Marvel Just Killed One of X-MEN’s First Class Mutants

Warning: SPOILERS for Uncanny X-Men #21

The X-Men are going through dark times, as all of mutantkind is being hunted down by a new breed of Sentinels. The latest threat comes in the form of a vaccine that removes the X-gene and depowers mutants, but even worse, in Uncanny X-Men #21 the surviving number of first generation X-Men just dropped a little more… with Banshee killed in the line of duty.

He may not be as well known as some of his teammates, but Banshee is a longstanding member of the X-Men. He owes his modern popularity to the X-Men: First Class movie which made him a founding member of the cinematic team, as well. Born with the name Sean Cassidy, Banshee was recruited onto the team along with famous X-Men like Wolverine and Storm. His powers are based around his sonic scream, which is capable of harming hearing as well as causing physical vibrations. But after fighting in his fair share of memorable battles, his latest has proven to be his last.

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Banshee has been through a lot, including death once before. After he was killed back in 2006’s X-Men: Deadly Genesis event, he ended up being brought back to life (along with several other X-Men) by Apocalypse. Banshee became one of the Horsemen of Apocalypse as part of the bargain, but Beast helped reverse the damage done after he was taken in to custody. Banshee has never truly become his old self, and only recently returned to semi-active duty. Some might say it’s best for him to be put out of his misery… but nobody wanted to see it happen like this.

The X-Men have been battling for mutantkind in recent issues, with the latest finding them in the midst of a battle against their old-but-always-renewing villains, the mutant-exterminating Sentinels. While the mutant Majik gives Banshee his official goodbye, screaming for him to rise to his feet after one Sentinel crushes him in undignified fashion… but her fellow X-Men assure her he is gone, and their fight is not one with room for mourning. Majik does win something of a consolation prize by causing an unforgettable death of her own, cutting off Sabretooth’s head.

What will the loss of Banshee mean for the rest of the X-Men? Will the death be permanent, having already resurrected Banshee once before?And most importantly, if the world just had their memory of mutants erased… will Banshee’s sacrifice be forgotten, too? Uncanny X-Men #22 hits shelves July 17th, and hopefully answers will come sooner rather than later.

Uncanny X-Men #21 is on sale now from Marvel Comics, and at your local comic shop.

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Tessa Smith

King THOR’s New Look Revealed in Marvel Comics | ScreenRant

Warning: SPOILERS for War of The Realms Omega

Years from now fans will still be talking about Jason Aaron’s run on Marvel’s Thor comics, a years-long story that has recently culminated in the god of thunder accepting his destiny as the new All-Father Thor, King of Asgard. But as fans gather to see his reign begin, one thing is clear: the new Thor sure isn’t the one fans once knew.

Stronger, smarter, and yet somehow still humble, the War of The Realms has proven to be the fire which forged an Asgardian like none before. The immediate future of the Thor series is being kept quiet, deciding where his new role as All-Father may take him (before his ancient self ends his story doing battle with Loki in his King Thor comic series). Whatever twists may be coming, and no matter how many eyeballs or limbs were lost in the fight, fans of Thor would regret it if they didn’t feast their eyes on the new All-Father that emerged from the flames mightier than ever before.

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As anyone even casually aware of the comic book Thor already knows, the War of The Realms has changed Marvel’s Universe across all of the Ten Realms. It was the war Thor was born to fight, and the test he was destined to pass, earning his place as the master of Asgard’s fate. But as War of The Realms Omega shows, the clean-up is going to be just as challenging as victory. More, in fact, when you consider how quickly Thor actually won. It’s a task that previous Thors may have run from, or trembled in the face of but as the new All-Father Thor returns to Earth, his new look is that of a king of gods.

The fact that Thor upgraded his arm with the Destroyer’s, and then used it to cut through entire armies will always be a striking image. The sign of his wisdom being earned from the World Tree itself comes in the form of Thor’s his missing eye, just like his father Odin in his glory days. And of course it may look the same, but Thor’s new Mjolnir is the most powerful yet. This costume may change at any point, even if the arm and eye are honor. And with Thor trading his red cloth cape for a thick animal fur cloak, the result is as close to a recreation of Odin as fans are likely to get (or Thor is willing to offer). One thing is clear: the King of Asgard won’t have anyone questioning if he’s up to the job ever again. Read on below for the full solicitation details for War of The Realms Omega #1.

  • Writer: Jason Aaron, Al Ewing, Gerry Duggan, Daniel Kibblesmith
  • Art: CANO, Oscar Bazaldua, Juan E. Ferreyra, Ron Garney
  • Cover: Phil Noto
  • HE WAR IS OVER – AND THE MARVEL UNIVERSE MUST PICK UP THE PIECES! Midgard is broken, and as heroes of Asgard and Earth alike start to sift through the pieces, new heroes — and villains — emerge. What’s next for Jane Foster, now free of the hammer she was willing to die to hold? Thor’s brother Loki faced a terrible fate in the War of the Realms — and now the god of mischief must make himself anew. For the Punisher, the war isn’t even close to finished — but this time, he’s got his own army. And for Thor himself, destiny has finally arrived. The God of Thunder strikes out for a whole new adventure!

War of The Realms Omega #1 is available now at your local comic book shop, or direct from Marvel Comics.

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Joker: KILLER SMILE is Coming To DC’s Mature Black Label

Everybody’s favorite Batman villain is getting an all-new miniseries with Joker: Killer Smile, a mature, dark, and “horrifying” new story released under DC’s prestige Black Label this Halloween.

The series has just been announced from writer Jeff Lemire (Green ArrowGideon FallsEssex County) and artist Andrea Sorrentino (Green ArrowGideon Falls). The clown prince of crime is already hands-down one of the darkest characters of the Batman mythos, if not all of comic book history. And with Killer Smile, Lemire and Sorrentino are ready to tell their version of his story.

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In this new series, the Joker is locked away in Arkham Asylum (no surprise there). With his infamous partner in crime Harley Quinn getting her own HARLEEN series from Black Label, this new tale finds Joker under the care of not Dr. Harleen Quinzel, but a new mental health professional doctor, Dr. Ben Arnell. As we’ve seen in the past, Joker will do anything to get his way, and it doesn’t seem like things will be different in this miniseries. As the series’ plot synopsis warns, “as he gets his hooks deeper and deeper into the mind of his prey, Joker sets off a chain reaction of mayhem that will threaten to tear down not only Gotham City but the soul of this idealistic man, and his young family, too.” The Joker knows his best chance at getting out of Arkham Asylum is to get his doctor on his side. Sounds a little familiar, doesn’t it?

However, rest assured this is a whole new story, and a new interpretation of the Joker. One intended to show the true depths of his depravity, promising a version that is “new” and “horrifying” which, for the Joker, is saying something. Letting him into your life is always a bad move, so what story will pull Dr. Arnell in when everyone in Gotham knows Joker is an unsolvable problem? Will he go to bat (pardon the pun) to protect, or possibly even free the Joker? And if so, will this new character’s story be cut short as quickly as seems likely?

Getting to work with my long-time collaborator Andrea Sorrentino on a Joker story is very exciting,” shares Lemire. “The Joker is an iconic character and we wanted to create something that challenges readers to look at him in a new and horrifying way.

Sorrentino adds, “This story has pushed me as a creator to aspire to new heights in storytelling. That little spark of madness in the Joker gives me an opportunity to play with the pacing, the layouts and the storytelling in a way that few other characters would allow.

The fact that this story is being released as part of DC Black Label means it can go places normal Batman comics can’t, going even darker and more twisted than some readers may expect–thanks to the books being targeted squarely at mature audiences. Joker: Killer Smile is a three-part story that will debut October 30, 2019, releasing every other month following.

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Star Wars Revealing Why Han Solo REALLY Joined The Rebels?

Every Star Wars fan will remember the moment they learned the once the roguish smuggler Han Solo had joined up with the Rebellion in The Empire Strike Back–but it was never fully explained how he made the transition from a life of crime to rebellion and leadership. Now, fans will get some more answers.

As part of the larger line of Age comics, the upcoming Star Wars: Age of Rebellion – Han Solo #1 will pick up shortly after the first Star Wars film, as Han Solo and Chewbacca count their reward and prepare for their next adventure far from the Rebellion. And in our exclusive preview of the issue, Han and Chewie get roped in for one final mission by Luke Skywalker. A mission that may be the last push to send the Millennium Falcon’s pilots into the Rebel Alliance. Or more accurately, what convinces them to get out of the scoundrel life for good.

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The new line of Star Wars comics from Marvel have done much to flesh out already beloved heroes. Previous comics and movie adaptations gave the ‘real’ meaning behind Han Solo’s name, and a glimpse of Han’s time with the Empire. And while various Legends and tie-in stories have been placed in and around the gap between Episode IV and Episode V, the standalone nature of this story suggests a greater significance to the core storyrline.

After all, previous single issues have helped to show Grand Moff Tarkin was a secret badass, and offer a possible explanation for why General Grievous was so good at killing Jedi. Others have explored character motivations far more intensely, making a case that Count Dooku wasn’t pure evil at all. Will a reunion with Han Solo’s old scoundrel pal go badly enough for him to abandon the life he used to live? Only time will tell. For now, take a look at the preview pages below:

Pick up the full issue this Wednesday, and check out the full details and synopsis below:

  • Published: May 1st, 2019
  • Writer: Greg Pak
  • Art: Chris Sprouse
  • Cover: Terry Dodson
  • THE SCOUNDREL’S CODE! After helping destroy the DEATH STAR, HAN SOLO’s ready to cash in his reward and return to life as a scoundrel. But when LUKE SKYWALKER asks for one last favor, Han gets pulled into a rebel mission that might wreck all of his plans. Co-starring CHEWBACCA and introducing AKKO, an old friend who might actually out-scoundrel Han himself!

Star Wars: Age of Rebellion – Han Solo #1 will be available from your local comic book store on May 1st 24th, or direct from Marvel Comics.

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The Justice League Are KILLERS in Marvel’s Universe

Warning: This article contains SPOILERS for Avengers #18

When the Avengers just aren’t enough to protect Earth, it’s time to call in Marvel’s own version of the Justice League. But the new Squadron Supreme couldn’t look more like an exact copy of DC’s greatest heroes if they tried. The only difference? This new team is made up of trained killers that make Batman v Superman look like a day at the park.

Since the team made a surprise appearance as a team handpicked and assembled by Agent Phil Coulson himself in Avengers #700, they have kept their presence in the Marvel Universe quiet. Now that their secrets are out, they are too: leaping into action as “D.C.’s greatest heroes!” Defenders of America’s capital, hence the name. But the comparisons to Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and the rest of the League go far deeper than a simple joker. The new Squadron Supreme of America is a dark, bloody, and sinister creation of Agent Coulson’s. And their idea of handling an invasion… is turning the invaders into a pile of blood and bones. We can’t imagine DC is going to like this one.

  • This Page: Meet Marvel’s Knockoff Justice League
  • Page 2: These Justice League Heroes Commit Brutal Murder

The team makes their aforementioned, grand debut in the pages of Avengers #18, available at comic book stores now. For newcomers, the Squadron Supreme (now ‘of America’) is going to be hard to understand. Especially today, when DC’s own Captain Marvel movie ignores the MCU version, instead of getting to poke fun at the competition. Instead of poking, the Squadron Supreme is a lot closer to bludgeoning readers directly in their faces, once the team stands tall as the most obvious Justice League knockoff most readers will have ever seen.

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Originally reated by Roy Thomas and John Buscema, the Squadron Supreme was dreamed up as a playful recreation of the Justice League, used to battle Marvel as obvious “bad guys” for little more than a laugh among the readers.The Kryptonian Superman was re-imagined as Hyperion, Batman became (an African America) Nighthawk, Wonder Woman was now Power Princess born of ‘Utopia Isle,’ a home of warrior women., The Flash and Green Lantern got similar spoofs, but nothing like the latest rendition.

Now that the massive War of the Realms event has come to Marvel’s Earth, the Squadron Supreme has been pushed into action. And with their call to service in the public eye, they get a heroic introduction from Phil Coulson personally:

Nighthawk. Power Princess. Hyperion. Doctor Spectrum. The Blur. For months now (or has it been years?) they’ve been training in secret in the nation’s capital… honing their wondrous powers, working to become the greatest nation’s greatest super heroes. The Squadron Supreme of America. And they owe it all to one man. Agent Phil Coulson.

However, as we mentioned above, the issue also reveals the origins of the Squadron Supreme. And those have absolutely nothing in common with the DC counterparts. Instead of hailing from an alien world, a warrior island, or a Gotham City stand-in… these heroes have been created in a lab, with Phil Coulson overseeing every step of their growth and programming. And if the costumes they’ve been given seem to be heading a different direction than the Justice League (except for Wonder Wom–sorry, Power Princess) their approach to combat is aiming for a completely different audience.

Forget knockout punches, heat vision, tornadoes, gadgets, or energy constructs. The Squadron Supreme of America relies on brute strength and vicious violence to slaughter the Frost Giants in the nation’s capital. They may be the “heroes of D.C.” but the true version of the Justice League wouldn’t touch these murderers with a ten foot pole. We’re guessing readers will want to see the violence for themselves, but be warned: gruesome SPOILERS incoming…

Next Page: Marvel’s Justice League Heroes Are ALL Murderers

The issue opens by focusing on Hyperion, living a civilian life that might have been Clark Kent’s in another universe (which, come to think of it, the Marvel reality might actually be). Instead of working as a reporter at a major newspaper, Mark Milton has taken a job teaching children about American history. Like MCU fans know, Phil Coulson likes his heroes patriotic. Which is why Hyperion doesn’t love anything as much as the United States. Check out the character description offered in the issue for this new, happy-with-homicide Hyperion:

Mark Milton loves teaching American history. He loves seeing the spark in a student’s eye when they get excited about the country he holds so dear. But teaching is not why Mark was put on this Earth. Explosions in the distance. Now the entire city is screaming. This is why he was born, however many years ago that was. For this moment. He’s seven, maybe eight seconds away from the source of the scream. He’ll be there in two.

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The decision to have Hyperion tear open his dress shirt to reveal his Hyperion logo in classic Superman fashion is a clever and satisfying homage. But Power Princess stretches those boundaries beyond repair. Wearing Wonder Woman’s armor, using her weapons, and confirming her exact backstory… well, it’s not Marvel’s most subtle comedy. But when readers get insight into how she and Hyperion are created together, nude, and designed to lust after one another… things take a turn towards, to be fair, as creepy a tone as this story actually should have. Although we doubt many Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. fans will appreciate ANY version of Phil Coulson claiming a brutal Wonder Woman should be like “Thor, but with boobs.”

Readers are introduced to Princess Zarda during her boxing training, as her coach notes that she lives to be hit as well as give hits. The readers knows the truth about her sparring, and about the mystical item that makes it possible:

“It’s almost like you enjoy getting punched in the face.” Zarda only smiles when he says that. How could she explain the pain makes her feel alive? That without the special necklace from Utopia Isle that dampens her powers, Zarda wouldn’t feel anything at all? And the bones of this woman’s hand would’ve been shattered into a thousand pieces.

The new version of Nighthawk looks more like a knockoff version of Marvel’s Batman than any introduced before, but Kyle Richmond’s origin story is slightly different. Now a politician as opposed to a billionaire industrialist, Nighthawk possesses the exact same level of paranoia and suspicion that is often parodied as it pertains to Bruce Wayne. The real Bruce keeps tabs on his teammates, sure… but Nighthawk takes it to another, even colder level. It’s not really his choice of course, since Coulson is once again programming him with Bat-levels of

Since Washington, D.C. is a special federal district, its representative has no real voting power in congress. Kyle Richmond is a delegate without the full powers of a congressman. The weakest member of the House, some would say. They would be wrong.

The Blur and Doctor Spectrum only get a page or two in this issue, and the reasons are understandable. Spectrum’s origin story is simple (astronaut finds space crystal, becomes a soldier of the spectrum of light) but it’s The Blur’s powers that make for the most predictable, yet unquestionably disgusting kill of the issue. Having been exposed to countless hours of pop culture garbage and torture videos intended to fracture his mind, The Blur is unleashed upon a Frost Giant, using his speed not only to disorient the invader, but apparently remove his head from his body. The reader is spared the grisly sight, but can take comfort in the fact that this murderous version of The Flash still got a selfie with the severed head.

Since his fateful jog through a strange mist that altered his body chemistry, Stanley Stewart has worked as a mail carrier, window washer, dog walker, barista, and computer programmer. Sometimes all in the same day.

It’s unclear just how large a role the new, bloodthirsty, emotionless, and lab-grown Squadron Supreme of America is going to have in the future of the Marvel Universe. The same goes for Agent Coulson, the devious mastermind behind the new team of heroes loyal only to America. We would say it’s worth the joke, perhaps poking fun at DC’s darker film heroes, but this debut proves the Squadron is no longer a laughable imitation of the Justice League. With an army of non-human invaders for them to impale, eviscerate, detonate, and burn alive… well, let’s just hope these ‘heroes’ get called out as the villains they are sooner, rather than later.

Avengers #18 is available now from your local comic book store, or direct from Marvel Comics.

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Rick and Morty Throw Shade at Marvel’s ‘Thanos Snap’

Fans are still waiting for the arrival of Rick and Morty season 4, but their absence isn’t keeping the show’s stars from poking fun at the plot of Avengers: Infinity War and its snap-happy villain, Thanos.

After releasing a shorter than expected third season, fans were faced with good news and bad. Rick and Morty signed on for 70 more episodes, but when those will actually begin to roll out on Adult Swim… is anyone’s guess. Thankfully the comic book version of Morty Smith and his out con control grandfather is helping to tide fans over. And in the case of Rick and Morty #48 calling out Marvel’s most recent blockbuster for an “anticlimactic,” possibly even “idiotic” finale.

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While fans obviously know how often Rick and Morty steals from plenty of shows and movies, as that’s basically the premise of the series, they haven’t set their sights on superhero cinema too often (instead favoring more iconic, classic works of science fiction or fantasy). But in Issue #48, the duo put Infinity War in their crosshairs.

The short story “Hit Me, Space Baby, One More Time” by Kyle Starks, Marc Ellerby, and Sarah Stern begins like many episodes of Rick and Morty: with Morty existing in a seemingly perfect fantasy land completely unrecognizable to his real life. His father is a successful businessman, his mother is a classic adoring housewife–Jessica is even his steady girlfriend. When Morty realizes that Rick is confined to a wheelchair because he sacrificed himself to save his grandson, he knows something is wrong. It’s then that Rick snaps Morty awake, and explains the truth: Morty has become a cosmic god.

Apparently grabbing onto a mystical flower that grants cosmic powers over reality, Morty has evolved into a ‘space baby’ form, right out of 2001: A Space Odyssey. With their enemies fast approaching, Morty vanquishes their entire army by turning one of his “Aw Gee”s into literal, giant letters, crushing them into oblivion. When Rick points out that Morty’s mastery of reality means he could have wiped them out of existence with a simple snap of his fingers, Morty points out that actually would have been worse, because… how anticlimactic it would be to use his powers in so mundane a fashion. Thanos snaps his fingers, but Rick and Morty fans demand a bit more.

And they aren’t done throwing shade at Thanos yet. When everything returns to normal, and Morty–like Thanos–decides to hand over the powers of a god once his mission is finished, his family can’t help but point out all the missed opportunities.

The family raises some valid points that have also been leveled at Infinity War, and the arguable stupidity of Thanos’ plan to halve the universe. When Thanos only had an army of Chitauri to re-balance overcrowded worlds, sure, murdering half the population randomly made some sense. But with the powers of a god, able to rewrite reality throughout all Creation… Thanos just did the exact same thing. Rather than creating a “paradise” by doubling resources and food, doubling the number of habitable worlds throughout the universe, or curing equine influenza, Thanos pulled something that Morty would accidentally manage. Bolstering the case that both may qualify as “real stupid idiots” in Rick’s eyes.

But hey, Morty did remember to give himself a new robot girlfriend before relinquishing his godlike powers. Which is more than Thanos got for his trouble.

Rick and Morty #48 is available now at your local comic book store, or direct online from ONI Press.

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Andrew Dyce

Marvel’s New ‘Avengers: World’ is What The MCU Needs

Avengers: Endgame will be the culmination of the past 11 years of films, and will most certainly end the Avengers as we know them today. Many are wondering what will happen in the next phase of films, and which heroes may be a part of the new Avengers universe. Marvel Comics may have the answer.

The addition of Captain Marvel and confirmation that James Gunn’s Guardians 3 will be made confirms the future of the MCU will be galactic. But the history of the MCU has proven that there will always be threats on Earth, and the planet needs defenders that can protect her. With the MCU continuing to explore the expanding universe, the current set up of ONE team will not be enough to manage all threats, both cosmic and home grown. The solution? The Avengers: World.

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Having multiple Avengers teams is what the MCU needs to continue to expand its mythos, while keeping the franchise grounded and relatable. But who could make up this team to protect the world, while the other Avengers are among the stars? Look no further than the comics for inspiration, where the new Avengers: World team was just introduced in Avengers: No Road Home #10. But who makes up this team? Read on to find out.

Genius level super hero with a Ph.D. in electrical engineering and theoretical physics. While working on Project: Perseus in an attempt to harness anti-matter, and explosion occurred turning him into a stable “antimatter reactor” and superhuman abilities: matter/anti-matter absorption and manipulation (read: shoot energy blasts from his hands), superhuman strength (on level with that of Hulk and Thor), flight, and super-level genius.

America Chavez was raised in the Utopian Parallel, a dimension out of time an space located close to the Demiurge (sentient life force that seeded the Earth, giving birth to the Elder Gods). When her world was going to be destroyed, her mothers sacrificed themselves to save Utopia. Wanting to become a hero in her own rite Miss America traveled across the dimensions helping those in need. America has superhuman strength and speed, with the ability to fly, powers of invulnerability, and can create star portals allowing her to travel the multiverse.

Nadia is the daughter of Hank Pym and his first wife Maria Trovaya. While on their honeymoon, while pregnant Maria was kidnapped and later killed. Nadia was raised in the Red Room – the same as Black Widow – and was trained to be an agent. After learning who her parents were, she obtained pym particles off the black market and began studying them. She was later able to escape the Red Room using their size changing properties. After learning her father seemingly sacrificed himself to stop Ultron she decided to become the new Wasp, as a tribute to her father and to gain the approval of his former allies. Wasp has the ability to change her size, and generate bio-electric blasts from her hands. She has a genius level intellect, and is trained in martial arts.

Miguel is a reformed villain who received his powers from an extremist group called the Legion of Living Lightning. He has had brief memberships to multiple Avengers related teams in the past. Lightning is a sentient electrical plasma force in his true form. His abilities include: flight, invulnerability, electrokinesis, electronic manipulation, physical manipulation, and astral projection.

Toni’s father was killed while saving Tony Stark’s life in Afghanistan. She resented Stark for not doing more to save her father, and vowed to do better than the Iron Man. Toni is a genius, obtaining three doctorates by the age of twenty, and is an expert engineer. She has built her own suit of armor, and was the Iron Patriot for a time.

Gomi was the victim of scientific testing at the hands of two scientists that he worked for and idolized. In an attempt to create their own version of Jean Grey, they implanted Gomi with cybernetics. The experiments failed, where Gomi’s cybernetics can only produce destructive and uncontrollable bolts of kinetic energy.

The original POD, or Planetary Operational Defense System, was sent to earth to act as a self-defense mechanism for the planet. Upon arrival it bonded with Aikku Jokinen. POD eventually became a member of the New Avengers, where Toni Ho began studying POD. it was discovered that Aikku could not separate from POD without killing it. POD was later fatally damaged in an attack by the Maker (evil Reed Richards). The injuries were severe enough that POD and Aikku could not both survive, and POD ended up sacrificing itself to save its host. Aikku was able to retain a portion of the POD armor, which we can assume is POD-2.

The same scientists that experimented on Gomi also experimented on a pair of lobsters, which Gomi named Bill and Don. Their experiments resulted in giving the lobsters cybernetics, which granted the lobsters human-level intelligence and strength. They also have the ability to project illusions for communication. Tragedy struck when Don was stepped on and killed by Devil Dinosaur, but Bill the Lobster lives on.

A truly international Avengers team would allow the MCU to continue to grow its character roster, while exploring the intergalactic side of the MCU. This could be the beset way for audiences to accept planet hopping Avengers, knowing that there is always the Avengers: World looking after Earth.

Avengers: No Road Home #10 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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Kirk Smith

Marvel Confirms Venom is a Hero: EDDIE is The Killer

Warning: SPOILERS for Venom #13

The War of the Realms has just pulled Venom into the fight… by giving Eddie Brock a monstrous new symbiote suit. Given to him by Malekith’s War Witches, the sorcerers hope he would become an agent of evil and fight for the Dark Elf Malekith in the war.

But this new, magical Venom symbiote suit isn’t just an updated look: this is ALL Eddie. That means no symbiote to communicate with, or to alter his emotions or memories into a force for good. The result? A savage and brutal version of Venom hell bent on killing. Proving once and for all which half of Venom is truly the heroic one.

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Eddie recently discovered that his symbiote had been tampering with his memories, falsifying his cancer diagnosis, manufacturing a dead sister and uncle to cripple Eddie with guilt–and even keep him from ever knowing that he had a son, Dylan Brock being raised (and abused) by Eddie’s father. Out of anger after discovering he was being manipulated by the symbiote, Eddie permanently separated from it. The Symbiote survives the separation, and is last seen walking into the crowd in a human form. Eddie, on the other hand, is nearly killed during the separation. Bad timing, considering the world goes to hell in the War of the Realms.

Eddie’s new found parental instincts kick in, while he tries to keep both himself, and his son alive with Malkeith’s army running loose through the city–all without his symbiote. But even without his symbiote enhancing his abilities, Eddie still wants to be a hero, taking on three dark elves while civilians escape the potential slaughter.

Eddie’s attempted heroics catch the attention of Malekith’s war witches, who offer Eddie a dreamstone that gives life to dreams and desires. In Eddie’s case, he wants a weapon: his symbiote. Eddie is granted a dark magic symbiote that is “same… but different” from his old partner. Eddie is alone in his dark suit without the voice of the symbiote, and it appears that his actions are solely his own. The war witch left out a crucial part of the deal when they gave Eddie the suit, telling him after the fact that he must now use his gifts in the name of Malekith’s crusade. An offer Eddie promptly rejects. You could even say he bit the hand that feeds… clean off.

After ensuring his son is locked away for safety, Venom swings off to join the fight. But there is more driving him than his need to protect innocents. Once he leaps into the fight he succumbs to his need to hunt, and to kill. Wielding an axe and a sword, the new Venom quickly and savagely decimates a group of dark elves and trolls. Stabbing and decapitating, Venom kills the normally Asgardian foes tormenting innocent civilians. Eddie quickly discovers that this new suit is full of anger and hate. And the voices in his head, screaming at him to kill soon resolve into just one: his own.

Elsewhere in the issue the wounded war witch seems to confirm that Eddie is out of control, all on his own. So does this prove once and for all that Eddie has been the one wanting to kill during his entire time with the symbiote? Or is there dark magic within the new suit pushing him to the extreme? One thing is for sure: Eddie is back as Venom. But this time the title refers to him alone.

Venom #13 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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2019-04-24 01:04:25

Kirk Smith

DC Universe is Coming For Marvel Unlimited With 21,000+ Comics

DC has rolled out a big update for its DC Universe streaming service, adding over 21,000 comics for subscribers’ reading pleasure. The service is now a big competitor for Marvel Unlimited, as Unlimited only features comics while DC has both comics and original shows.

Although it may feel like DC Universe just launched, the streaming service has been available since September of last year. Content is expanding, and what’s already there has been liked by fans. Titans was the first show to be featured. Although the first trailer was controversial, a number of subscribers have enjoyed the show and are eagerly anticipating season 2. Doom Patrol is very well liked. Arguably, the most popular show is Young Justice: Outsiders, the sequel to the canceled Cartoon Network series. Upcoming shows include a Harley Quinn animated series, Swamp Thing (though it had its episode count diminished), and Stargirl.

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After an announcement in March, DC Universe now features a complete selection of comics from throughout DC’s history. According to a press release, DC Universe has digital access to over 21,000 individual issues. Although you can’t use the service to keep up with the current weekly issues, as there has to be one year of release from any given issue, it’s still a very useful resource for subscribers. Except for current issues, users should be able to find any DC comic. Plus, issues will be added monthly. (An issue that’s releasing tomorrow will be available one year later, as an example of how releases work.) As for reading features, the service will have page mode, an auto-play by panel, and cloud bookmarks to remember where one left off. Also, subscribers can download issues for offline reading similar to downloading movies on Netflix.

Comic recommendations will be given to subscribers based on current and upcoming movies, series, and DC’s original streaming content. So, users can probably expect some essential stories with The Joker to tie into the upcoming Joaquin Phoenix film, for example. Of course, subscribers will be able to create their own playlists as well.

DC’s digital comic lineup is impressive. A person who may only be a casual comic reader now has a chance to read a multitude of issues instantly. It’s also a great resource for reading material that movies and shows are based on. Maybe someone is watching the final season of Gotham and wants to see how No Man’s Land went down in the comics, for example. Those concerned that DC Universe would see a price hike due to a large catalog of comics can rest easy. DC Universe is still $7.99 a month or $74.99 a year. For some DC fans, the price is worth it just for the comics alone.

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2019-04-23 05:04:04

Daniel Alvarez

Batman Beyond Reveals Alfred’s Role (After His Death)

Fans of the Batman Beyond universe have finally had a great mystery solved in heartwarming fashion, now that the comic books have revealed Alfred Pennyworth still has a role to play in the elderly Bruce Wayne’s life.

At least, that sure seems to be the case in the first pages of Batman Beyond #31 releasing this week. Until now, Bruce had no Alfred to rely upon in the far off future of Neo-Gotham, instead shifting to the mentor/Guardian role to his replacement, Terry McGinnis. But in our exclusive preview of Batman Beyond #31, a familiar voice returns to suggest Bruce was never able to part with his trusted butler, father figure, and mother hen. Not without finding an artificial replacement, anyway.

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There are too many unsolved mysteries in Batman Beyond‘s future to answer in a single comic book, but fortunately the absence of Alfred Pennyworth was never one to confound audiences. Considering the story is based on Bruce Wayne in his twilight years, nobody ever had to confirm that Alfred had passed away (as likely from natural causes as any other end). The series and comic books have made passing references to Alfred, but the new comic book from Dan Jurgens and Rick Leonardi may tease a truly satisfying fate guaranteed to bring a smile to every Batman fan’s face.

The issue begins with Bruce Wayne alive and well after Joker’s return, taking a stroll through the new vision of Arkham Asylum he is paying to create. When a mysterious power outage lets Bruce know that it’s time to get home and investigate the cause, he doesn’t have to worry about driving himself home. His new car features a robotic A.I. chauffeur… whose vocabulary and style sure feels familiar to fans of Bruce’s trusted butler. Take a look at the preview pages below:

It’s impossible to confirm that the A.I. voice and intelligence playfully commenting on Bruce’s drinking habits and coordinating his schedule is literally Alfred’s, since… well, you can’t hear a comic book. But the script used in the dialogue boxes, like the diction and tone, are all a perfect fit for Alfred Pennyworth. Considering how many memories Batman fans will be able to picture of Bruce Wayne sharing confidential insights with Alfred while driving through Gotham City, this single scene may have be worth the wait. DC has come up with plenty of ways to kill Alfred Pennyworth, and even shown how an artificial Alfred can kill to protect Bruce.

So fans can feel warm and fuzzy, knowing that in the future of Batman Beyond, Alfred was copied for no other purpose than to keep Bruce Wayne company. What else are old friends for? Pick up the full issue this Wednesday, and check out the full details and synopsis below:

  • BATMAN BEYOND (2019) #31
  • Published: April 24th, 2019
  • Writer: Dan Jurgens
  • Art: Wade Von Grawbadger, Rick Leonardi
  • Cover: Chris Samnee
  • Variant Cover: Ben Oliver
  • With a series of spectacular high-tech heists, a mysterious new villain known as the Splitt is preying on Neo-Gotham. Only Batman is capable of stopping him, yet Terry McGinnis wants nothing more than to get his life back to normal after his destructive battle with The Joker. Making this even more difficult is the strange, enigmatic fate of Bruce Wayne!

Batman Beyond #31 will be available from your local comic book store on April 24th, or direct from DC Comics.

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2019-04-22 05:04:56

Andrew Dyce