.” Its suggested pairing is with the For the Good of All Kree cocktail.

Since its announcement, Captain Marvel has been met with excitement. Carol Danvers is a beloved character and most fans have been looking forward to her live-action debut. However, a small, but very vocal minority have done their best to sabotage the film before its release by review bombing it on Rotten Tomatoes. They have attacked everything from Larson’s appearance to her comments about hoping for more inclusive press days. There also seems to be an issue with the fact that Larson, like Danvers herself, is an unapologetic feminist. These are likely the same people who also attempted to ruin Black Panther before it hit theaters. Considering Captain Marvel’s immensely successful opening weekend, it would seem their efforts have failed.

Carol Danvers is the first female superhero to headline her own solo MCU movie. It makes perfect sense that fans came out in droves to support her and they’re not the only ones. Zachary Levi, who will make his DC superhero debut in Shazam! next month, has defended both Larson and the film, and Larson’s costar, Clark Gregg, has recently come out to do the same. It’s sad that a culture that has always been open to everyone is suddenly under fire from people who obviously aren’t the comic fans they think they are. This behavior is more akin to real-life supervillains than the heroes that these trolls purport to be defending. As expected, their efforts have yielded zero results. Captain Marvel is an incredibly solid MCU entry and it can currently be enjoyed with a Skrull Doughnut in hand.

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Source: Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, AMC Theatres, Nitehawk Cinema

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