Captain Marvel Trailer May Be Coming Next Week

The first trailer for Captain Marvel may arrive early next week. Now that the MCU’s 2018 slate is in the rearview mirror, the studio is turning their attention to what’s on deck for 2019. While Avengers 4 is undoubtedly their most anticipated release, first up is Captain Marvel. The franchise’s long-awaited first solo female superhero film, Oscar winner Brie Larson stars as Carol Danvers, who will turn the tide in the fight against Thanos.

With fans getting increasingly impatient for any look at the film, Marvel finally got the ball rolling on marketing last week with a massive EW spread that contained a bevy of new images and details. However, the one thing people really want to see is a trailer, which Kevin Feige indicated would premiere at some point in the fall. The recent media coverage led some to believe the preview was right around the corner, and it certainly looks like that’s the case.

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The guest list for Good Morning America next week includes an appearance from Larson on Tuesday, September 18. While there’s been no confirmation from Marvel about the Captain Marvel trailer release date, it would be reasonable to assume the preview will debut on the show. Both Marvel and ABC are owned by Disney, and various Mouse House subsidiaries (including Marvel and Lucasfilm) have used GMA as a launching pad for trailers in the past. Previous examples include Avengers: Infinity War and Solo: A Star Wars Story.

The timing of this makes sense for a number of reasons. For starters, Sony’s Venom premieres in theaters in a few weeks and is expected to be a major box office hit. Not that the latest offering from Marvel Studios needs help, but sticking a trailer before one of the fall’s most-anticipated titles is a great way to ensure plenty of people see it. Captain Marvel is also six months away from its own debut, so it was reasonable to assume a promotional campaign would start in earnest sooner, rather than later. Obviously, Marvel prioritized their 2018 releases before turning their attention to Captain Marvel, but now they can fully concentrate on generating hype for Carol’s standalone vehicle. September 18 is also the anniversary of the U.S. Air Force, and given Danvers’ connection to that military branch, the date is a nice touch.

Marvel has a fair amount riding on Captain Marvel, with the Infinity War post-credits scene teasing the significant role Carol has to play in the future. The expectation is that she will be one of the franchise’s principal players, carrying it into Phase 4 and beyond. Ideally, Marvel’s prolonged hot streak will continue when Captain Marvel opens in March. With the amount of interest fans have in seeing Carol finally grace the big screen, that shouldn’t be a problem. In many ways, the character has already resonated with viewers, and the arrival of her solo film should just cement her status as an MCU mainstay.

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