Chinese directors to introduce Turkey’s İzmir to China

Two Chinese directors visiting Turkey within the scope of “2018 Turkey Tourism Year in China,” shot a short movie and a documentary to introduce Turkey.

Working with Shenzhen Media Group, Chinese directors…Click To Continue

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8 films debut this week

Never Leave Me

Written and directed by Aida Begic, “Never Leave Me” stars Carol Abboud, Motaz Faez Basha, Isa Demlakhi, Feyyaz Duman, Nisreen Faour and İsmail Hakkı.This Bosnian-Turkish co-production…Click To Continue

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Disney decides to widen the gap between new Star Wars releases

After the lackluster performance of the latest installment in the wildly popular “Star Wars” saga, Disney is tapping the brakes on the franchise mdash; an acknowledgment that there can be too much of…Click To Continue

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