The Avengers’ Next Gay Couple Being Teased By Marvel?

Warning: This article contains SPOILERS for West Coast Avengers #10

Marvel‘s next gay couple might be one that fans never saw coming… even if the movie universe is still keeping fans waiting for LGBTQ representation in the MCU.

In the pages of West Coast Avengers, two teammates have been getting close. Johnny Watts AKA ‘Fuse,’ current boyfriend of Kate Bishop AKA the second Hawkeye, and Noh-Varr AKA ‘Marvel Boy,’ ex-boyfriend of Kate Bishop have finally confessed their mutual attraction. Not just to the reader, but to Kate, eachother, and the entire Avengers team.

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If readers aren’t familiar with this comic series, the West Coast Avengers is written to resemble a reality television show, with each member of the team recording confessionals throughout the books (thanks to a literal camera crew understood to be filming their adventures). Kate’s ex Noh-Varr joined the team recently, and her current boyfriend Johnny has been less than jealous. Well actually, more than jealous, with a few hints of some kind of attraction drawing the two together (that definitely isn’t their feelings for Kate). Working closely alongside each other has brought up feelings, and both men have decided to admit them–just as West Coast Avengers comes to a close.

In their last confessionals of the series, Noh-Varr and Fuse both express how “hot” they think the other one is. The body language these two have had throughout several issues has hinted at this well enough, but their responses to having the “hotness” comments called out shows it’s more than just a passing observation (responding by stammering and blushing, respectively). When Kate heads to her own confessional, the filming team can’t help but ask her about the potential for a love triangle. It would seem this news isn’t a total surprise to Kate, at least where Noh-Varr is concerned, since she responds by asking if she has “ever dated anyone straight?” The whole team knows the answer is an emphatic “NO!” suggesting this confessed attraction is something that nobody involved, including Kate, would actually object to.

While Fuse and Noh-Varr would certainly not be the first same-sex couple to grace the pages of Marvel Comics, they might be the newest. The Young Avengers had Wiccan and Hulkling, while Shatterstar and Rictor became a thing in X-Force. They wouldn’t even be the first same-sex couple in this series – also dating in West Coast Avengers are America Chavez and Ramone Watts, who recently embraced the powers of Wolverine AND Venom as ‘Alloy.’ A confessed attraction may suggest nothing more than Noh-Varr and Fuse’s sexual preference being something other than “straight,” but the series began with tension between Kate and Johnny… so Kate may let them have their shot.

West Coast Avengers has now ended, but we are hoping this is not the last time we see these two. Perhaps they will get their own series, or we might see them pop up in another run. And what about Kate? Will she ever find a straight guy to date? Only time will tell.

West Coast Avengers #10 is on sale now from Marvel online and at your local comic shop.

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2019-04-22 02:04:19

Tessa Smith

Captain America ‘Fights Like Thor’ in The BEST Way

Captain America may not be able to fly, punch, or drink like an Asgardian, but now that he’s defending Earth from a magical invasion he’s asking one question: what would Thor do? And his answer is more incredible than fans will ever expect.

Steve Rogers usually doesn’t need to worry about ‘fighting like Thor’ since his hammer-throwing Avengers teammate is normally fighting at his side. But in Marvel’s new War of The Realms event, the heroes have been scattered. Thor has been stranded far away from the fight, and doesn’t even know that his brother Loki was eaten alive by his Frost Giant father. So with demons invading New York City, Captain America decides to stop fighting like a super soldier… and start thinking like a god.

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Being the hero that he is, Captain America sets his sights on the biggest target. Fans of the Thor movies know that the god of thunder has dropped more than a few Frost Giants by delivering a simple knockout punch. But without the ability to fly, there’s no way for Cap to put his own strength – or shield – to use. A problem he solves with some good old fashioned ingenuity. If you can’t jump or fly into the face of a Giant, just take the stairs instead.

The strategy kills two birds with one stone: Steve hurries his way up floor after floor to reach the height of the Frost Giant’s massive blue head, and gets to direct every bystander to make a quick exit to safety. The attack itself is delivered without warning, just the sudden appearance of Captain America diving out a plate glass window shield first, aiming straight at the utterly baffled face of the Jotunheim warrior. The impact doesn’t even need to be shown, since fans know that a Cap-powered, vibranium shield strike to the skull is just as good as a swing of Thor’s hammer (assuming Mjolnir hadn’t been destroyed, obviously).

This perfect blend of Steve Rogers ingenuity and Asgardian enemy is a terrific appetizer for Cap’s coming promotion, when the War of The Realms sees Captain America join the Valkyrie and wage war from the back of a pegasus. But the moment that is guaranteed to have readers clutching their chests in a wave of Chris-Evans-esque delight comes when the Frost Giant hits the pavement unconscious… and Steve instructs his teammates to “find me another giant! I’m going back up!” Hey, when the winning strategy demands Steve sprint up dozens of flights of stairs over and over again, you can guarantee that he’ll be willing to do it. All day, if need be.

If this moment alone hasn’t convinced you to pick up War of The Realms already, then check out the official synopsis for Issue #2 below:

THE WORLD AT WAR! AS THE BATTLE FOR NEW YORK CITY CONTINUES, A HERO FALLS! All the heroes of the Marvel Universe have assembled, yet this still might not be enough to stop Malekith’s endless war. And the one hero who could turn the tide…is stranded where no one can reach him. With Thor trapped in the land of the Frost Giants and the forces of Earth overwhelmed, Black Panther, Jane Foster and Doctor Strange make a desperate gamble. Valhalla awaits…

Marvel’s War of The Realms #2 is available now from your local comic book store, or direct from Marvel Comics.

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Andrew Dyce

Marvel’s New Avenger Has Powers of Wolverine AND Venom

Warning: SPOILERS For West Coast Avengers #10.

A powerful new superhero has been born in Marvel’s West Coast Avengers, and she just might be the strongest Avenger yet. Ramone Watts, now known as ‘Alloy,’ has bonded with a vibranium ring which she can now control–just like Venom controlling his alien symbiote.

When her brother Johnny Watts (a.k.a. Fuse) and her girlfriend America Chavez are captured and put in danger, Ramone has no choice but to give in to her seemingly genetic, mutant powers. Her mother, a former member of Black Panther’s Dora Milaje guard left the siblings some vibranium jewelry when she passed away. Johnny discovered his mutant ability to fuse his body into any material he touches years ago. Ramone has only now discovered her own… and it may be one of the best power sets in Marvel’s universe.

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To clarify, Johnny’s power allows him to mimic, or alter his body to the composition of anything he touches–one of the major reasons he wears his mother’s vibranium earrings (you never know when being made of the strongest metal on Earth might be necessary). But when Ramone first touched her mother’s vibranium ring, it bonded with her in a way that was far less gentle. As she explains to Gwenpool, “There was real power coursing through me, but it was excruciating and I wasn’t in control.” But the time has come for her to wear the ring once again.

As she puts it on this time, she is more powerful, more experienced, and more in control. Ramone risks everything in order to save her lover and her brother… and will never be the same after doing so. The vibranium–the Wakandan metal that, when reverse-engineered, produces the adamantium that coats Wolverine’s indestructible bones and claws–encases Ramone’s entire body. The metal effectively IS her new superhero costume. But if fans think an impenetrable suit of vibranium is all Alloy has going for her… think again.

The West Coast Avengers are in a bad situatio, being attacked by a hoard of vampires who believe America Chavez is their ‘chosen one.’ Ramone arrives ready to fight, with a brand new (and very permanent) bodysuit made of vibranium, she helps them take on the hoard. In the heat of battle Ramone learns that she can control this suit almost as if it were a Venom-like alien symbiote, and even forms a blade to take down one of the undead. When things aren’t looking good for the rest of the West Coast Avengers, she unleashes her full power in a moment that would make Venom and Carnage proud.

Growing giant vibranium spikes out of her body to take down the rest of the hoard, Ramone answers the question of who is actually cooler: Venom or Wolverine? The answer is a hero with both of their strongest abilities, rolled into one. After saving the team, her brother tasks her with choosing a hero name, and she goes with Alloy.

This new Avenger is easily one of the most powerful we have ever seen. Just imagine if Wolverine could use his metal like a symobiote? But with West Coast Avengers ending, this might be the last we see of Alloy. That would certainly feel like a missed opportunity for Marvel though, wouldn’t it? So keep an eye out on future comics to see where these Avengers pop up, and we just might get another glimpse of Alloy – or better yet, a full series featuring her.

West Coast Avengers #10 is on sale now from Marvel online, and at your local comic shop.

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Tessa Smith

Did Marvel Seriously Just Kill a Guardian of The Galaxy?

WARNING: The Following Contains SPOILERS For Guardians of the Galaxy #4.

Marvel Comics has already teased the upcoming death of one of the Guardians of the Galaxy, but it seems like they just killed off another. In Guardians of the Galaxy #4, a rescue mission takes a drastic turn of events… leaving fans to say a goodbye that they were NOT expecting.

With readers already preparing themselves for the death of Rocket Raccoon, they now have to mourn for Star-Lord, too. Back in Infinity Wars #1, Gamora killed Star-Lord before he was brought back to life using the Infinity Stones. Considering his feelings for Gamora, Peter never quite got over the act (understandable), and it sent him down a slippery slope of drinking and depression. A battle he can apparently stop fighting–since he just got

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The new Guardians team held a mutiny to remove the drunken, depressed Quill from his captaincy, naming Groot the new Guardians leader so they could take The Ryder from him to go after Gamora, who is seeking Rocket Raccoon (there’s a lot of drama to go around). They hope to save her from the Dark Guardians led by Thanos’ brother, a cosmic hit squad that are hunting her down. But they get much more than they bargained for when they land on Rocket’s home planet to find an ambush fast approaching…

In the last few pages of Guardians of the Galaxy #4 the hit squad attacks and Nebula threatens Peter’s life. Gamora shoots at her adopted sister to save him, despite the fact that she killed him herself not long ago. What can we say? Old bonds die hard. But by entering the fight, Gamora makes herself an even bigger target to the heavy hitter of the Dark Guardians, Gladiator. Knocking Gamora down as Nebula prepares to give the finishing blow, the heroes’ efforts to save their friend’s life seems to have been a total failure.

But what nobody saw coming was Star-Lord jumping in the way to save her. Even after her betrayal, he lays down his life to save the woman he loves. Gamora asks him why, after all the drama of the past year (including Drax dying to save the universe from her mischief) he would take a killing blow for her, he fittingly answers “I don’t know anything anymore.” The same line he used earlier in the issue to demonstrate just how lost Star-Lord had become without his family.

If the cover of Guardians of the Galaxy #5 is any indication, Hela, the Asgardian Goddess of Death, might have a hand in bringing Star-Lord back. But what will the Guardians have to offer up in order for this to happen? Will they simply sacrifice Peter for the good of the universe? Hela seems to be close to her goal of resurrecting Thanos… so is Peter’s life worth giving that to her? We are sure to get some of these answers in the next two books of the series, as “The Final Gauntlet” comes to an end.

Guardians of the Galaxy #4 is on sale now from Marvel online, and at your local comic shop.

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Tessa Smith

Iron Man Debuts New GODBUSTER Armor in Marvel Comics

Warning: SPOILERS For Tony Stark: Iron Man #10.

Everyone’s favorite playboy Tony Stark has a new suit of Iron Man armor–and it’s powerful enough to kill a GOD. In fact, Tony himself has named it “The Godbuster Armor” to take on a digital deity in Tony Stark: Iron Man #10.

Tony has found himself in a bit of a sticky situation in “Stark Realities,” trapped by the Motherboard he created in his company’s latest eScape digital reality. After Tony ended up in a coma following the result of Marvel’s Civil War II, he rebuilt himself the best he could. But he knows and fears the same thing fans have wondered for months: he is not the true Tony Stark. He’s merely a simulation of his former self.

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This fear allowed him to fall victim to Motherboard’s trap. But once he breaks the spell and discovers that he can make anything possible in this digitally constructed world, he does what he does best, and invents The Godbuster Armor. This new suit has claws, gears, and even what resembles a rocket blaster. In short, it looks like it could defeat a God in one solid hit–and that is exactly what it does.

The Godbuster Armor is extremely powerful and easily takes out the Motherboard, the self proclaimed God of the eScape world. However, it seems to have injured Tony in the process. His eScape body is left not moving, or even breathing, and Jocasta fears he might be dead. We have seen Tony Stark in situations like this before and he seems to always find a way back. If he doesn’t, the rest of his team just might be going up against the Controller alone in the real world. Over the years fans have seen Tony sport dozens, hundreds of different suits of armor – all with different power levels. The Godbuster might be the coolest and strongest yet.

Readers won’t be able to stop themselves from wondering about the possibilities if this suit makes its way to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Thanos would be a sitting duck for the Avengers, and likely short work for Iron Man (Thanos is practically a God, after all). Things would be very different in the MCU if Tony could “imagine” this armor for the big screen, but then… what would be the fun in that?

Will Tony make it out of this story line alive, or will we have to say goodbye to him and his new suit? Marvel Comics teases that not all of the cast will be making it out in one piece, meaning Tony, Jocasta, Andy, Rhodey, Bethany, Amanda, Machine Man, or the Wasp will be defeated before “Stark Realities” finally ends.

Tony Stark: Iron Man #10 is on sale now at your local comic shop, and online from Marvel Comics.

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Tessa Smith

Captain America Turns ‘Traitor’ In The Story Marvel WON’T Tell

WARNING: The following article contains SPOILERS for Spider-Man: Life Story #1 & #2.

One would think that an alternate-timeline in which Captain America betrays his country at the height of the Vietnam War would see such a drastic occurrence as its focal point. Yet this stunning event is only a part of the background of Life Story – a new Spider-Man mini-series that offers a decidedly different take on the heroes of Marvel Comics during the Silver Age of Comics.

The basic idea of Life Story is taken from the classic Marvel What If? series, which explored how the lives of various characters might be forever altered by one little change. In the case of Life Story, the series explores the life of Peter Parker if he had aged in real time after being created as a 15 year old high-school student in 1962. The first chapter of Life Story is set in 1966, where Peter Parker is 19, newly accepted into college and, like most young men of the time, worried about the growing conflict in Vietnam.

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While Stan Lee wasn’t shy about confronting the issues raised by the Vietnam War and the student protests against it, he never explored how Peter’s sense of responsibility might leave him conflicted regarding the idea of military service. Ignoring the morality of the war itself, Peter did have the welfare of his elderly Aunt May to think of, but he probably would still wonder if the responsibility of his great power required him to serve society as a soldier.

Writer Chip Zdarksy explores this question masterfully, with Peter turning to Captain America for his own opinions on the war and his advice on what he should do. True to form, Steve Rogers says that he intends to see the conflict for himself before making a decision but that he has seen enough of Spider-Man in action to trust that he will make the right choice for himself.

Peter eventually decides that there is no dishonor in protecting his city from domestic threats while other superheroes support the war effort directly. As for Steve Rogers, the first issue of Life Story  dramatically reveals his decision in its final pages, as a group of American soldiers prepare to attack a seemingly unarmed rural village in the jungle of Vietnam. They are all disarmed by one throw of Captain America’s mighty shield, with Cap instructing them to tell Iron Man that “These people? They’re under my protection.”

This subplot continues into the second issue of Life Story, where the story jumps forward to 1977. For reasons that are not precisely explained, the Vietnam War is still going on in this reality, with Iron Man and Giant Man still leading the American troops. Captain America, for his part, is said to still be hiding out in the jungle, fighting a one-man war to prevent deaths on both sides of the conflict.

Again, this interesting idea is only background material. The focus of the story remains on Peter Parker, who has just turned 30, is happily married to Gwen Stacy and is working alongside Reed Richards at the Future Foundation. While Zdarksy spins an engaging tale around Spider-Man, and how an older Peter Parker might have addressed the problems he faced in the 1970s Spider-Man comics, the tale of Captain America changing in the face of the Vietnam War is worth examining in greater detail. It is unknown how this subplot will be developed in future issues but there is rich ground to be explored here and tremendous potential for a follow-up mini-series.

Spider-Man: Life Story #2 is now available from Marvel Comics.

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Matt Morrison

The New, Magic VENOM Has Been Revealed By Marvel

Eddie Brock and his Venom symbiote have parted ways in Marvel Comics, but with the War of The Realms event plunging the entire universe into battle, it’s time for a replacement. The question now is… whose side will Venom be on?

It should be a no-brainer, considering Venom left his villain days behind him years ago. But the last time Marvel readers saw Eddie the symbiote had left him for good, deciding it was better for his host to look after his son, Dylan Brock. We knew that the separation wasn’t going to be easy on Eddie… but in our exclusive preview of Venom #13, it becomes clear that he’s willing to do anything to be Venom again. Even if it means accepting a magic symbiote instead of an alien one.

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For those fans who may have missed the opening issues of War of The Realms, it’s no understatement to say Malekith, leader of the Dark Elves has unleashed the nightmares of the realms upon Earth. Fire Goblins, Frost Giants, avenging angels, and so much more. And as the heroes unite to form some kind of defense, it seems Eddie Brock is sought out. Not by the Avengers of Earth–but by Malekith’s own War Witches. A magical sorceress with an offer too good for Eddie to pass up: what weapon would he want more than anything in the world?

Fans can guess, but seeing the new version of Venom born of the Dark Elf magic is a sight to behold. Take a look at the preview pages below:

There’s a bit of poetry and, honestly, sadness to the confirmation that even his biological son can’t break Eddie’s connection to his symbiote “Other.” But it’s a need that Malekith obviously understands, sending his War Witch with an offer Brock can’t refuse. Of course this offer is not going to be made if it means bolstering the heroes’ side of the war, so let’s all hope that the dark magic symbiote isn’t too strong for Brock to master.

The cover images for War of The Realms and its many tie-in comics have used Venom in a starring role, which raised some suspicions once the symbiote and Eddie broke up. Now the presence of a Venom makes sense… but Marvel has yet to reveal where the symbiote itself has gone after leaving Eddie behind. If we were gambling, it seems safe to that bet it will have something to say about being replaced so easily. For everyone concerned, it’s worth hoping Eddie and his original symbiote are reunited sooner rather than later. This War of the Realms may be bad and all, but with Carnage hunting down every symbiote on Earth, and Venom’s new role as a Savage Avenger, the Marvel Universe need him to survive the coming battles (relatively) unscathed.

  • VENOM (2019) #13
  • Published: April 24th, 2019
  • Writer: Cullen Bunn
  • Art: Iban Coello
  • Cover: Ryan Stegman
  • WAR OF THE REALMS TIE-IN! The Marvel Comics event of the year makes landfall in the world of the wicked web-slinger as Venom gets swept up in Malekith’s campaign to take over the Ten Realms! But Malekith has designs for the sinister symbiote…and they may prove fatal!

Venom #13 will be available from your local comic book store on April 24th, or direct from Marvel Comics.

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Andrew Dyce

Jane Foster Just Became Marvel’s NEW Queen of Asgard

Marvel Comics has just made Jane Foster Queen of Asgard in this week’s War of the Realms #2. Writer Jason Aaron took over the Thor franchise back in 2012, and for the last seven years his ongoing story has been building to a head. This year’s Marvel Comics event, “War of the Realms,” is the climax of everything Aaron has been doing all along.

Jane Foster has been a major part of Aaron’s run. Under Aaron’s pen, Jane was transformed from a secondary character into a series lead when she proved herself worthy to wield Mjolnir. Jane Foster understood that the cosmos needs a Thor, and she was willing to pay a heavy price in order to meet that need; Jane had been diagnosed with cancer, and unfortunately the transformation into Thor reversed any positive effects from her chemotherapy. But that didn’t stop her, not least when the Mangog attacked and destroyed Immortal Asgard. She transformed into Thor one final time in order to defeat the Mangog, a victory that led to the destruction of Mjolnir, and barely survived thanks to Odin’s intervention.

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Jane’s chemotherapy has been successful, and there’s no longer a trace of cancer in her system. As such, as War of the Realms #2 reveals, when Malekith and his forces invade Earth Jane is keen to take to the front lines. She strikes a crucial blow against the leader of the Dark Elves, striking down his War Witches and giving Doctor Strange a chance to teleport the Avengers to safety so they can regroup and launch a counter-attack. With Odin exhausted and in need of the Odinsleep, Freyja considers a desperate suicide mission in order to rescue Thor from Jotunheim. She cannot leave the Asgardian refugees without a leader – and so she names Jane Foster All-Mother of Asgard in her place.

It’s testimony to the sheer scale of the “War of the Realms” event that such a momentous act happens in just two panels, and that Jane is entirely distracted watching monitors showing Malekith’s forces overrunning New York. While Jane is by no means the star of this event, Aaron is ensuring she’s a constant presence in the background. Given Jane is no longer suffering from cancer, it may well be that she will once again wield one of Thor’s hammers and become a Goddess of Thunder; certainly Malekith appears to believe that she could prove to be a major threat to his plans, given his forces prioritized her as a target along with Odin and Freyja in War of the Realms #1.

Asgard has never been in a worse position, with the Realm Eternal ravaged by the Mangog, Heimdall blinded, and Odin bitter and broken. With Thor stranded on Jotunheim, the Asgardian refugees will need all Jane’s wisdom if they’re going to be of any use in the battle against Malekith.

War of the Realms #2 is on sale now from Marvel Comics.

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Thomas Bacon

The New X-MEN Just Recruited The Juggernaut, B****

Move over Wolverine, because the unstoppable Juggernaut has just joined the X-Men. Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, Cain Marko is Professor Xavier’s half-brother and traditionally one of the X-Men’s most fearsome foes. Transformed by the power of Cyttorak, he’s an incredibly powerful destructive force, and has successfully matched the likes of Thor and the Hulk in brutal hand-to-hand combat.

Over the last few years, the Juggernaut has gotten something of a power-up. Tested by Cyttorak, Cain Marko proved worthy, and demanded that his monstrous benefactor grant him the full measure of his might. As a result, the modern Juggernaut is strong enough to take on any of Marvel’s mightiest heroes. Now the list of heroes who could stop the Unstoppable Juggernaut just got a whole lot shorter.

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In this week’s Uncanny X-Men #16, Cyclops’ team head out to confront Magneto’s latest incarnation of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Or at least they think they do; neither the X-Men nor the Brotherhood are aware that this is actually a Magneto doppelganger. Juggernaut is part of the Brotherhood, and he doesn’t take well to learning that he was working for a Magneto impostor. To the X-Men’s surprise, he helps them subdue the false Magneto, and then declares he wants to join the X-Men.

A bewildered Jamie Madrox points out this is a pretty bad time to identify with the mutants, but it turns out Juggernaut had joined up with the Brotherhood because he genuinely believed something needed to be done to quell the hate. “What’s the saying,” Juggernaut reflects. “First they came for the mutants and I didn’t speak up…

It’s quite surreal seeing the Juggernaut come up with this kind of argument, but oddly enough it does make sense. Marko’s hatred of the X-Men was originally driven by the fact he despised his half-brother, and then – in an amusing twist – by his blaming Cyclops for killing Charles Xavier. With that issue settled, and the resurrected Charles Xavier no longer involved with the X-Men, the personal animosity is gone. Meanwhile, it’s worth noting that the Juggernaut has always tended to side with mutants, has countless friends who are mutants, and has even been a member of the X-Men once before.

The interesting question will be whether or not Juggernaut can make it stick. The last time he joined up with the X-Men, he found himself on the wrong side of Cyttorak, who was disgusted at the way Juggernaut was using his powers. In the end, Marko had to surrender to Cyttorak’s destructive urges – ironically in defending Xavier himself – and was committed to a more brutal path once again. Given the relationship between Cain Marko and Cyttorak is a lot more strained right now, it’s likely the two will go head-to-head sooner rather than later.

Uncanny X-Men #16 is on sale now from Marvel Comics.

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Thomas Bacon

Spider-Man’s Most DISGUSTING Clone Gets Even Grosser

Warning: SPOILERS for Web Of Venom: Cult Of Carnage #1

Spider-Man has had plenty of clones, but none is more grotesque than the six-limbed freak known as the Doppelganger. In Marvel’s new Cult of Carnage, the Doppelganger is given a new mission by his father… and it’s more disgusting than fans will be ready for.

The nightmare clone was created to answer a question: what would Spider-Man be without his unrelenting moral code and sense of responsibility? What if he became an attack dog, and not a hero? What if he had six arms, sharp teeth, razor webbing, and claws instead of hands? The answer is The Doppelganger, and believe it or not, he just became an even more twisted and gruesome henchman to his father, Carnage.

It’s all part of the next massive threat to the Marvel Universe. But before we get into what he’s doing that is so gruesome, even by Carnage’s standards… readers might want to sit down.

  • This Page: Carnage’s Son Doppelganger Has Returned
  • Page 2: Doppelganger’s New, Disgusting Mission For Carnage

Fans will probably know this clone from the Maximum Carnage series (later adapted to video game form) when Doppelganger launched an attack on Carnage and his lover Shriek. Carnage wants to do what he does best, and kill the Doppelganger… but Shriek takes a shine to him. After some arguing between the two (young love, right?) they become the demented pseudo parents to Doppelganger. In this twisted family dynamic, Doppelganger clearly favors his mother, helping her to attack Spider-man as an insanely dangerous attack dog and loyal protector.

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On his own Doppelganger was a terrifyingly deranged and feral clone of Spider-Man. But when Doppelganger served at Carnage and Shriek’s command, they are able to direct the creature’s power, making him an even more dangerous threat. His mother Shriek genuinely cared about seeing Doppelganger survive. But Carnage… well, he’s exactly the kind of father fans expect him to be.

Carnage is no better at playing ‘Dad’ than Cletus Kasady would have been, meaning he attempts to kill “Dopey” whenever Shriek’s baby boy gets on his nerves. When Carnage finally turns on Shriek and attempts to kill her, Doppelganger protects his mother and gets stabbed and tossed off a skyscraper for it. Doppelganger would later resurface in Carnage #1 doing battle with Spider-Man, but getting shot and killed in the process. After getting revived (again), Doppelganger, Shriek, and Carnage reunite to wreak family havoc across Manhattan.

That’s the last time the Carnage family has made headlines in Marvel’s Universe, aside from the events of Carnage, U.S.A.. In that terrifying story, Cletus Kasady infected the entire town of Doverton, Colorado with his Carnage symbiote, effectively taking over the entire town. And that’s exactly where Cult of Carnage picks back up years later… and where Doppelganger serves his daddy in the nastiest way yet.

The first issue of Web of Venom: Cult of Carnage sets up the ABSOLUTE CARNAGE event coming later this year, and shows how unprepared the Marvel Universe really is. Misty Knight is on the hunt for her fellow agent John Jameson, last seen in–you guessed it–Doverton, Colorado. After finding John naked and afraid, rambling that “God is coming”, Misty helps him recall the past few months in the wake of Carnage U.S.A.. John takes Misty and the readers on a series of flashbacks, describing his hunt for the man or woman who has been mutilating the bodies of Doverton residents.

There’s just one thing that the victims have in common: they were all infected with the Carnage symbiote during the event. Well, that and the way that they were killed and mutilated. And thanks to the issue’s most disgusting moment, how and why Doppelganger is committing the gruesome acts. Needless to say, stomach-turning SPOILERS ahead.

Page 2: Doppelganger Gets a New, Disgusting Mission For Carnage

As John Jameson explains, a local resident of Doverton named Eric Morrell has put out a call for help. Something or someone has been mutilating the bodies of the people and animals in Doverton, including all of those who were killed during the past events at the hand of Carnage (Eric’s daughter is among one of the victims dug up out of her grave and mutilated, making this personal… and disturbing).

What Eric and John don’t know is that elsewhere in Marvel’s comic universe, Carnage has been resurrected as the new Symbiote God. So as the pair introduce The Church of New Darkness to Marvel continuity–the church that all current residents of Doverton now worship–and learn that New Darkness followers are all mindlessly worshiping ‘The Dark God,’ they can’t put the pieces together. But readers can: the town once overrun by Carnage is now worshiping him as the Symbiote God, Knull.

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The two are denied entrance when they want to investigate the church for leads in the gruesome killings (they’re way better detectives than they realize), and are denied all access by the church’s chilling spokesperson, ‘Miss Deel.’ But when John wakes up in the middle of the night to find Eric missing, he runs to the only place he could be: The Church of New Darkness. John arrives just in time to see Eric being sacrificed at the altar in front of the congregation.

‘Miss Deel’ is revealed to be Shriek. The massive hooded figure before the congregation is Carnage. And finally, the mysterious figure mutilating the living and the dead of Doverton is revealed: The Doppelganger.

From the first panel showing Doppelganger’s three-clawed hand, readers can put together the figure who has been ripping the spines out of human and animal bodies. A final flashback shows the gruesome act as Doppelganger rips the spine out of Eric in a single swipe, and presenting it to Carnage like any good son would. In the present, John and Misty enter the church to discover that Doppelganger was just getting started… as the entire congregation remains sitting in their pews, spines ripped out, and smiles still plastered on their faces.

Those keeping up to date with Carnage events already know why such a disturbing act must be performed. The Web of Venom series has explained that every time a symbiote bonds with a host, it leaves behind a trace of itself–and in the process, a piece of the Symbiote God, Knull. Now that he’s gotten a taste, it’s Carnage’s mission to kill EVERY symbiote host throughout the Marvel Universe, and consume Knull piece by piece. This comic is the beginning of the lead up to the main event in Absolute Carnage, and if this issue is any indicator, expect more twisted and gruesome plots in true Carnage fashion.

But by issue’s end, the Cult of Carnage‘s mission may have already been achieved. The heroes of Marvel’s Universe may have already lost, as the dark God is already here.

Web of Venom: Cult of Carnage #1 is available at your local comic book store now, or direct from Marvel Comics.

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Kirk Smith