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The world of My Hero Academia is full of amazing, useful, and silly quirks. But when it comes to being a superhero, some quirks are better than others. For example, All Might would never have become the hero we all know him to be, should the quirk handed down to him have been anything else (say having the ability to create bubbles).

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Here we’re going to look at 10 of the most powerful quirks in the series. And we’re going to take it a step further and rank them while we’re at it. Because why not?

This article pulls quirks that haven’t made it into the anime yet.

10 Copy

Neito Monoma has a unique quirk; he has the ability to copy other quirks. Now, thankfully he can’t actually copy all quirks. Imagine if he tried (and succeeded) to copy One For All. He would have torn himself apart!

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However, even with limitations on what he can mimic, this ability is extremely useful. It allows Monoma to be fairly versatile in any given situation. He can even combat an enemy with their own quirk – depending on what it is.

9 Bloodcurdle

Stain had what is quite possibly the most brutal combination of quirk and personality. His quirk–blood curdling—gives him the ability to freeze anybody whose blood he ingests. Since blood is involved in this manner, it’s already a given that the blood came from a fight. He then takes advantage of the person being frozen to maim or slaughter them.

In the hands of a killer like Stain, this quirk is incredibly powerful. And incredibly dangerous. The famous fight of him versus three UA students is indication enough of that fact. One has to wonder, how would this quirk have looked, had it been used for good?

8 Half-Cold Half-Hot

Most of the elemental quirks seem like they would be useful, depending on their situation. However, many of them are in fact limited by their environments (as evidenced in the series). That’s what makes Todoroki’s quirk standout among the rest.

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Todoroki has the quirk of both cold and hot – meaning ice and fire are under his control. And it’s a strong quirk too – you’ve seen the amount of ice and fire he can create. Todoroki is a versatile fighter thanks to his quirk (and his ability to stay clear-headed during a fight… usually). He will become an even bigger threat, as he learns more control over his quirk.

7 Mental Control

Shinso has a quirk that the UA criminally undervalues. Based on the way they test for new students, it’s no surprise that Shinso failed. But that doesn’t mean much about the strength of his quirk. The ability to control minds is not one that should be underestimated. Especially when he can mimic other’s voices, and gain a higher chance of getting a response from his targets.

So far we haven’t really had a chance to see Shinso go all out – but we can be sure that it’s coming. His quirk and his mentor more or less guarantee those facts. And it’s going to be explosive when we see it happen.

6 Black Hole

Thirteen is sort of an overlooked hero, due to their focus on rescue instead of combat. But do not make the mistake of looking down on their quirk. The ability to create black holes is no mean feat. And it makes Thirteen extremely dangerous in a fight (as long as they’re not surrounded).

One can understand why Thirteen has dedicated the use of their quirk to rescue instead of harm. Any fight they join in on significantly reduces the odds of bringing in the enemy alive, and killing is not a thing a hero should do lightly.

5 Disintegration

Tomura Shigaraki has one of the more disturbing quirks out there. Not only is it dangerous, but it’s painful and quite frankly, it just looks alarming. Shigaraki has the quirk of disintegration. We saw it get used against Aizawa in the first season.

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Shigaraki doesn’t seem terribly interested in using his quirk in excess. Perhaps there’s a cost to it. More likely there are other reasons he doesn’t want to rely on the quirk (pride, a reminder of his family, who knows).

4 Overhaul

Overhaul, aka Kai Chisaki, has one of the most terrifying quirks out there. His villain name is based off the quirk itself – Overhaul. With this quirk, he can deconstruct and reconstruct matter (including people) on a whim. He can also alter any item or person during this process – healing or damaging as he sees fit.That makes him an extremely dangerous person to try and fight against, as our heroes learned. The end of the most recent season showed just how lethal he can be – taking on a group of antagonists without a moment’s hesitation – and winning.

3 Rewind

Eri is a character that hasn’t yet made an appearance in the anime (though if you’ve watched the trailer, then you know what she looks like). Eri’s quirk is unique among the others. It can rewind a person’s state to any time of her choosing. Meaning, if a person is hurt, she can reset their body to a time when it wasn’t damaged — and vice versa.

Eri’s quirk is dangerous, a fact that Overhaul was well aware of. He used her body and her quirk to hurt and control others. Eri’s quirk is powerful for another reason as well – her ability to support other heroes and keep them upright during a fight. Think about that. Intense, right?

2 One For All

Naturally, we had to include One For All on this list. This quirk is technically a few quirks merged together, but since they’ll never be separated, we’re counting them as one. One For All combines immense strength and power with the ability to hand the quirk to somebody else. Thus it creates a lineage of heroes, handing the quirk down through the ages. It has some unusual side effects, as readers of the manga are well aware of.

One For All is an exceptionally powerful quirk. All Might and Midorya can both prove that fact for us. Both heroes have been capable of amazing feats, with All Might being the number one hero for years.

1 All For One

If One For All is going to make this list, then so should All For One. All For One is the quirk that allows our main villain to take any quirk he wishes. It’s basically the polar opposite of One For All. And it allows All For One to get more and more powerful with time – picking and choosing the quirks he desires.

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To make matters worse (or better, depending on how you want to look at it), this quirk can also transfer quirks. Allowing All For One to take quirks and give them to his followers. It’s a smart way to ensure loyalty, at the very least.

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10 Fabulous Quotes From The Rocky Horror Picture Show

The Rocky Horror Picture Show was released over 40 years ago but is now as popular as ever before. The film follows Brad Majors (Barry Bostwick) and Janet Weiss (Susan Sarandon) as they go on a road trip after getting engaged and get stranded at Dr. Frank-N-Furter’s mansion. The film received mixed reviews upon its release but quickly developed a cult following.

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With hidden meanings about the glam rock movement and gender expression, there is plenty to dissect in each viewing. The musical was rebooted as a TV movie in 2016 but received mainly negative reviews. The original, however, is still highly regarded due to the original musical from Richard O’Brien and the screenplay from O’Brien and Jim Sharman. Here are 10 fabulous quotes from The Rocky Horror Picture Show.


Since he is the narrator, the Criminologist wasn’t actually there at the time of the events at Dr. Frank-N-Furter’s mansion, but he still had some memorable lines in the film.

In his very first line, the Criminologist opens by saying, “I would like, if I may, to take you on a strange journey”, which is a great way to begin the story that is about to unfold. His opening line is unforgettable, but so is his final line of the film, “And crawling on the planet’s face, some insects called the human race. Lost in time. And lost in space… and meaning.”


One of the more memorable songs comes near the middle of the movie when Dr. Frank-N-Furter kills Eddie. The scene itself can be taken as a metaphor for Glam Rock taking over rock ’n’ roll and the song “Hot Patootie-Bless My Soul” is one of the catchier songs of the film. Eventually, Dr. Everett von Scott comes looking for his nephew Eddie and sits down for supper at Dr. Frank-N-Furter’s mansion.

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When he asks about Eddie, Columbia exclaims, “Eddie!” before Frank-N-Furter’ revs an electric knife at her and says, “That’s a rather tender subject. Another slice, anyone?”. The line is witty since it is soon after revealed that the guests are actually eating slices of Eddie, whose body is underneath the glass table.


Towards the end of the film, the song “Planet Schmanet, Janet” is sung by Dr. Frank-N-Furter. It’s no secret that the Doctor is a jealous person, so when Janet runs to Rocky when she gets scared from seeing Eddie’s dead body, Frank-N-Furter has an issue.

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He chases after her and starts singing, “I’ll tell you once, I won’t tell you twice. you better wise up Janet Weiss.” Frank-N-Furter chases her to his lab where he then says “The transducer will seduce ya” before he flips the switch and Brad, Janet, and Dr. Scott are all stuck in their place.


After the Criminologist introduces the story, Brad and Janet are seen driving through a storm in the middle of the night. After their car gets a flat, they have no choice but to trek through the storm to try to find help. As they are walking through the rain, they see a light in the distance coming from Dr. Frank-N-Furter’s mansion.

They break into song and sing, “There’s a light” as the Transylvanians sing back, “Over at the Frankenstein’s place.” Needless to say, Brad and Janet wouldn’t have been so thankful if they knew what was in store for them.


Peter Hinwood had a very short-lived acting career, but his most famous role by far was Rocky in The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Rocky was the muscular creation from Dr. Frank-N-Furter who was rather dimwitted. Shortly after Rocky is born, Dr. Frank-N-Furter gives him a set of weights and breaks out into song.

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Frank-N-Furter is mainly talking about how Rocky will keep his impeccable muscles in shape, but his most famous lyric in the song is, “In just seven days, I can make you a man. Dig it if you can!”. Unfortunately though, Rocky doesn’t stay as faithful to Dr. Frank-N-Furter as he had hoped.


Christopher Lloyd may have popularized that phrase “Great Scott!” in 1985 for Back to the Future, but The Rocky Horror Picture Show included the line ten years earlier. When Dr. Everett V. Scott (played by Jonathan Adams) first appears in the film, he makes quite an entrance.

He comes smashing through the wall of Frank-N-Furter’s lab and then rolls down the long ramp. Right when Scott smashes through the wall, Brad exclaims, “Great Scott!” since he wasn’t expecting to see him in Frank-N-Furter’s mansion. Dr. Scott is looking for his nephew Eddie, but unfortunately, he had just been killed a few scenes prior.


Frank-N-Furter cut out half of Eddie’s brain to give to Rocky but then ends up murdering Eddie with an ice pick. Before that, however, Eddie smashes through the freezer on his motorcycle and breaks into song and dance. The only song that the character Eddie (played by Meat Loaf) sang for the entire movie was called “What Ever Happened to Saturday Night?” also known as “Hot Patootie, Bless My Soul.” The entire song is catchy and even includes a saxophone solo from Eddie, but the best line in the song is the chorus, Hot patootie, bless my soul! I really love that rock n’ roll!”.


Brad and Janet are two characters that are forced to confront their homosexual and bisexual urges throughout the film. At first, however, they are seen as a cookie-cutter suburban couple. After they attend a wedding and Janet catches the flower bouquet, Brad proposes to her during a catchy musical number.

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The chorus of the song, “Damnit, Janet, I love you” is one of the most recognized lines from the film. That being said, Janet’s line, “Brad, I’m mad for you too” isn’t quite as catchy. After that, they begin their trip to see Dr. Scott, so the fun hadn’t really even begun at that point.


Soon after Brad and Janet are introduced to Riff Raff, Magenta, and the rest of the party-goers, they meet the host of the party, who introduces himself as a “sweet transvestite.” With Janice and Brad being innocent newlyweds, they are visibly uncomfortable with Dr. Frank-N-Furter’s appearance, but he is clearly very comfortable in his skin, despite him being an alien.

The song Sweet Transvestite” is probably the most famous song of the film behind “The Time Warp” and the line, “So come up to the lab and see what’s on the slab. I see you shiver with antici…….. PATION!” is delivered perfectly by Tim Curry.


The most popular song to come out of The Rocky Horror Picture Show is arguably “The Time Warp.” When Brad and Janet first arrive to Dr. Frank-N-Furter’s mansion, they are greeted by Riff Raff. Riff Raff begins the song by singing, “It’s astounding, time is fleeting. Madness takes its toll,” but the tempo of the song quickly picks up from there.

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After Riff Raff and Magenta rush through the doors to the main ballroom, Brad and Janet see all of the people attending the Annual Transylvanian Convention. The song continues with Riff Raff, Magenta, Columbia, and company singing the famous line, “Let’s do the time warp again.”

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Lucifer: 8 Things They Changed From The Comics (And 2 Things They Kept The Same)

Against all odds, Fox TV’s adaptation of Lucifer survived cancellation thanks to its dedicated fanbase. Loosely based on the comics of the same name that spawned out of Neil Gaiman’s magnum opus Sandman, the show follows a retired Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis) as he runs a fancy nightclub on Earth where he meets all kinds of people and otherworldly beings.

Just like Arrow or Gotham, this adaptation of a well-known DC title only borrows the basics of its source material before telling its own story. It goes without saying that a lot was changed during the comics’ translation to the small screen, many of which fans of the Vertigo comics written by Mike Carey would quickly notice. Here are two things that Lucifer kept the same from the comics, as well as eight things that were changed.

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10 Same: Abandoning Hell

Both the comics and the series start with Lucifer growing disillusioned about dominion over Hell, which convinces him to leave his duties and retire in the mortal realm of Earth. As novel as this premise may sound, this forms the backbone of the entire story and grounds one of the most well-known Biblical figures.

The only notable difference here is that Lucifer comes to this decision by himself in the series, whereas he took Dream’s words to heart in Sandman before leaving hell for his own Vertigo series.

9 Same: The Lux

Equally as famous as Lucifer himself is his club: The Latex Lux. Located in uptown Los Angeles, the upscale club serves as Lucifer’s home on Earth and base of operations, where he goes to recuperate or wile the nights away playing the piano.

A slight difference here is that Lucifer doesn’t spend much time in the Lux in the comics because he’s usually on an off-world adventure. On the other hand, the series pays lots of attention to the Lux and its day-to-day operations because of the series’ more grounded and less heightened approach to Lucifer’s story.

8 Different: The DC Connection

Because of the fact that Lucifer was published by Vertigo Comics, which is DC Comics’ imprint for mature stories, encounters with DC characters were bound to happen. Some of his notable crossovers include meeting John Constantine in The New 52 reboot and his famously eye-opening conversations with Dream in Sandman.

Since Fox TV doesn’t have the rights to many of DC’s characters, Lucifer’s world has been considerably shrunken for his televised run. For legal reasons, the show makes no mentions of the many superheroes and other residents of the DC universe that Lucifer met in the past.

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7 Different: The Story’s Structure

In his comics, Lucifer embarked on a sprawling cosmic quest to save all of Creation. This led to various adventures where he interacted with different beings from a multitude of worlds and dimensions. Lucifer carried on the high fantasies of Sandman but gave them a dark spin. Appropriate, given who he is.

The televised adaptation turns Lucifer’s story in a procedural crime series with an urban fantasy twist, kind of like Supernatural. This may have been done for budgetary reasons and possibly to give audiences a more familiar set-up for a show starring The Devil himself.

6 Different: The Catalyst

Both versions of Lucifer start with him being spurned out of retirement, but what pushes him differs. The series has Lucifer feeling sympathy for the first time in ages after a human friend is murdered outside his club, leading him to work with the steadfast LAPD detective Chloe to solve the crime and learn about her world.

Meanwhile, in the comics, Lucifer receives a mission from God. Should he accept it, the fallen angel could name any price he wants. Though suspicious of the diety’s real motives, Lucifer takes it up to kill time and seize the ultimate opportunity.

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5 Different: The State Of Hell

After spending eons on his throne, Lucifer grows weary of overseeing Hell and leaves it for Earth. This turns out to be a big mistake, since Hell quickly fell apart without his leadership, forcing even God himself to beg the former Lord of the Damned to return.

Conversely, Hell was fine after Lucifer’s departure in the comics. This was because, unlike the series, God had a contingency plan prepared in case of Lucifer’s retirement. In Lucifer’s place, a pair of angels who were originally sent to deliver a message were fooled by God into running Hell.

4 Different: Amenadiel

In both the comics and the series, Lucifer has to deal with heaven’s wrath that’s best represented by the angel Amenadiel. Driven by his loyalty to God and his hatred for Lucifer, Amenadiel attacks Lucifer whenever he can but his character arc is different in both incarnations.

Where he’s a single-minded nuisance in the comics, Amenadiel is a more fleshed-out character in the series. Amenadiel questions God’s authority and even allies himself with Lucifer in the series, while he dies a dumb brute in the comics after being constantly outsmarted by the former angel.

3 Difference: Mazikeen/Maze

Lucifer may be a loner, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have any friends. His most well-known ally is Makizeen, who also enjoys the distinction of being the only person Lucifer openly shows affection to. At least that’s how it is in the comics.

While her mangled face remains, Makizeen’s relationship with Lucifer is different in the show. Here, she’s painted as his best friend since Lucifer’s love interest is Chloe. She’s also not as loyal as she was, constantly planning coups against Lucifer—something her illustrated counterpart would never do. That and she can now talk properly.

2 Different: Lucifer’s Personality

While his name and backstory remain the same, Lucifer is a different person in the comics and series. Originally, Lucifer was an arrogant sociopath who meddled into human affairs out of morbid curiosity. He does value his few allies, but generally speaking, he couldn’t be bothered to care much for anyone other than himself.

The series presents a more human and emotional Lucifer who hides his true emotions behind a smugly sarcastic facade. This has made him more vulnerable but also more relatable to his father’s creations that he’s used to punishing in the afterlife.

1 Different: The Central Theme

What made the comics unique and well-revered was its philosophically-charged analysis of free will and destiny. Since his creation, Lucifer wanted to be truly free of his father’s control, but even his rebellion may have been divinely predestined, further embittering the already furious fallen angel.

The series has shades of this, but they’re considerably toned down, instead opting to concentrate on Lucifer’s connection with those around him and his discovery of what love and mortality mean. While an interesting arc for a demon to have, the series’ point is noticeably simpler than the source material’s.

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Glengarry Glen Ross: Ranking The Best Real Estate Employees

Glengarry Glen Ross is a movie based on the play by David Mamet. It is a simple story of a group of desperate and largely unsuccessful real estate salesmen as they try everything they can to make a sale and get some money. Featuring one of the best casts ever assembled on screen, it is an incredibly compelling film, even if it is just about people talking. Thanks to the amazing dialogue and terrific performances, it is a riveting show to watch.

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The various employees of the real estate company are all chasing success to different degrees. Some are on a hot streak, others haven’t made a sale in a long time. Some hold power over others, while others are talked down to. These dynamics change throughout the film and make the relationships between the characters all the more interesting, which leads to some thrilling confrontations. Here are the employees in Glengarry Glen Ross, ranked worst to best.

6 George Aaronow

In the setting of the film, George (Alan Arkin) is not the least successful salesman in the office, but you get the sense that he has never been the best at any time. He feels like the kind of person who has never been successful in his life and that success will forever evade him. He is a miserable, dour man who is constantly bemoaning his poor luck.

We don’t see him being much of a salesman within the film other than a few sales calls we overhear. Even in these small moments, we feel that his heart isn’t in the game and that he has no skills to speak of. He is low-energy, ill-prepared, and lacks any confidence whatsoever. He is one of the few characters in the film that doesn’t talk about his own talents.

5 Shelley Levene

While the movie is very much an ensemble piece, it could be argued that Shelley (Jack Lemmon) is the main character. As Shelley, Lemmon gives one of his best performances as a man who would be sympathetic if he wasn’t so pathetic. Shelley is the old man in the office and, despite still having a lot of heart for the job, he just doesn’t have what it takes anymore.

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Shelley is a sad sack like George, but he tries to hide it as much as possible. He remembers the days where he was the top man in the office and is desperate to be back on top, but he won’t admit to himself that those days are long gone. Even his restored confidence at landing a massive sale is shattered when he realizes the deal was no good. In the end, he is pushed into illegal acts just to get ahead but fails to make that work as well.

4 Dave Moss

While Shelley and George are more pathetic in their lack of success, Dave (Ed Harris) is just angry. The entire movie, Dave is on the edge of a full-blown rage-filled meltdown. We know he has had good stretches in the past and can be quite proud of himself in those moments, but his cold streak during the film makes him a bitter man.

His short-tempered outbursts are aimed at everyone and anyone who isn’t him. He blames everyone else for his failures and resents the more successful people in the office. When his talents are called into question, he flies into a profanity-filled rant, unleashing all his frustration on everyone. In the end, Dave believes he is owed more than he’s got and turns to crime to get who he thinks he deserves.

3 John Williamson

Williamson (Kevin Spacey) is maybe the most hated man in the office. As the office manager, he technically runs the place, but he gets no respect from the salesmen. They see him as an inexperienced punk who doesn’t know anything about being a salesman and is only in his position through nepotism.

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His inexperience is shown when he accidentally terminates a huge sale. For his failure, he is humiliated and talked down to like he is a child. Knowing he made a severe error, any sign of superiority in the office disappears. However, Williamson is at least smart enough to find out who stole the missing leads from the office. Just as he was embarrassed, Williamson takes great pleasure in making Shelley squirm and beg after he is exposed as a thief.

2 Blake

Blake (Alec Baldwin) might not be a member of the central office, but he does work for real estate bosses. He is also the only character who was not featured in the original play but was created just for the film. Blake is a hotshot who is sent in to motivate the office into selling more. His vulgar and abusive rant against the salesmen is the highlights of the film.

He brutally explains to the men why he is and always will be more successful than them and why they are losers. Given how over-the-top Blake is in bragging about his own success, it makes you wonder if he might be stretching the truth. However, it’s clear that he’s achieved some level of success in the company, and it’s hard to deny he is a compelling motivator.

1 Ricky Roma

Ricky (Al Pacino) is the big man in the office. Though he might not have always been the office’s top earner, he certainly feels like he is going to be staying in that position for a long time. Ricky has all the confidence in the world, which can make him a bit of a jerk around the office.

We see Ricky’s salesman talents put to work with a man he targets in a bar. Making friends with a stranger, he takes his time and chooses his moments before laying a trap like an expert hunter. Unlike Shelley’s desperate and invasive method of selling, Ricky is patient and lets the buyer come to him. As smooth as he is, we also see what happens when Ricky is caught off-guard. He is not above lying and cheating to make sure he makes his money.

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Star Trek: 10 Times Voyager Broke Our Hearts | ScreenRant

Star Trek: Voyager, the first spin-off of Star Trek: Next Generation (itself a spin-off of sorts from the original series) began with a dismal premise. The captain and crew of the Federation starship Voyager gets hurtled into the Delta Quadrant, considered the frontier of the Star Trek Universe, a relatively unexplored place beyond Federation arbitration. To reach home, it will take 75 years, in which case most of the crew would be dead before they ever saw the Alpha Quadrant.

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Introducing a new ship and crew under these circumstances seemed like a set-up for truly tragic storylines, which seemed natural given the inherent despondency of their situation. Voyager had some of the saddest episodes in Star Trek, compounded by the fact that the crew seemed unable to escape an inevitable fate. Better replicate yourself some tissues, because here come ten of the most heartbreaking storylines.


In one of the most brutal and suspenseful episodes of Voyager’s second season, the ship encounters a spatial rift in a nebula, and suffers massive damage from unknown proton bursts. There are heavy casualties, including Ensign Harry Kim and a baby, Naomi Wildman. The rift also creates a “quantum double” of Voyager, allowing the two crews to view each other at the same time like a mirror.

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Soon the “undamaged” Voyager is in the same trouble as its damaged double, as Vidiians board it and start harvesting vital organs from the crew. Its Captain Janeway at the last moment orders her Harry Kim, and baby Naomi, through the rift to complete the other crew. Harry spends the series wondering if he’s really aboard his Voyager.


Without a doubt, the Borg are a species that must be stopped. Their quest for efficiency and perfection by assimilating everyone they came in contact with would have meant galactic destruction. Starfleet thought of many ways to take them down, including infecting their Collective with a virus.

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The virus came in the form of an adolescent, a boy named Icheb, who befriended Seven of Nine. He came to find out that the only reason for his existence was to deliver a virus to the Borg by being assimilated and making sure it infected all of them. Seven of Nine’s goodbye to a boy who just wanted to be normal is gut-wrenching.


“Year of Hell” is often cited as one of the top 10 Voyager episodes of all time, and for good reason. When the crew is faced with repeated shelling bombardment  by the ships of the Krenim Imperium with dwindling weapon capabilities, their already desperate situation becomes even more desperate.

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Voyager stands up to weeks of battle after drifting into Krenim-occupied space, and with each new hit, circumstances become more bleak. There is a quiet moment where Tuvok, now blind from a torpedo blast, attempts to shave with a straight razor unassisted, to prepare for his “morning rounds” amidst a rubble-strewn ship.


As a Borg, Seven of Nine was part of the hive-mind of the Collective, with the voices and thoughts of the hundreds of thousands of species the Borg assimilated in their pursuit of galactic domination. In one disturbing episode, she starts taking on the personalities of these individuals.

There’s an old woman whose son has recently joined Starfleet. She wants Voyager to pass on the message that she’s alive (the real woman has long since been assimilated and would sooner assimilate her son at this point). She also assumes the personality of a girl that was assimilated, at an age similar to when Seven herself was taken, now reliving a childhood she was robbed of.


In an effort to experience all the happiness and sadness, trials, and tribulations of the human experience, Voyager’s holographic doctor writes himself a holodeck program that gives him a real family. He has a wife and two children he comes home to every day, allowing him to experience some level of human normalcy.

His daughter has an accident, shattering his bucolic existence. When her brain is hemorrhaging faster that he can save her, he faces the reality that she will die. He desperately wants to end the program but Tom Paris warns that to truly understand what it means to be human, he has to face the emotional burden.


An unfortunate transporter accident merges Tuvok and Neelix together into a single entity, who decides to be called “Tuvix” for the remainder of the episode of the same name. With aspects of each man in his personality and appearance, the crew adjusts to his presence as Captain Janeway decides how to reverse the accident.

When it comes time for the ship’s doctor to perform the procedure, Tuvix refuses, calling it an “execution.” He declares his right as an individual, which has been a central focal point for many Star Trek series. His pitiful attempts to get a single crew member on the bridge to defend him in his right to life is truly heartbreaking.


Being stranded in the Delta Quadrant with her crew, it’s natural for Captain Janeway to think that life has moved on for the rest of the world as she knows it. It’s been four years by the time “Hunters” takes place, but the crew are given a spark of hope when they find a way to communicate with loved ones back home.

Janeway receives a letter from Mark, her fiance on Earth, who explains that while he held out as long as he could, he’s recently married someone else. Janeway compartmentalizes the devastating news and collects herself as a sterling Starfleet officer.


Though some viewers may have found Neelix’s boundless enthusiasm and goofy humor annoying, his cheer in the face of adversity did more for the crew of Voyager than they realized. 

When it’s time for Neelix to leave the ship and join a colony of his people, he thinks he can slink quietly to a turbolift. He doesn’t expect the entire crew to create a gauntlet, at the end of which is Captain Janeway, who greets him as “Ambassador.” 


In “Course Oblivion” during Season 5, the crew of Voyager is cloned by a life form on a demon planet that presents as a silvery substance. The “fake” crew develop a highly advanced warp drive and leave for Earth, now able to get there in a matter of weeks. They celebrate Tom and B’Elanna’s wedding below decks, until unexpected turbulence stops the ceremony.

The advanced warp core of the ship destabilizes, and they discover by trying to repair it that they aren’t the real crew. As they run out of time, each crew member dies one by one, desperately trying to preserve even the memory of their existence, and the schematics for the advanced warp core. When the original Voyager answers their distress call, they find nothing but a massive collection of silvery debris.


Growing up half human and half Klingon, B’elanna Torres didn’t exactly have a traditional or normal upbringing. She felt isolation from both human and Klingon communities.

When she finds out she’s pregnant with Tom Paris’s child in the last season of Voyager, and knowing that Klingon genes are dominant, she tries to do everything in her power to have the ridges surgically removed from her baby’s forehead. She breaks down in Sickbay telling Tom she doesn’t want to drive him away like she did her father.

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Kayleena Pierce-Bohen

Stranger Things: 10 Characters With The Best Survival Skills, RankedOn

From the Russians to the Mind Flayer, Stranger Things 3 saw the gang facing more threats than ever — and it got us thinking, how are they all (okay, most of them) still alive? We decided to get to the bottom of this mystery and discover how the show’s heroes all stack up.

While some characters are victims more than saviors (we’re looking at you, Will) others know how to rise to the top and save their friends and family again and again.

Quick shout-out to the honorable mentions including Mike, who is always emotionally supportive and Lucas, who is along for the ride. Will, maybe you’re not the strongest fighter, but you’ve endured a lot, and for that, we applaud you.

Let’s head back to Hawkins to find out who would make the best survivalist.

10 Erica Sinclair

Don’t underestimate the power of the youngest. Not only was she brave enough to climb through air ducts and sneak her way into an underground Russian fort, but she was smart enough to work her way out. Sure, she had some help along the way. But don’t be fooled by her sass; She knows what she’s doing.

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Dustin teases Erica for being a nerd, but as it turns out, this is one of her many superpowers. The knowledge she has now could be handy to her in the years to come.

9 Steve Harrington

Season 3 Steve honestly didn’t do a lot. Of course, he acted as Dustin’s sidekick, and okay, we’ll hand it to him — he did sneak into a top-secret Russian fort. But then he got himself caught and managed to knock both him and Robin to the ground while making an attempt to rescue them both.

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His confidence is his downfall and his strength. It helped him in early seasons, but in the latest, it didn’t do quite as much. He is durable, though. He got beat up a ton after being abducted by the Russians yet still made it out.

8 Nancy Wheeler

Nancy has intuition going for her. In Season 3, she knows something is wrong with the rat the elderly Doris Driscoll finds in her house, so she takes it upon herself to investigate.

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Nancy is smart and can hold her own, but on the downside, she doesn’t have many physical survival skills. That being said, she knows how to use a gun when she needs to. Shooting is just one of the things that comes naturally to her, though.

7 Joyce Byers

Joyce has a whole lot of determination and will do what she needs to save her family. Like Nancy, she knows when something is up and acts on it. Example: the falling magnets in Season 3.

She fights her way through every dangerous situation she faces and ranks a little higher because of her experience. Her undying courage — and ability to help bring Hopper back to health after his early Season 3 fight — makes up for her lack of formal training.

6 Max Mayfield

When Eleven first injures her leg, Nancy tries to immediately clean the wound without first clotting it. Max corrects her, referencing what she’s learned about injuries through skateboarding.

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In addition to knowing how to treat a wound, Max is good at controlling her emotions in tense situations. While characters like Joyce let emotions drive their decisions, Max is able to put her feelings aside in order to do what is necessary in the moment. It doesn’t mean she doesn’t get scared; It just means that she thinks before she feels.

5 Robin

Robin is both street-smart and academically bright. When Steve and Dustin find themselves unable to crack the secret Russin code, she steps in and solves it. Being that she’s fluent in French, Italian, and Spanish, this comes as no surprise.

When Robin ends up tied up in the Russian’s underground fort, she doesn’t stress. She stays brave and tries (emphasis on the word tries) to reach some scissors with Steve that will cut them out. Both these skills come in handy when your life is on the line.

4 Jim Hopper

If you haven’t finished Season 3 of Stranger Things yet, you should completely skip over this entry. And now that that’s covered, it’s time to talk about this man’s survival skills. Yes, (MAJOR SPOILER ALERT) Hopper doesn’t actually survive, but that doesn’t discount how well he could. His death in Season 3 was a sacrifice. It was a choice. He knew what he was getting himself into and didn’t end up carelessly dying. (END OF SPOILER) So pushing that aside, Hopper has a lot going for him. As the sheriff of the town, he has formal training other Stranger Things characters don’t have.

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He did get knocked out early in Season 3, which left Joyce to drag him out of the situation, and his temper gets in the way sometimes. Otherwise, he has the makings of a survivalist.

3 Jonathan Byers

Although Jonathan can sometimes come off as timid, he’s grown into himself as the series has progressed. In fact, he has a lot of the confident, quick-thinking skills needed to survive a town haunted by The Upside Down’s monsters.

The greatest example of this comes during the climax at the Starcourt Mall, during the point at which Elven’s leg has been infected by the Mind Flayer. Rather than sitting by complacently, Jonathan runs away to grab a wooden spoon El can bite down on and a knife he can use to cut the monster out. He makes sure to disinfect his makeshift medical tool and then keeps calm as he works on her leg even though it is absolutely disgusting. Without him, her leg might have faced a very different ending.

2 Dustin Henderson

What Dustin lacks in strength he makes up with smarts. I mean, seriously. A child outsmarted Russians with years of training and preparation.

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Let’s also not forget how brave Dustin is, as he chose to journey deeper into the Russian fort to rescue Steve and Robin when they were all tied up. He planned his attack, got them free, and dragged their drugged-up selves around as he considered his next move. Successfully babysitting a couple of useless teenagers older than you has to be a necessary survival skill.

1 Eleven

Eleven comes out on top because she has awesome telepathic powers. How can you beat that? She can use them to throw objects, fight people, and even snoop on others’ thoughts.

El also happens to be mentally strong. She’s survived all sorts of mental and physical trauma, so she knows how to face new challenges that come her way. As aforementioned, Jonathan tried to cut the monster out of Eleven’s leg in the Starcourt Mall during a tense moment. Eleven is so determined though, that she takes the knife from Jonathan midway through his attempt to gouge out the monster herself. That has got to take some strong willpower.

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Supernatural: 7 Times Castiel Was The Best Character (And 3 Times He Was The Worst)

Sam and Dean Winchester are the main characters of Supernatural, but it was Castiel who first nabbed the People’s Choice Award for Best Sci-Fi character from the show due to his immense popularity. Castiel was originally only supposed to be a recurring character but has now been a staple for the show for over a decade.

There are definite Castiel moments and attributes that make him the best character on Supernatural, and it’s always nice to have a reminder as to why. However, there are also moments he could’ve been counted as a weak character too, and this list will tell you that as well.

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10 Best: Saving Dean From The Future

Castiel’s turn toward the heroes’ side was solidified in this episode, where he first truly displayed his penchant for loyalty by saving Dean from a potential loop into the future. Dean had earlier been forced to visit an alternate future by Zachariah, at the end of which the latter once again planned to send Dean on another adventure, only for Castiel to do the rescue job.

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We were led to believe Castiel’s role was minimal, with him being cast as comic relief earlier on as he was made to wait for hours by the side of the road when Dean told him to wait for the right time to pick him up. However, staying true to his word, Castiel rescued Dean by teleporting him out of Zachariah’s clutches.

9 Best: Being The Only One To Unconditionally Love Jack

Castiel had made a promise to Kelly Kline that he would look out for her son, and he’s so far kept that promise two years on. In fact, Jack is now a son to Castiel, who has always loved the boy unconditionally.

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And by unconditionally, we really do mean that, because Castiel has overlooked any act of maliciousness Jack might have done due to his love for him. Even after Jack accidentally killed Mary, Castiel was the only one of the main characters to see Jack for the inherent goodness that was within him. It was this act that confirmed to us that Castiel was so much purer than Sam or Dean in personality.

8 Worst: Trying To Kill Jesse

Having good intentions doesn’t really justify wanting to kill a child, and Castiel would’ve done just that had he had his way. In Season 5, Castiel arrived to take the life of Jesse, who was supposed to turn into the Anti-Christ. 

Sensing that killing a child would mean saving thousands of others, Castiel prepared himself to kill the boy; he was unsuccessful, as Jesse was too powerful. It was just luck that allowed Jesse to walk free because Castiel was adamant in taking the life of a child. Now that’s not something you want from a good guy character, is it?

7 Best: Retrieving Claire

Even though the main guys are the protagonists of the series, they’ve developed a high sense of apathy when it comes to the vessels of the angels and demons. Castiel totally ignored Claire’s prayers for him to bring her father back, but at least he tried to make amends.

In Season 10, Castiel tracked Claire down in a child services institute after years of suffering the consequences to Castiel possessing Claire’s father. He didn’t need to do it, but Castiel tried his best to be like a father to Claire anyway, resulting in her eventually being placed with Jody Mills, where Claire now has a surrogate family that loves her very much.

6 Best: Watching The Pizza Man

The source of awkward comedy on Supernatural are Sam and Castiel, with the latter being the unquestioned master of this. He’s easily confused by every human societal custom, and his lack of awareness leads to him being adorably ignorant.

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In this instance, Castiel came across some adult-oriented video on TV, while Dean and Sam were sitting right behind him. The only question Castiel had, though, was why the Pizza man kept “punishing” the customer. After Samuel Campbell inquired why he was watching the video, Castiel refused to talk about it because Dean told him dudes don’t do that. Now that’s the kind of innocence we so love and adore about Castiel.

5 Worst: Helping In Removing The Mark Of Cain

The entirety of Season 10 seemed to be built around making us see the main characters as antagonists. In order to remove the Mark of Cain from Dean, these guys would do rather horrendous things, rather than sacrifice Dean for the greater good.

The worst moment was when Castiel assisted in kidnapping Oskar, the only boy Rowena had genuine love for, and then watched as they made Rowena kill Oskar in order to make the spell to remove the Mark of Cain work. This was probably the lowest the main characters could sink to, and Castiel was a willing party to it. He has Oskar’s blood on his hands.

4 Best: Turning On The Angels

In the majority of Season 4, Castiel worked for the other angels and it was a slow turn for him to start to sympathize with Dean. We saw glimpses of Castiel wanting to walk away from the angels’ plans, but he remained loyal until the last episode.

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It was here that Castiel won everyone’s hearts, as he quietly helped Dean by creating an angel banishing sigil and cast Zachariah out long enough to inform Dean that Lilith was the last seal. His epic moment arrived when he told Dean “I’ll hold them off. I’ll hold them all off!” when Raphael was arriving to kill them. It was at this point we knew Castiel would be becoming our favorite angel.

3 Best: Being Loyal To Both Sam And Dean

Even Sam and Dean haven’t been as loyal to one another as Castiel has been to them. We’ve seen the brothers fight and separate several times, but Castiel has never done that. No matter how they treat him, Castiel is always willing to accept them. 

And it’s not just loyalty to solely Dean or just to Sam, as we’ve seen Castiel stick around with the Winchester who is right in that particular situation. In Season 9, Castiel stayed with Sam when the latter was hurt Dean had used him with Gadreel; in Season 5, Castiel was with Dean when Dean was hurting over Sam’s actions in Season 4. This kind of loyalty is what we’d all love to have in our lives.

2 Worst: Being Nerfed

Since Season 7, Castiel has been on the show mainly because the fans love him; other than that, he’s been weakened so hard that his role has been reduced to being a punching bag for new antagonists.

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It’s gotten to the point that it’s infuriating to see Castiel being beaten down so easily, and him matching up against anyone is a cause of exasperation than excitement because we know he’s just going to lose. The showrunners need to make him strong as he used to be, otherwise Castiel’s quality will be even further reduced than it has been.

1 Best: His Introduction

There’s never been a more epic introduction for a character on Supernatural than the one Castiel got. It was built up first, with Castiel’s true visage destroying the station Dean was in, before Pamela had her eyes burned out when she tried to perceive Castiel in his angel form.

His first appearance in the flesh was awesome, too, as Castiel strutted in to greet Bobby and Dean, both of whom were easily incapacitated. Castiel’s monotone style of talking made him a mysterious stranger we wanted to know about and Supernatural was shot up in scale when Castiel proclaimed he was sent to Earth by God.

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Disney: 10 Characters We’re Excited To See In The Upcoming Live-Action Remakes

Disney’s continuing to pump out remakes of its animated classics, and while not every one has been met with glowing reviews, we’re ready to see what comes next. More specifically, we’re ready to find out what some of our favorite characters look and sound like in their new live-action worlds.

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Disney’s announced several re-imagined films, and while some characters have are yet to be cast, others are headed straight for the big screen in a matter of days. Truthfully, we’re interested in all the characters set to star in Disney’s live-action remakes, but here are the ones we’re most excited about.

10 Mulan: Commander Tung

When Disney first announced that Mulan would be remade into a live-action adventure, fans were concerned to learn that General Li Shang would not be returning as Mulan’s love interest and army leader. Although Shang won’t be entertaining us, Commander Tung will.

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This new character, portrayed by Donnie Yen, will lead the Imperial Regiment in Shang’s place. While we don’t know much about him, we do know that he is both a teacher and a mentor to Mulan. We’re ready to see this happen.

9 The Little Mermaid: Ariel

Although we already learned that Halle Bailey will be cast as Ariel in the upcoming Little Mermaid remake, we’re excited to see her in costume on-screen as Disney’s beautiful mermaid princess.

Will she have Ariel’s signature red hair? Will she still have a green tail and purple top? Although we don’t know how she’s going to be dressed, we’re confident that she’ll look magical and ocean-ready. We’re excited to see the rest of her mythical sea family as well.

8 The Sword In The Stone: Merlin

The Sword in the Stone is getting a live-action musical remake that will debut on the forthcoming Disney+ streaming service. Although we don’t know much about the cast at this time, we do know that it’s set to film in Ireland this summer. We’re particularly interested in seeing how whimsical Merlin turns out to be in this new rendition.

The eccentric wizard will be guiding Arthur through the narrative, and we’re hoping he’s as enchanting as we know he can be.

7 Peter Pan: Tinkerbell

Very little is known about Disney’s Peter Pan remake. We don’t know when it will release, who is in the cast, or what it will look like. We do know that a script is in the works.

While the boy who never grows up has been brought to the big screen many times, we’ve never seen Disney pull out its own live-action version. We’re particularly interested in what Tinkerbell will look like, assuming she’ll be in the new film. Will she be portrayed by a live actress? Will she be created using photo-realistic computer animation? We won’t know for a while, but we’re ready to see it happen.

6 Cruella: Emma Thompson’s Character

Cruella de Vil is getting her own film, and we’re tired of being teased with casting rumors. We want a trailer badly. While we know that Emma Stone will be playing the villainous lead, we don’t know who Emma Thompson will be playing — but she’s in it, and that’s enough for us.

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Cruella will be a prequel that develops the rich, fur-coat-wearing villain of One Hundred and One Dalmatians. Will Thompson act as Stone’s mentor? Will she instead be a family member? We need to know now.

5 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: The Prince

Disney is putting together a live-action Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and while details are still scarce, we can’t help but be fascinated by the idea. Who will play Snow White? Who will play the dwarfs? Who will play the prince?

In the original Snow White, the titular princess’s lover gets few lines and remains a largely undeveloped character. We’re hopeful that in any remake, he’s going to be given greater depth and a name that’s actually mentioned in the movie.

4 The Hunchback of Notre Dame: Esmerelda

Josh Gad is producing a musical version of The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to see Disney’s darkest tale come to new life. While we’re interested to find out who will be playing Quasimodo and Frollo, we’re also excited to see the spunky Esmerelda dance onto the big screen.

We’ve been told that the live-action Hunchback release will feature lots of new songs, so whoever is cast as Esmerelda will have to be a talented actress, dancer, and vocalist. We’re sure whoever she is will bring the charm Esmerelda is known for.

3 Lady and the Tramp: Jim Dear

This doggy Disney classic was made into a live-action film in the early 2000s. Now, it’s getting another update. We know what the dogs will look like, but we’re still curious to find out what Jim and his wife Darling will look like.

Jim is being played by Thomas Mann, who is best known for his roles in films like Me and Earl and the Dying Girl and Kong: Skull Island. Darling is being portrayed by Kiersey Clemons, who appears in films including Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising and DopeLady and the Tramp will release to the Disney+ streaming service on Nov. 12.

2 Lilo & Stitch: Stitch

Okay, maybe it’s obvious that we’d be excited about a titular character’s film appearance. Really, though — do you know how long we’ve been waiting for Stitch to transition from the 2D space to the photo-realistic one?

The film is still in early development, but we bet Stitch will be even cuter and naughtier in a new, freshly animated form. We love his friendship with Lilo and can only imagine how cute they’ll be together.

1 The Lion King: Nala

While Beyoncé’s Nala is being met with mixed reviews, we’re still excited to see Queen Bey take on The Lion King’s leading lady. Even though audiences will have to wait a few more days to judge her voice-acting skills, we can already tell by the soundtrack that her singing doesn’t disappoint.

Beyoncé’s vocals are fierce as ever, and we’re looking forward to seeing the chemistry between Nala and Simba. Can you feel the love tonight?

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Brooke Bajgrowicz

Buffy The Vampire Slayer: The 10 Best Love Triangles, Ranked

Relationships are fraught with tension, drama, and anguish. And that’s just in real life. Imagine dating somebody on the Hellmouth. Not only could a vampire steal your life—but they could also steal your mate. On Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the Scooby Gang always has their hands full. Sometimes, it’s with fighting the latest Big Bad, but often it’s with their own romantic conflicts.

The love triangle is one of the most tried and true plot devices ever. That’s because the audience can get involved and invested, debating the ship worthiness of one couple over the other. Over its seven seasons, Buffy had more triangles than a geometry class. So which were most guaranteed to steam up your TV? Here is Buffy The Vampire Slayer: The 10 Best Love Triangles, Ranked.

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10 Willow, Oz, Veruca

Happy couples don’t exactly make for great TV. But it’s a testament to the stellar Buffy writing staff that we’d be tickled pink if Willow and Oz were able to carry out their too cute for words romance with nothing bad ever happening. Sadly, this is not in the cards for TV’s favorite witch-werewolf couple.

Despite his commitment and red-hot attraction to Willow, Oz finds himself drawn to Veruca. As a fellow werewolf, Veruca has a natural connection to Oz that Willow never will. The sexual connection between Oz and Veruca is animalistic, to say the least. Veruca urges him to literally cast off his shackles and roam free. Though this comes back to literally bite her, Oz realizes that his werewolf side isn’t nearly as under control as he thought. He fears being a danger to those he loves, namely Willow, and splits town. Love triangles are known for both their agony and ecstasy. With this one, it’s a lot of the former and not much of the latter.

9 Angel, Buffy, Scott

While the Willow-Oz-Veruca triangle was way too tumultuous to be enjoyable, this one has the opposite effect. Scott is like the poppy field in The Wizard of Oz—guaranteed to put the viewer to sleep. The best we can say about Scott is that he makes Angel, fresh back from his summer vacation in hell, green with envy. It looks like Buffy has moved on with her life and it’s a life that doesn’t include the vampire who tortured and murdered her friends.

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Alas, this never becomes a full-fledged love triangle as Scott takes himself out of the running by prematurely dumping Buffy. We should be outraged by his actions, but—zzzzzzzz.

8 Xander, Anya, Spike

Seriously, what’s more audacious? Xander leaving Anya at the altar or telling her he still wants to date her…then leaving her at the altar? Before we even have time to contemplate an answer, Xander goes for the hat trick of audacity, slut-shaming Anya for sleeping with Spike.

It’s called a rebound, Xander. Anya is left lonely and heartbroken and Spike’s in a similar boat after Buffy leaves his bed. Mutual misery isn’t the most positive reason for sexual congress, but given the circumstances, it’s beyond understandable. We’ll concede that it has to be painful for Xander to have watched it live, courtesy of the Trio’s creepy hidden cameras, but the man-made his choice. Even though Spike and Anya never pursue a romance, let’s just say it—they have a lot in common and are totally ship worthy. Meanwhile, Xander can walk the plank.

7 Buffy, Angel, Cordelia

This barely counts as a love triangle, as Cordelia deludes herself into thinking Angel has any real feelings for her. Still, Buffy is her own worst enemy, as her insecurity gets the better of her. Thanks to some liberated Watcher Diaries, Buffy gets it in her head that Angel has a thing for delicate women of nobility. In the present day this translates to a varsity cheerleader, not a Slayer.

Angel assures Buffy she has nothing to worry about and Cordy eventually gets the message. Ironically, years later Angel and Cordy end up getting together on Angel. That too has its own detrimental complications. Angel teaches us that if a vampire ever comes up on our Tinder, swipe left.

6 Cordelia, Xander, Willow

Xander, like many of us, wants what he can’t have. Even before Willow admits her crush on him, he has an inkling that it’s there. When she winds up blurting it out, it’s an explosive reaction to Xander’s relationship with Cordelia. Considering that Cordelia made her life hell for years, it’s a real boot to Willow’s heart.

But like a lotus growing out of mud, Xander and Cordelia’s relationship is the best thing for Willow. She’s finally able to let him go and find happiness with Oz. But now that Willow’s unattainable, all of a sudden she’s looking mighty fine to Xander, who puts the moves on her. Willow and Xander carry out an affair of the kissy variety behind their partners’ backs. When they get caught, it has disastrous consequences, namely for Cordelia who winds up getting impaled. No guy is worth dying for, especially Xander Harris.

5 Xander, Anya, Willow

Most love triangles involve two parties warring for an individual’s romantic affections. This one is an anomaly because Willow and Xander no longer have feelings for each other. Willow has come out as gay and besides, Xander is…Xander. But they’re still BFFs and Willow is used to being the most important woman in his life. Furthermore, Willow had beef with Anya before she even started dating Xander. The result is that Xander finds himself playing the role of rope in Willow and Anya’s tug-of-war.

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Tension between Willow and Anya comes to a head when Willow accidentally summons Anya’s ex, Olaf the Troll. He announces he will kill Willow or Anya, and Xander has to choose which one. It must be a blue moon because Xander makes the selfless decision to sacrifice himself instead. This obviously doesn’t happen, but Xander’s gesture dissolves the sharp edges of this contentious triangle.

4 Riley, Buffy, Spike

Usually a love triangle involves somebody loving two people at once. In this case, Buffy loves neither man nor vampire. Spike assesses the situation best: things suck for him because he’s on the outside looking in, never getting the tiniest bit of affection from Buffy. But then there’s Riley, who goes through the motions with Buffy, gets to live a romantic life with her, all the while knowing that she doesn’t fully return his feelings.

There’s some truth to Riley’s accusation that Buffy is using him. At some point, she should have the self-awareness to see what everyone else does. But oh yeah, her mom is dying of cancer. So she’s a little preoccupied. Besides, the Slayer deserves better options than a panty-stealing stalker and an ex-soldier who pays vampire prostitutes to bite him.

3 Spike, Drusilla, Angel

How does that expression go: You always hurt the ones you love? Or is it, the ones who hurt you, you always love? Either way, both adages can be applied to this three-ring circus of a love triangle. In their prime, Spike and Drusilla are total goals. But there’s the lingering shadow of Angel. Can you blame Drusilla? You don’t just forget the first person who tortures you to insanity. In the vampire world, this is like somebody giving you their class ring.

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Even though Angel gets Dru a human heart for Valentine’s Day, it’s clear he doesn’t really love her. He just enjoys getting under Spike’s skin. Dru adores being the cause of this cockfighting, and why shouldn’t she? All’s fair in love and undeath.

2 Oz, Willow, Tara

As flattering as it may be having two people love you at the same time, we don’t envy Willow’s decision. Tara is sweet and devoted, but also an unknown. Who’s to say things don’t blow up between them two weeks down the line? Then there’s Oz, who Willow knows she has crazy chemistry with. But there’s scorched earth there. Can Willow trust Oz not to break her heart again?

The whole thing ends up being a nonstarter. For all his Tibetan training, when it comes to Willow, Oz can’t keep his wolfiness under control. He packs his bags and Willow goes to Tara who’s waiting with open arms. It doesn’t fully sit right with us that Willow picks Tara by default, but we can’t thumb our noses at the beautiful love that comes from this relationship.

1 Angel, Buffy, Spike

What makes this one an anomaly is that Buffy is never really involved with Angel and Spike at the same time, save for the last episode. She previously spent a chaste yet intimate night with Spike, yet when Angel rolls into town, he and Buffy engage in a steamy make-out sesh that makes it clear their feelings have not changed own iota since their breakup.

There have been arguments upon tweets upon forums debating the merits of Team Angel vs. Team Spike. The series finale, for all its flaws, answers the question best—Buffy belongs with neither. Never mind the myriad of reasons why Angel and Spike are unfit partners in their own unique, spectacular ways. Buffy says it herself that she needs to figure out who she is first. When it comes to this triangle, we’re Team Buffy.

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Liz Hersey

Stranger Things: The Show’s 10 Most Badass Characters, Ranked

Stranger Things is one of the most suspenseful and action-packed series airing on television right now. It’s impressive, really, considering about half of the series’ main characters are children under the age of 14. But season after season, the smash hit Netflix series proves that it’s one of the best in the game when it comes to delivering amazing action sequences and shocking twists.

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Unlike typical action movies and other action-packed procedural series, however, Stranger Things boasts a unique kind of character-driven action, due in large part to the strength of its own cast of characters. Whether a child, a teenager, or an adult, the series’ characters are all incredibly strong in their own way, each having their own distinct roles and journeys. Here, we take a look at the ten most badass characters the series has introduced so far.

10 Murray Bauman

Sure, Murray might not be your conventional action hero character, but there’s no denying that the series’ resident conspiracy theorist is a total badass in his own right. In the series’ second season, it was Murray’s dogged pursuit of the truth regarding Barb’s disappearance that led to the truth about Hawkins Lab being exposed.

In the third season, it’s Murray’s keen skills with Russian translation that allow Hopper and Joyce to learn the truth from Alexei about the current Russian experiments. He also manages to get the three of them into the Russian base with those same skills and proves that he’s also quite handy with a rifle.

9 Max Mayfield

It’s easy to write Max’s character off as a brat since she’s got one of the more aggressive personalities out of the group of children in the series. But across both of the seasons she’s appeared in, Max has revealed herself to have her own secret badass streak, despite the struggles she’s experienced in her own upbringing.

In the second season, Max drugs her abusive older brother, Billy, and threatens to beat him with a bat if he doesn’t start to shape up his act. And in the third season, when Billy is possessed by the Mind Flayer, she stands her ground, fearlessly facing him down and trying to get through to him on multiple occasions, no matter how afraid she is.

8 Nancy Wheeler

The Nancy Wheeler we leave at the end of Stranger Things 3 is practically a completely different young woman from the Nancy we met way back in the series’ pilot. Originally introduced as a total good girl with a secret desire to break free from what’s expected of her, Nancy soon revealed her investigative nature, hunting monsters with Jonathan and wielding a bat and gun alike.

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Over the years, she’s grown quite skilled in fighting monsters, exposing large scale conspiracies, and tackling sexism in the workplace. In the third season, she even gets a few action sequences of her own, fighting men possessed by the Flayer and squaring off with the slimy beast itself.

7 Bob Newby

When Bob was a high school student in Hawkins, he was known as Bob the Brain. But as the second season of Stranger Things showed, even the nerdiest of boys can grow up to be a total unexpected badass. After spending most of the second season as the supportive and geeky boyfriend of Joyce Byers, Bob became the hero everyone needed as the season neared its end.

As a crisis arose at Hawkins Lab that could only be solved by someone with a familiarity with computer programming, Bob rose to the task and saved the day, braving certain death in the form of invading Demodogs to ensure the safety of the Byers family and friends. Though he tragically lost his life in the process, Bob secured his place in the history of the show as Bob Newby: Superhero.

6 Billy Hargrove

It was practically impossible to like Billy Hargrove in the series’ second season. A one-note bully with a real penchant for sexism and racism, Billy was one of the series most underdeveloped characters. But the third season changed everything. In Stranger Things 3, Billy was possessed by the villainous Mind Flayer, serving as its new human host.

Multiple times throughout the season, Billy challenged the strength of the Flayer’s hold, letting his own personality and psyche peer through in desperate attempts to communicate. At the season’s end, Billy finally broke free of the monster’s grasp, physically fighting the enormous beast and giving his life in an attempt to save the nearby children, including his own step-sister, Max.

5 Will Byers

For three years, Will Byers has been fighting the control of Demogorgons and Mind Flayers alike, routinely proving himself to be one of the strongest characters in the series in the process. In the first season, Will survived the torture of the Upside Down, beating all the odds. In the second season, he endured being possessed by the Mind Flayer, surviving the beast’s otherworldly control and letting his family know he was still there all along.

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And in the third season, despite taking more of a backseat role, Will continued to prove that his strength and skills were one of the series’ most valuable assets, as his understanding of and connection with the Mind Flayer were immensely valuable.

4 Joyce Byers

From day one, various characters have questioned Joyce Byers’ fitness as a parent. But again and again, Joyce has shown that she’s one of the only characters in the series who has been totally paying attention and one of the only parents in the series who will go to any lengths to keep her child safe. Her strength and badassery in the series’ first season are unparalleled, whether in chewing out her jerk of an ex or venturing into the Upside Down to save her son.

In the second season, she stormed Hawkins Lab to demand answers for her son and took on the leadership role in the essential exorcism of the Mind Flayer from Will. And in the third season, she showed that she has what it takes to cut it as Detective Byers, beating up Mayor Kline and kicking ass and taking names while undercover.

3 Grigori

As one of its many homages to decades past, Stranger Things 3 introduced the character of Grigori, the Russian assassin assigned to take out characters like Alexei and Jim Hopper. A total homage to The Terminator, Grigori was ruthless, aggressively physical, and skilled at wielding most any kind of weapon.

Aided with a badass wardrobe, including leather and bulletproof vests, as well as a motorcycle for a quick getaway, Grigori is the first character that the series has introduced who has truly felt like nothing more than a killing machine. It’s ironic, then, that he winds up being killed by a machine. But the path of destruction he weaves throughout the season changes the show forever.

2 Jim Hopper

As the Chief of Police in Hawkins, Jim Hopper undergoes one of the biggest transformations in the series. When the show begins, he’s bumbling and clueless, weighed down by self-loathing and alcohol addiction. But as he becomes aware of the corruption and conspiracy going on in his own backyard, Hopper quickly gets into action hero mode and never really looks back.

He knocks security guards out without so much as a second thought and mows down the monsters of the Upside Down and evil foreign scientists alike. He beats the crap out of the corrupt Mayor Kline, refuses to give in during brutal interrogations at Hawkins Lab, protects his found family with his life, and heroically sacrifices himself to ensure the safety of those he loves.

1 Eleven

Eleven may have had a truly terrible upbringing, but as a result of being trained to be a weapon of super-powered destruction, this little girl has routinely shown herself to be a pint-sized powerhouse. She has killed countless people throughout the series’ run, all without raising a finger. Her telekinetic abilities may cause her to have a bloody nose, but the blood she has shed far outnumbers it.

She’s killed corrupt agents of Hawkins Lab and Russian guards, and she’s defeated Demogorgons, Demodogs, and Mind Flayers alike. She’s risked her life on countless occasions, even straining herself to the point of physical exhaustion and harm, all so that she can keep her friends and newly found family safe.

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